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5 best at-home laser hair removal devices

Women dream of flawlessly silk skin all over their body, all year long. Hair removal with use of a standard razor will never be as effective as the new methods, such as laser hair removal devices. A lot of ladies have another problem after using a regular shaver – razor burn. Red, unattractive spots can ruin the day at the beach. Beauty salons are encouraging women to remove their body hair by using laser beauty treatments. However, you should consider purchasing your personal laser device. The total cost of a professional service is very high and you need to repeat the treatment a few times throughout the year to get the best results. It is often cheaper to buy a hair removal laser instead. You don’t need to go anywhere and you can repeat the whole beauty treatment regularly. There are a lot of brands that produce such devices. That’s why it is important to do a good research before buying one. Most consumers’ ratings are high, not without reason, however you should know what kind of specifics will work best for you to get the best results. Everyone has different thickness or color of body hair. Make sure you read not only the users’ comments, but also specifications of the chosen product. To help You decide, we made a ranking list with the 5 best at-home laser hair removal devices.

5. DEESS Permanent Hair Removal System

What is remarkable about DEESS is an ice cool technology. Cold shots make you comfortable and there is no need for using a cooling gel. The IPL system emits intense pulsed light which is responsible for hair removing. The device has three different lamps so it not only removes hair, but also treats pigmented skin or acne scars. If you want to have long-lasting results, you should use the depilator 2-5 times over chosen area. You will reduce your hair up to 95% in 6 to 12 weeks after the first use and you can depilate yourself as many times as you want, because DESS has unlimited flashes. You can remove your hair on your face, the bikini zone, underarm areas, whole arms, the back, and of course on the legs. All you need to do is to choose which lamp you want to use. The depilation process has never been so easy.

4. MiSMON Permanent Hair Remover

Another great hair remover. MiSMON is based on an IPL system, which has built-in skin sensor that measures your skin tone and adjusts the optimal green light level. The device has five light energy settings, so you can choose the best one for you. Please note that you should use the lowest one while you are using the device for the first time. Moreover, you have three different, replaceable lamp heads: for hair removal, acne clearance and skin rejuvenation. You can use MiSMON to remove hair all over your body, for example around the armpit areas, the bikini zone or even on your face. An LCD-Display shows the current amount of flashes remaining, which is perfect for beginners. Remember to wear protection googles every time you remove your hair. Use the hair remover once a week for the first 3 treatments. After this time reduce the usage of the device to once every 2-3 weeks. In the end you should use the depilator once every 2 months.

3. Silk’n Infinity Hair Remover

Silk’n Infinity is one of the most effective hair removers you can find. Before the first use, start with shaving the area you want to treat with eHPL technology. Your skin should be clean and dry. You can choose between five light energy levels, but it is recommended to start with the lowest setting for the first use. There are 400 000 light impulses, which the device generates. It enables removing hair at a canter. You can also use a dedicated mobile app, which you can install on your phone, to plan a treatment especially adapted to your personal needs. There are two available hair removal methods: Pulse and Glide. It means that after every flash you move or pulse and glide the device to the next area. After the first treatment you will notice that the hair grows slower, which is a good sign. Continue the treatments for 8 weeks to achieve permanent hair reduction. The whole process is painless due to an advanced technology that guarantees comfort and satisfaction.

2. Philips Lumea Bri921 Hair Remover

Philips Lumea Bri921 was made for all women who want to get rid of hair all over their bodies at home. The IPL technology is recognizable all over the world. You can use the device for different skin tones and hair colors, which is measured by Philips SmartSkin Sensor. There are five available power settings that you can use. At least 85% less hair after 3 treatments gives you one of the fastest results. Enjoy your smooth skin after 3 months, but remember that it depends on your hair thickness and color. It takes only a few minutes to complete the depilation process on your armpit or face area. The device is very intuitive and easy to use.

1. Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 Hair Remover

Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 represents one of the saftest, fastest and most efficient hair removers. Braun uses the IPL technology combined with a SensoAdapt™ sensor that recognizes your skin tone (depending on the depilated area) and adjusts the intensity of the light impulses to your skin. There are two modes you can use: the stamp and the gliding mode. The gliding mode produces more flash lights and it is used for bigger areas, while the stamp mode is perfect for precise treatment for smaller and sensitive areas. It takes only 5 minutes to complete the procedure on both legs on the lowest energy setting. 400 000 flashes equals to 22 years of depilation treatments! There are 10 intensity levels for your personal customization. Every user has a different skin tone and it is important to use the most optimal light intensity. The rule is always the same – use an extra gentle setting if you are a beginner. You can change the setting to gentle or normal after a few treatments. The whole process is perfectly safe for your health. The device was dermatologically tested. The beautiful white-gold edition is elegant and looks prestigious.