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5 best baby formulas

There are plenty of infant formulas on the market, so sometimes it is really challenging to find the best formula that your baby is going to love. Individual conditioning of your baby’s digestive system can define, which formula will pass the test. If you have noticed that your baby cries every time after feeding, it can mean that you have to change the formula because your child might suffer from colic. Between the 4th and 6th month of age the colic will ease up, but that also means that you should rather change the formula. You need to observe how your baby reacts to different formulas and adapt to its behavior. You can find many types of infant formulas, but some of them need to be consulted with your pediatrician first. The most popular type is of course the cow’s milk formula, which is (usually) easily digestible by babies. Another type is the soy formula for infants who have a rare allergy to the proteins in cow’s milk. This kind of formula is recommended by doctors, so consult it with a specialist before you will purchase one. And the last type is a specialized formula for children with particular needs, for example when the risk of developing allergies is high. Baby formulas are also available in three forms: powder (which is the most popular kind and should be mixed with the proper amount of water), liquid concentrate (also should be mixed with water) and ready-to-feed bottles that don’t require mixing with water and can be served right away. Trustworthy brands of baby formulas will be recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), which approves the optimal source of nutrition in the formulas. AAP recommends to use a baby formula with iron, if your baby is fully formula-fed, because normally babies receive enough iron from their mothers. Probiotics and prebiotics are not a 100 percent necessary in the formula, but it can improve the gut microflora of your baby. If you are not sure, if the infant formula you chose is good for your baby’s tummy, you can always ask your pediatrician to dispel doubts. Underneath there are 5 high quality and best rated products that you can easily order online.

5. Happy Baby Organics Infant Baby Formula

If you are looking for an organic formula, you can stop here for a moment, because Happy Baby is a good choice. In the first year of your child’s life you are going to need an infant formula that meets the nutritional needs of the young organism. Here you can find ingredients that are similar to those found in breast milk such as organic lactose, prebiotics, vitamins and minerals like vitamin D, zinc, choline, and DHA. The formula is based on cow’s milk and is free from GMO and corn syrup. The proteins are easily digestible and many children love the Happy Baby’s organic formula. If you like this brand, you can also buy healthy and organic purees, snacks and more.

4. Enfamil AR Infant Baby Formula

If your baby has a problem with frequent spit-up, it means that the digestive system has to deal with reflux. Enfamil AR was made for children who often spit up, which is unpleasant for both children and their parents. This infant formula contains rice starch which thickens and settles the stomach content in the baby’s stomach. Besides that, Enfamil AR contains more essential ingredients like proteins, probiotics and DHA. All of the ingredients support the baby’s development and their immune system. Feeding your baby with Enfamil AR will make this whole experience much nicer and will make your baby happy.

3. Similac Pro-Advance Non-GMO Infant Baby Formula

Similac is the number one brand in many hospitals, so it can be a great idea to make Similac Pro-Advance your baby’s first formula. Here you won’t find ingredients such as GMO or palm olein oil, because your baby’s health is the most important. Instead of using artificial and controversial ingredients, there are vitamins, proteins and probiotics such as vitamin E (for proper growth and development) and lutein that supports eye health. The exclusive blend of DHA nourishes the brain, which is key at that stage of organism development. The immune system is supported by 2’-FL HMO which is human milk oligosaccharide.

2. Gerber Good Start GentlePro Baby Formula

Next on the list is the Gerber Good Start GentlePro baby formula which is beloved by many children. What is the reason for that? The formula contains only whey proteins, whereas most of the formulas available on the market have a combination of whey and casein proteins. Casein is a more difficult protein to digest than whey. That means that this infant formula is more gentle for your child’s belly than any other formula that contains casein. Here you can also find ingredients such as lactose, corn maltodextrin, prebiotics, DHA, ARA, and other necessary minerals and vitamins such as iron or vitamin E.

1. Enfamil NeuroPro Gentlease Baby Formula

Enfamil NeuroPro Gentlease is a perfect remedy for constantly crying babies – the formula reduces gas and fussiness in just one day. Both MFGM (milk fat globule membrane) and Lactoferrin support the brain’s and the immune system’s development. MFGM was previously found in breast milk, which is a natural source of all necessary minerals, probiotics, proteins and vitamins for infants. The high amount of DHA supports nourishment of the baby’s brain and easy to digest proteins reduce colic, gas and reflux. Your baby’s tummy will be happy again and you will sleep peacefully knowing that your baby is calm and properly fed.