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5 best blonde hair dyes

If you are blonde and you want to refresh the color at home, there are a few things that you can do to avoid orange reflexes and tones. Dying hair at home is also more economical, because you only pay for the hair dye. The blonde spectrum is really wide because of the multiple shades. It seems like you have endless options when you scroll through online shop websites. But that is actually an advantage – sometimes you can combine two shades to achieve an even more unique nuance. You can also use purple shampoos to balance the shade and make a color-correction, if your previous nuance was too yellow. The purple shampoos are also great to use if you want to go ash blonde (or any light and cool color). There are plenty of good home hair dyes, so it may be difficult to choose the right one. Please notice that sometimes the color you see on the box may be different from the color on your head – it depends on the base color of your hair. Before you make a purchase, read the list of ingredients (if you are allergic to e.g. ammonia, choose a natural hair dye, or at least ammonia-free dyes). You should follow the instructions if you want to achieve the best result. Weak hair, which tends to break, requires a hair conditioner that will make the hair structure stronger after dying. You can also find nourishing and moisturizing formulas in hair dyes. One conditioner is included in the box, but make sure that you have another one at home. Are you not sure which shade is the best for you? Define your carnation first – warm tones like golden or honey blondes look really well with warmer complexions. On the other hand ash or greyish blondes combine great with cooler complexions. There are also non-standard blonde shades like rose gold which make your hair more fun. Underneath you can find our ranking with the 5 best blonde hair dyes. 

5. Schwarzkopf Keratin Color - blonde hair dye

The Schwarzkopf Keratin Color line offers you a lot of beautiful shades, but there are three different blond shades that are universal and always look great. Light Pearl, silky and caramel blondes will certainly refresh your old blonde and give it a nice glossy finish. They are also great for gray hair because of the decent coverage. This is a permanent hair color with Keratin Complex which nourishes and strengthens your hair. Less breakage means healthier hair! Put the conditioner on your hair after dying it to make sure that it is protected and well-cared-for. The hair dye from Schwarzkopf is easy to prepare and apply, because the formula is very creamy.

4. L'Oreal Paris Excellence Creme - blonde hair dye

This is one of the best rated and the most popular hair dye series. You can choose between many wonderful blonde shades (both warm and cool), which are going to cover your gray hair or previous hair color. If your complexion is rather cooler than warmer, you can try an ash shade (there are more than just one ash shade). If you prefer warmer tones, medium golden blonde should match your complexion really well. Rich and intense color will brighten up your hair and give it a nice glow. The long lasting formula prevents your hair from fading, so you can enjoy the new hair tone even longer.

3. Garnier Olia Brilliant Color - blonde hair dye

Garnier Olia is a great hair dye which is ammonia free. The formula is enriched with natural flower oils that nourish and protect your hair from damage. This easy-to-use permanent hair dye has seven unique blonde shades – from light to dark blonde. You can choose between colors such as light blonde, light golden blonde, light pearl blonde, light ash blonde, medium pearl blonde, medium blonde and dark blonde. All of the shades are deep and exceptional with an extra pinch of glossiness. Natural reflexes are highlighted, so your hair looks great in the sunshine. The long-lasting and brilliant formula moisturizes the hair structure so it prevents the hair from breaking. The formula is velvety and it doesn’t drip, so it is easy to apply, without any mess. A softer feeling is possible thanks to lack of silicones, and a delicate floral fragrance doesn’t irritate your nose.

2. Clairol Natural Instincts - blonde hair dye

One of the most gentle formulas based on coconut oil and aloe vera. There are no added parabens or ammonia, so Clairol Natural Instincts is safe you’re your scalp. 80% of the ingredient are natural, so you can be sure about the formula’s quality. There are five blonde shades: neutral dark blonde, dark cool blonde, dark golden blonde, dark rose gold blonde, and warm dark blonde. There are three steps to take (including hair treatment after colorization), which don’t take a long time. If you already have blonde hair, it takes only 20 minutes to change the color. Your natural-looking hair is going to surprise you. The charming glossiness and vibrant colors are unique.

1. Revlon Colorsilk Beautiful Color - blonde hair dye

One of the most popular beauty brands – Revlon. The Colorsilk series offers a lot of rich and colorful shades, and the blond tones are numerous. The formula is ammonia free, so if you are allergic to ammonia, you can confidently apply this formula. There are golden, ash, darker and lighter blondes, which you can choose from. Keratin and silk amino acid make the condition of your hair better. You can use this hair dye on gray hair or platin hair, because the coverage is really strong and efficient. The Revlon Colorsilk series includes permanent colors, so consider it while making a purchase. You should leave the colorant on for 25 minutes (or give it extra 5 minutes in case of gray hair). Choose the best shade for you and enjoy your new rich color.