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5 best blood pressure monitors

Blood pressure monitoring is a key, if you want to avoid serious health problems like strokes. A common disease, that not only elderly people have, is hypertension, which is also known as “the silent killer”. A lot of people are not even aware of having this disease. In order to prevent this and other diseases, you can buy a blood pressure monitor that will perfectly fit in your home first aid kit. You can control your blood pressure whenever you need it. Too low blood pressure can be dangerous for your health too, so if you constantly feel sleepy, tired and your body efficiency is poor, it might be a sign that you need professional help. To define if it’s a serious problem or not, you can use a blood pressure machine which is easy to use and shows the results quickly. You can of course change your current life style and start exercising, eat healthier and take care of yourself – try to relax, avoid stress (as much as you can) and sleep well. Before you will purchase a blood pressure machine, you should find information about the cuff size. Usually their size is universal, which is 8.7-15.7 inches, but there is always an exception to the rule. You should also think about the indicators and the LCD-screen. The screen should be big enough, so you can read all the ratings without any problem. Examples of helpful indicators are a pulse indicator or an irregular heartbeat indicator which alert you in case of arrythmia (but the results can be wrong if you talk during the measurement). Most blood pressure monitors use batteries, but some of them are chargeable – choose the option you like better. Last but not least – your new blood pressure machine should be compact, especially if you travel a lot and you need to take the device with you. Most of these devices are small and they fit into any cosmetic bag. Blood pressure measurement is essential if you want to prevent dangerous diseases like hypertension or hypotension, which is low blood pressure. You can detect potential danger early and start treatment while it is not too late.

5. Willcare Blood Pressure Monitor

Willcare is an innovative and modern blood pressure machine that uses mature bio-sensing technology which makes the results more accurate than in the older devices. This blood pressure monitor can even detect arrythmia, which is a dangerous heart condition. The standard heartbeat indicator can automatically detect regular or irregular heartbeats (in case of irregular heartbeats you will receive an alert). Monitor reading will be available after 30 seconds, so it doesn’t take a lot of time. Remember to sit upright when you measure the blood pressure.

4. Greater Goods Blood Pressure Monitor

A big LCD-screen is a great advantage, especially for people with weaker sight. You can see both blood pressure and pulse results, which is also useful if you train a lot and you want to control your heartbeat. The device is small enough to fit in your cosmetic bag or first aid kit, so you can take the blood pressure machine with you. Here you can also find a bank memory for each user, which can store up to 60 measurements. Underneath you can see the local time and date and which user is currently measuring his or her blood pressure. The cuff is naturally adjustable and comfortable to wear, and the device can last for a long time – 4 AAA batteries are included in the kit.

3. Konquest KBP-2704A Blood Pressure Monitor

On the middle of the Konquest blood pressure machine there is a big screen that shows you everything that’s important for your health. Under the screen there are three buttons: set, start/stop and M. You can easily set the device and start measuring your blood pressure. It is possible to save the results of two users (90 measurements for two users) – you and your partner can both see the previously results. If the device registers irregular heartbeats, it automatically sends an alert.

2. Paramed Blood Pressure Monitor

Paramed is one of the best rated blood pressure monitors because of its reliability and accurate ratings. Like previously, the device alerts you when it detects arrythmia – you will see three heart symbol on the screen. Sometimes it appears when you talk during the measurement, so try to sit upright in silence while testing your heartbeat. The cuff is universal sized, which is between 8.7 and 15.7 inches. The cuff should fit your arm perfectly, so make sure that you wear it properly – otherwise the measurement can be incorrect. The big screen and buttons make the usage of the Paramed blood pressure monitor extremely easy, so you don’t need to spend a lot of time on reading the instructions. You can also switch off the music in the background, if you find it uncomfortable or annoying.

1. Omron Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron is a pretty popular brand in this field. There are many customers who have bought this device and are satisfied with the results it delivers. The memory bank can spare up to 80 measurements per user, which is enough to control your and your partner’s blood pressure every day. There are a few indicators which point out not only how high your blood pressure is, but also if your heartbeat are irregular or if you move during measurement. There are also low battery and cuff deflation indicators. Here you can find every information that you need to define if your pulse and blood pressure are fine. Though you should remember to exercise, eat properly and relax a lot, because it is very important for your health.