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5 best board games for adults

Sometimes you are just bored or want to spend some time with your friends. There is no better way to do that, than by playing a board game. You may think that board games are dedicated mostly for children, but the truth is that the selection of games is so colorful and big, that as an adult, you may have some difficulties with picking only one of them. A board game is an old-school way to spend time with family and friends, but also to have fun. Depending on your personal taste, you can find funny casual, strategy, or adventure games. Many of us spend the biggest part of the day at work, so it is important to find something that will help you to relax and strengthen the bond with your friends and family members. Having a game night is also a great idea to break the ice with new friends or with the folks you haven’t seen in a while. Usually there are more than two players, but nobody said that there are no games for couples! Depending on the lore, history and mechanics of the game, the producers mix and match the amount of players required to play the game. Classic games like Monopoly, Scrabble or chess are still popular, but our current society demands new and more exciting propositions. (Well, Monopoly is of course an exciting game, especially when you just lost all of your money…). Right now you can find hilarious card games, where the only rule is to create the funniest joke at the online stores. If you are a strategy fan – no need to worry. You can without doubt find something interesting for yourself too. If you and your partner are looking for a good and interesting solution for your boredom, in this ranking there are 5 board games for adults that may wake your interest. 

5. Board game for adults: Catan

This is a strategy game, which is widely-known. If you and your friends like this kind of the board games, you may come back to the gameplay quite often. The strategy is simple enough to be quickly understood by all of the players. You need to collect resource cards (stone, bricks, or sheep) and then build settlements, roads and finally – cities. Many positive reviews and comments point out, that Catan is best played with three to four people. The average playtime is about an hour and in fact, not only adults can play this game – it recommended for players who are more than 10 years old. The perfect choice for a family game night!

4. Card game for adults: Throw Throw Burrito

This game can surely go crazy! The rules are simple: find three matching cards, before one of the other players will do it. The goal is to win two rounds by earning the most points. The trickiest part of the game is to avoid “flying” burritos thrown by other players. Remember – once you get hit, you lose a point. If you have three matching Battle Cards, put them in your Score Pile and yell name of the battle (Brawl, War, or Duel). Remember that you always have to have max. 5 cards on hand. “Throw Throw Burrito” is a game by the Exploding Kittens creators, so you are guaranteed to have the best gameplay and fun.

3. Card game for adults: What do you meme?

Who doesn’t like memes? Right now the internet is full of memes. There are so many of them, that they became a part of our modern society. Everyone needs a good dose of humor. Sometimes it is also better to explain some situations or phenomenon by using jokes. Maybe you want to create new memes with your friends and family? If the answer is positive, then you need to try a board game called “What do you meme?”. The rules are simple: create the funniest meme! In the box there are 435 cards: 75 of these are photo cards and the rest are caption cards. Match the perfect line with the current photo and get some good laugh. This card game is dedicated for players of age 17 or older. It is the best to play this game with three or more players.

2. Card game for adults: Cards against humanity

Another, let’s say, unordinary card game. Why is it so different from other games like that? Mostly because of the lines on the cards. This is a game for players who are 17+ years old. An average game takes from 30 to 90 minutes and the game is best played with four to twenty players. There is one rule: to answer the question. One player ask other players by using a black card, and the rest must answer with their funniest white card. This isn’t a game you want to play with your kids. Some lines are inappropriate for children, but for adults it is a huge advantage! Make bold jokes and have fun. There is no better game to find out, what kind of humor your friends have!

1. Board game for adults: Exploding Kittens

An iconic game, which stole the hearts of players all around the world. Dynamic and funny gameplay and kittens – all you need to have some great fun! It is a perfect choice for both adults and kids. You can play the game with another player or with four other players. There are 56 cards with hilarious illustrations and lines. The main rule in this case is to avoid an exploding kitten card – did you pick one? Well, you just lost. But there are many ways to be saved and to avoid that card. If you want to know more, there is only one way to find out – buy the game and play with your friends and family! The basic version costs around $20, so it is a reasonable price for the amount of fun that you get. But if you are interested in more adult stuff, go and check out Exploding Kittens NSFW Edition. You will have so much fun with both Exploding Kittens versions that it will become one of your favorite games ever!