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5 Best Clothing Steamers

If you struggle with wrinkles on your garment everyday and you have no time to iron your clothes with a traditional steam iron, it is high time to buy a new, portable appliance that will make your life easier. A clothing steamer is a small and comfortable device, which not only helps you with removing wrinkles, but it also refreshes the fabric. This is a great solution if you travel frequently. You don’t need an ironing board or a lot of space to refresh your clothes. Steamers work best on thin fabrics, for example shirts, blouses or even curtains. On top of that, steamers with bigger water tanks are better for those who want to steam more clothes or if the cloth is thicker. Handheld steamers are more multifunctional because you can use them at home and in travel. Standing steamers are great for your household or for clothing retailers. The water tank is in this case much bigger and the device has a stronger jet of steam. You can use a steamer in addition to your classic iron or as an alternative. It mostly depends on how often you iron your garment or how many clothes you have. Your personal needs should define the purchase. Make sure that the plate is all-textile friendly. That means that it shouldn’t stick or burn the delicate fabrics. Even though the price may be seem attractive, it is a bad idea to buy the cheapest product available. Usually it doesn’t last long and you may destroy your favorite blouse. We thought that we should present both types of the best garment steamers to help you make your decision. If you are wondering, which particular steamers are the best, read our ranking and buy the one that suits you most.

5. Electrolux LX15002 - Clothing Steamer

This is a great, portable steamer for clothing and fabrics that is compact and handheld. The 10 oz water tank is enough if you want to refresh a few things quickly. You can pack the device in your bag while travelling. The ceramic soleplate is safe for all types of textiles. A huge advantage is the heat up time – you need to wait only 30 seconds in order to steam your garment. 1500 W and 2 settings for different kinds of fabrics enable steaming cotton, silk, fiber or even wool. It perfectly fits in your hand and you can put it on a table – The Electrolux steamer can stand on its own. This steamer allows you to steam hanging or laying fabrics.

4. PurSteam Garment - Clothing Steamer

This is a standing type of steamer that is really great for any household. The first advantage it holds is the 61 oz water tank. Even though the tank is bigger than in the previous example, it heats up very fast. After 45 seconds the device is ready to use. You can steam any fabric you want – a net curtain, white shirts or a suit. The steam also has another advantage. With use of hot steam you can sanitize the textile, for example cushions, bed sheet or a dress that has been in your closet for too long. There are a few additional attachments in the box like clips or a brush that helps with wrinkle removing.

3. Rowenta DR8120 X-Cel - Clothing Steamer

This fast and compact steamer from Rowenta allows you to refresh your garment any time you want and wherever you want. The 1600 W device heats up in about 40 seconds and has an output of 26 grams of steam per minute. You can steam thinner and thicker fabrics like cotton, wool etc., but also sanitize cushions and other stuff. The 6,76 oz water tank gives you 10 minutes of steaming. You can fill the tank with regular tap water, but from time to time you should clean the inside of the tank with use of gentle anti-calc detergents.

2. Conair Turbo Extreme - Clothing Steamer

A multifunctional, compact and comfortable steamer. Conair offers a 7,3 oz water tank in a more compact form. That means that it takes less space in your closet or bag, but you can steam your clothes longer – 15 minutes is a perfect amount of time to refresh a couple of shirts or a suit for a business meeting. If you need to steam a long dress or curtains, refill the tank with tap water. Use the 3-in-1 attachment on different types of textile. The delicate fabric spacer protects fragile textiles and the bristle brush allows you to reach deeper parts of a clothing piece with the steam. The turbo setting has the strongest jet of steam and removes wrinkles on thicker materials. The device heats up in 40 seconds thanks to 1550 W of power.

1. Beautural - Clothing Steamer

The number one in this ranking is Beautural. And this decision has several reasons. First of all – the price. If you don’t want to spend 50 or more dollars for a steamer, this one should satisfy you. Another advantage this device holds is the 8,79 oz water tank that gives you 15 minutes of steaming. Even though it “only” has 1200 W of power, the device removes wrinkles on different fabrics like cotton, wool, plush or nylon without a problem, and you only have to wait 30 seconds until your steamer is fully heated-up. Different attachments help with removing lint, cleaning visible dust or maintaining pleats and folds. This steamer can stand by its own which might be useful if you need a short pause during the steaming process. You can of course refill the tank with tap water. This particular model can steam both vertically and horizontally – sometimes you need to change the angle or position of clothing. If you are looking for a practical and inexpensive steamer, this product might be just for you!