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5 best cuticle nippers

A cuticle nipper is an useful nail care tool that should find its place in your cosmetic bag. Removing dry and cracked skin can not only make your hands prettier, but also cleaner. Even though it looks like pliers or garden shears. Choosing the right cuticle clipper may be tricky, if you don’t know what exact type of cuticle cutter you are interested in. There are two main types of cuticle nippers: full and half jaw, but you can sometimes find other variants like ¾ or ¼  jaw. If you want to take off more cuticle at once, you should invest in a full jaw clipper. But if you want to be more precise, a half or a ¾ jaw should be perfect. Everyone who uses a cuticle remover should not share it with anybody else because you can transfer unwanted bacteria and cause a bacterial infection. If someone wants to borrow your tool, use a disinfectant before and after use. High quality cuticle cutters can deliver salon-quality results, so it pays off to invest more in such a nail care tool. There are many popular brands on the market, so it may be difficult to pick only one. Make sure that the article you chose has the right features like sharp and precise tips, or rust-resistance. A cuticle remover should be also ergonomic and durable, especially if you are going to use it often. We thought that we can collect the five best cuticle nippers and make your decision easier. Choose the best tool and make your nails pretty.

5. Revlon Full Jaw Cuticle Nipper

You can achieve salon-looking nail with Revlon’s Full Jaw Cuticle Nipper. Precise cutting is guaranteed by the sharp tips and the ergonomic handle. You don’t need a lot of effort to achieve your dream effect. The blades allow you to cut all skins safely, without pulling or yanking them. Trim your hangnails and excess cuticle skin painlessly and quickly – if your tool is made of high quality materials, you are going to get things done faster. The whole cuticle remover is made of stainless steel, which is easy to sterilize with a disinfectant. Stainless steel is a durable material that will last for a long time – the small and precise elements are comfortable and handy.

4. Tweezerman Rockhard Stainless Steel Cuticle Nipper

The high quality cuticle nipper from Tweezerman is made of stainless steel and allows you to cut your cuticles without pain. This is a half jaw type so it is more precise than a normal full jaw. You can access smaller fragments of cuticle, which lets you shape it however you want. Stainless steel is easy to clean after each usage, and you can use a sanitizing spray or gel. The durable and sharp tips will remove even thinner cuticles that are difficult to cut off with a traditional nail scissors. Tweezerman has been producing nail care tools for over 40 years, so the experience they have makes all of the products even more reliable. If you want to use a tool that many professionals use, the Tweezerman Rockhard nipper is made for you.

3. Opove ¾ Jaw Cuticle Nipper

The cuticle nippers made by Opove are one of their kind because of their size – the ¾ jaw cuticle remover from Opove is a great compromise between the classic size, which is full jaw, and a smaller size ( ½ jaw). If you want to access your dry cuticles, but on the other hand you want to be as precise as with help of smaller nail tool, you should consider buying this product. It is extremely comfortable to cut off the cuticles with it – without pulling and pain. Durability is ensured by stainless steel, which is also easy to be cleaned. This article may be a perfect gift for someone who likes to keep their nails pretty, clean and healthy.

2. Easkep Stainless Steel Cuticle Nipper and Cuticle Pusher

The Easkep Stainless Steel Cuticle Nipper is a handy nail tool for frequent usage. Polished stainless steel not only looks cool and fancy, but it is also nice in touch. You can choose between a few color versions: classic black, light silver, rainbow, rose gold, and finally dark silver. What’s really special about this product is that there is also a cuticle pusher in the set, which is the first step in your nail care routine. You should first push the skin back and then start cutting off the rest. The curved flat tip of the pusher makes the whole process really easy and enjoyable, especially if you see the results. Another great feature about this set is the ergonomic handle of the nipper. You can grip it steady and access the skin effortless, but without losing precision. If you want to make the effect even better, you can use a nail conditioner or clear nail polish.

1. Ejiubas Cutlicle Nipper and Cutlicle Pusher Set

Last, but not least – the Cuticle Nipper and Cuticle Pusher from Ejiubas. This is the best rated nail care tool in this category that you can find. Many satisfied customers have said that those tools are easy in use and precise, so cutting off the skin has been risen to a much higher level. Some of the clients noticed that the cuticle remover is also a great tool for cats – thanks to the ultra-sharp tips of the tool, trimming the kitten’s claws became even quicker and easier than before. The size of this product is rather small, so you won’t hurt your four-legged friend. The cuticle pusher has a rounded tip which is safe for your nails. You should soften your nails and skin before start cutting off the dry and cracked fragments of the skin, because it becomes more elastic. The half jaw has many advantages, but the most important one is the head which snips away unwanted cuticles cleanly and painlessly.