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5 best dog clippers

Every owner of a long-haired and constantly growing fur dog knows how important it is to regularly and meticulously care for their pet’s hair. Tangled and neglected dog hair can significantly hinder their daily functioning. That is why many responsible caretakers are faced with the task of finding products that can keep the dog’s fur in impeccable condition, or entrusting the grooming and trimming to professional groomers. However, it cannot be denied that the current situation does not favor frequent appointments, so it is still worth considering equipping yourself with a dog clipper to ensure your dog’s comfort and a well-groomed appearance in case of emergencies. There are many products available on the market that will undoubtedly meet your expectations – below we present the ranking of the top five dog clippers.

5. Kerbl Sonic dog clipper

Fifth place in our ranking is taken by the Kerbl Sonic dog clipper. It is a mid-range product that will certainly assist many people in regular and meticulous grooming of their pets. The clipper is powered by a efficient battery, allowing for long operation and providing the option for cordless use. Additionally, it is equipped with a ceramic head and four different attachments, which allow for precise trimming in areas such as the tail, legs, neck, head, and even hard-to-reach places like the eyes, ears, and paws. The Sonic clipper also offers adjustable cutting lengths, with five options ranging from 0.8 mm to 2 mm. In addition, the manufacturer includes a charger (with a charging time of approximately 4 hours), a brush, and a bottle of oil for proper clipper maintenance.

4. Mesko dog clipper, 35W

Moving on to one of the more affordable dog clippers that made it into our ranking – the fourth place is occupied by the Mesko product. It is a sturdy and highly durable clipper that enables users to perform long and reliable grooming sessions. One of the highly praised features of this product is its ceramic blade, which allows for precise trimming of the pet’s fur. Additionally, the clipper is equipped with a highly efficient, high-speed motor with a power of 35 W. The set includes four different-sized attachments, which, combined with the five-step adjustment of the rotating ring, provide the ability to customize the length of the trim. The device can be powered by both rechargeable batteries and the mains, and it is also equipped with an automatic charging system, ensuring protection against battery overheating. Lastly, it is worth noting that the detachable head of the Mesko clipper makes it very easy and quick to clean.

3. Trixie Andis dog clipper + accessories

The third-place podium in our ranking of the best dog clippers is occupied by the Trixie brand’s Andis TR 1250 model. It is a corded clipper for grooming animals that has gained recognition among many users. Most pet owners particularly praise its exceptionally quiet operation, which helps minimize stress during the trimming process. The Andis clipper is very easy to clean, and the set includes a brush and lubricant for its maintenance. The clipper allows for grooming various dog breeds with different coat densities and lengths, thanks to its high-quality chrome blades, various attachments included, and multiple blade adjustment options ranging from 0.5 mm to 2.4 mm. The inclusion of the Andis TR 1250 model by Trixie in our ranking is well-deserved, as it is undoubtedly one of the more robust and efficient dog grooming tools.

2. Wahl dog clipper

The second-place in our ranking is occupied by the Wahl brand’s dog clipper. It is an ideal tool for pet owners who are accustomed to entrusting their furry companions to professional groomers but are currently unable to do so for various reasons. This clipper is on par with the equipment used by professionals. With the Wahl device and a bit of practice, you too can ensure a professional cut for your dog. The clipper is powered by a cord for continuous use. It features a powerful and quiet motor that won’t frighten sound-sensitive animals. Additionally, it enables extremely precise work due to its high-quality, high-carbon steel blade. The clipper offers a smooth cutting adjustment option ranging from 1 mm to 3.5 mm. The set includes four attachment combs, scissors, a comb, as well as a brush and blade oil for maintaining the tool in perfect condition for as long as possible.

1. Moser dog clipper + blade + two attachments

The first place in our ranking is occupied by a professional tool that has already proven its worth in many households and grooming salons. The Moser brand’s dog clipper is capable of easily and incredibly precise trimming of any furry companion – be it a dog, cat, or even a horse. Its high motor power (up to 45 W) allows for continuous operation without the concern of overheating or overloading the device. The Moser clipper is also equipped with a vibration damping system, making it easier to hold as it doesn’t generate unnecessary vibrations. Its ergonomic design and lightweight are additional advantages, making it easier for even inexperienced individuals to maneuver. The set includes a millimeter blade, 2 attachment combs of sizes 10 and 16 mm for different types of fur, blade oil for maintenance, and a cleaning brush.