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5 Best double-DIN car stereos

Listening to music while driving makes it so much better. Many people spend at least a few hours (or more) in their cars every day, so it is important to have something inside the car, which makes every car travel more pleasant. A double-DIN car stereo is an useful device, which allows you not only to listen to music or your favorite podcasts on the way to work, home or anywhere else, but also call and answer calls from other people. In contrast to single-DIN stereos that are only two inches tall, double-DIN are four inches tall. That means that taller stereos are equipped with big touch screens, which in turn means, that they can be used as GPS. Modern cars usually have built-in GPS, but older models need a separate device. Double-DIN stereos can combine even several devices into one. Who is going to need such a thing? One might think that only professional drivers like truck drivers, delivery men or taxi drivers need these devices. But let’s be honest. Sometimes you have to go hundreds of miles away from your home. Having a car stereo would be very useful in this situation. You can listen to your favorite songs or safely answer a call, without losing the focus on the road. Instead of buying few devices, you can purchase only one that will replace them all. A lot of stereos have an USB-port so you can plug-in your flash drive with for example music files. Many are also compatible with the CD-player that you already have in your car, and the great part of stereos is, that some of them come with a radio (or HD radio), so you can listen to the daily news and programs you like. The price can be very different, because sometimes you can find a device for 50 bucks, but if you want to buy a high quality device, you will rather have to spend a few hundreds or even a thousand dollars. The variety on the market is huge and that’s why we have collected 5 double-DIN car stereos that you can find interesting and useful for your car.

5. Double- DIN Kenwood DMX47S Car Stereo

Digital media receiver – Kenwood DMX47S supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which makes it super universal. If you have an iPhone, you can of course talk to Siri and keep your eye on the road. Whether it is Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, you can use the most popular apps like Spotify in order to listen to music and podcasts. Besides that, depending on your operating system, you can use navigation (like Google Maps). Answer calls or call your family or friends safely, with no distractions and cover the distance with bigger pleasure. The touch screen is big enough (6.8”) to use the apps. What’s really interesting here, is an option called True Monitoring via USB. You can control your Android phone on the unit’s screen and enjoy your apps on a large display. All you need to do is to download the app “Mirroring OA for KENWOOD” and connect the device via USB and Bluetooth with your smartphone.

4. Double-DIN Car Stereo JVC KW-R940BTS Bluetooth

This is a simple, yet useful stereo for your car. If you don’t need a large display, JVC KW-R940BTS can wake your interest. You can connect your smartphone with the device via Bluetooth and you can transfer music from your phone. This stereo supports popular apps and services like Pandora, Internet Radio, SiriusXM and IHeartRadio. In the left corner there is a large light-blue button for answering calls – the speakers allows you to talk freely, without holding your smartphone. In the middle there is a knob for changing the volume of the sound, and on the right you can change the order of songs. JVC can also play a CD, which is a nice solution for music geeks.

3. Pioneer AVH-2500NEX Double-DIN Car Stereo

Pioneer works with many different apps and services, which work with iOS and Android operating systems. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are compatible with the Pioneer AVH-2500NEX car stereo. A new feature that previous devices didn’t have is the possibility of using Amazon Alexa after pairing it with the Pioneer Vozsis App. If you don’t have an iPhone, you obviously cannot talk to Siri, but instead of Siri you can use Amazon Alexa, which will help you run certain apps or to call someone, so you don’t lose your focus on the road. GPS or playing CDs is also available in this model. Today’s world is highly digitalized, but devices such as double-DIN car stereos can increase your driving comfort.

2. Alpine Electronics iLX-W650 Double-DIN Car Stereo

If you and your family have different phone brands, then Alpine iLX-W650 is a great solution. You can use both Android and iOS phones and use your favorite apps. Using a CD player is not that common today, because there are other ways to play songs. In this case Alpine eliminated the CD player, but you can use Bluetooth or the USB port to plug-in your smartphone into the device. The touchscreen is large (7”) and comfortable in use, so you can quickly click the icon and run the app. A larger screen equals clearer details – this is especially important in case of navigation. You don’t want to miss the turn or streets that are guide you to your destination. If you combine the great sound quality with a highly responsive touchscreen, you will receive one of the best double-DIN car stereos.

1. Double-DIN Car Stereo ATOTO A6

The ATOTO double-DIN car stereo has everything that every stereo should have. The 7-inch display is perfect for any navigating system. If you are travelling with a passenger, you can run streaming services like Netflix or YouTube to make the time in the car even more pleasant. Android smartphones can get access to the Android Marketplace, where you can download games for your kid. It’s almost like having a regular tablet installed in your car, which gives you a lot of possibilities. This is a great device not only for single professional drivers, but also for family travels, when the distance between your home and the destination is hundreds of miles away. The price is affordable, so if you don’t want to spends a few hundred or even a thousand bucks on a double-DIN stereo, this is the best offer for you.