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5 Best dry body brushes

Smooth skin is the dream of many women who want to avoid problems with ingrown hairs, dead cells or cellulite. A good way to avoid issues like that would be exfoliating your body from time to time. You don’t need fancy and expensive tools to achieve your goal. All you need is a simple body brush with gentle bristles, which doesn’t cost much. Dry brushing brings more benefits than just baby-smooth skin. You can stimulate the lymphatic system and promote lymphatic drainage (which is a good start in the fight against cellulite). It can be a nice step in your daily routine – self-care means more than high quality cosmetics like peelings and masks. Body brushing is also a good way to increase your body temperature, because it also stimulates the circulation. You may wonder how to properly use a brush like this. You should start at the tops of the feet and brush upwards towards the heart. This method to brush the skin from bottom to top is used to stimulate the lymphatic system, which in turn stimulates collagen production. As you can see, a simple and inconspicuous brush can make a huge difference for your skin condition. You can get rid of dead skin cells by exfoliation, persistent ingrown hair and in addition energize the blood circulation and lymph drainage. Most brushes have long handles which enable brushing all parts of your body, especially your back. There are also round hand-brushes that are more comfortable in use, for example on your legs or arms. Even though the name includes the word “dry”, you can add a few drops of your favorite massage oil in order to increase gentleness and relaxation. Synthetic bristle would work the best with oils, because those are easier to clean after the brushing. You can also brush your body in the bathtub as a part of home-spa. In order to make your life easier, we have made a ranking with the best dry body brushes that you can find online.

5. Dry body brush: C.S.M. (Complete Skin Makeover)

The first example of a decent body brush is a product from C.S.M. This is a hand-type brush with a round shape, which is easy, and what’s more important – comfortable to use on your legs, arms or shoulders. You can clear away dead skin, promote the renewing processes of rebuilding new skin cells, stimulate blood circulation and promote lymph drainage. With help of this brush you can even improve your skin tone and stimulate collagen production to get rid off unwanted cellulite. You can scrub your body whenever you want to. Both wet and dry scrubs are possible, it depends on your personal taste. The soft massage bristles are gentle for your skin and massage nodules soothe muscles. None of the used components were ever tested on animals.

4. Dry body brush: Shower brush Metene

This particular brush is perfect for deep cleaning and exfoliating skin even on your back because of the long handle with an anti-slip rubber patch. The brush head has two sides. One with natural bristles and one with nylon bristles. The natural bristles can remove dead skin, dirt, open blocked pores, and stimulate blood circulation. The soft nylon bristles can be used to soften and clean the skin during baths. It is recommended for more sensitive and delicate areas, or for those, who have sensitive skin overall. This brush is perfect for showers or long baths, because it can foam your favorite shower gel and vary your daily morning or evening routine. The super long handle made from lotus has over 17 inches, so you can easily reach your back.

3. Dry body brush: Skin Brush Yerba Prima

If you are looking for more economic prices, this solution is for you. You can get 2 brushes with natural tampico vegetable bristles – perfect for dry brushing. The best way to achieve the best results is to brush your body right before a shower or a bath. Remember not to brush sensitive areas like the face or breasts, or parts with skin rashes, poison ivy, infections etc. Adjust the intensity of the brushing to your needs and respective body part. The long handle enables reaching your back or feet without any trouble. Start brushing from the bottom (by brushing your feet), and then go to the top. After brushing your skin will be energized, blood circulation will make you warmer, lymph drainage will boost collagen production and you will feel better.

2. Dry body brush: Wholesome Beauty

This exfoliating brush can be used with or without the long, wooden handle. If you are going for vacation and there isn’t much space in your cosmetic bag, you can take only the head. The handle has a cotton loop, so it can hang in the bathroom. You can get glowing, smooth skin with no risk – the 100% natural bristles are made from high quality material. It’s a simple, cheap, dry body brush which is highly rated on the Internet. A lot of users say that they have noticed cellulite reduction, the skin condition got better, and people with weak blood circulation finally feel nice and warm. Use it dry or wet, however you like it best.

1. Dry body brush: Rengöra

Last but not least – one of the best and most recommended dry brushes for skin exfoliation and massage. If you have never tried dry brushing before, you can start with Rengöra. It’s time to have soft, smooth and sexy skin. You can not only remove dead cells, dirt or ingrown hair, but also open clogged pores, stimulate blood circulation and the lymphatic system, and reduce cellulite. So many benefits and only one brush – doesn’t that sound great? You can use the brush wet, with warm soapy water, or dry. Natural boar bristles will take care of all your body and you will feel relaxed and nice. It can also be a good gift idea for your close friends or family members.