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5 best erotic handcuffs

It is hard to find a gadget that is more associated with bedroom games than a pair of erotic handcuffs. They provide an excellent introduction for people who are beginning their adventure with domination in the bedroom. They allow you to explore whether complete submission is something that suits both partners. They can add spice to the relationship even among very experienced couples and serve as an excellent test of trust. However, this does not mean that the gadget is only intended for people who are bored with their relationship. On the contrary! Sex with handcuffs ignites imagination and emotions even in fresh relationships and eliminates taboo topics.

So let’s assume that you are looking for the right product for yourself. Where should you start? In professional stores, you can find a variety of handcuffs, and the world doesn’t end with those with fur or “police” ones. Having a wide selection is a plus for users, but to make it a bit easier, we have prepared a short ranking.

5. Bijoux Indiscrets narrow erotic handcuffs - MAZE, black

The best option for couples who have not used this type of gadget before would be gentle handcuffs. A great choice in this case is the Thincuffs model from the MAZE series by the renowned Spanish company Bijoux Indiscrets. It offers a subtle product consisting of polyurethane strap-shaped cuffs connected by a chain. The simplicity of adjustment ensures a perfect fit without any difficulties.

Thincuffs also have another advantage – they can be an elegant and daring piece of jewelry. After removing the chain, the straps transform into intriguing bracelets. Due to their compact design, all the components fit even in a small bag and are always ready to use.

4. Metal sex handcuffs Fifty Shades of Gray - You. are. mine

The next position in the ranking is occupied by iconic metal handcuffs, a product that imitates a police attribute. While they may not be the most comfortable gadget in the ranking, their appearance alone generates immense excitement among both partners. The raw design and a traditional key lock make them a great choice for those who appreciate classic solutions. The handcuffs are sold in an elegant pouch, perfect for gifting.

This product belongs to an exclusive series of gadgets inspired by the movies and books from the “Fifty Shades of Grey” series, which have convinced many people to try BDSM. Today, fans can experience what it’s like to be Christian and Ana firsthand.

3. Leather sex handcuffs for women

The third place on the podium belongs to an exclusive product designed for women. This time, we have a high-quality gadget that is handmade, made of natural leather, and treated with plant-based substances. The cuffs are connected by a chain. The gadget not only looks very elegant but also surprises with its comfort of use.

2. Metal erotic handcuffs Bijoux Indiscrets - Désir Métallique

Désir Métallique is a high-quality erotic play equipment with a unique appearance. The semi-open metal cuffs, adjustable with a surgical steel chain, immediately catch the eye. The product resembles glamorous jewelry rather than BDSM handcuffs, yet it fulfills its role excellently. Similar to the MAZE Thincuffs, this model can also be used as a wardrobe accessory. It gives a woman the opportunity to lead her partner into temptation, for example, during formal banquets and gatherings, without revealing the true intentions to other guests.

The delicate design of Désir Métallique should not deceive anyone, as it is a very durable gadget designed for intense bondage play. This is one of the reasons why Bijoux Indiscrets has won over a large number of customers.

1. Rianne S Icons diamond handcuffs

The first place in the ranking of erotic handcuffs is occupied by an elegant gadget. Although many products in the list could easily belong in a jeweler’s display case, it is difficult to compare them to the cuffs in the top spot.

These handcuffs are adorned with delicate stones that resemble diamonds. They can be worn as bracelets in various combinations (e.g., both cuffs on one hand). It is a versatile gadget that can transform into an inspiration for erotic delights within seconds. They look incredibly sensual not only on the wrists but also exceptionally arousing on the legs. This is an additional asset if your partner has a foot fetish – an instant erection is guaranteed.

BDSM can be associated with kinky sexual practices, latex, and brutality, and in some circles, that’s exactly how it looks. However, that is not the standard. The use of erotic handcuffs and a light touch of pain can have a very positive impact on a relationship. Roles related to submission and domination evoke a range of emotions and guarantee unique thrills. Not everyone will be drawn to this type of play, but it’s best not to approach it with a negative mindset and instead personally test certain dynamics. It’s worth doing not only to explore your own boundaries but also to increase trust and eliminate barriers in the relationship. Erotic handcuffs are the first step toward a new and exciting adventure. It’s up to you whether you take further steps.