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5 Best Exercise Bikes

Physical activity is a crucial thing in order to keep your body in a good condition. However, due to the pandemics, many people had to stay at home and had no option to go and exercise at the gym or outside. Indoor activities became more popular and this is how it stayed until today. An indoor stationary bike is a good alternative to a regular bike. Of course, it is not as efficient as a traditional bicycle, but it is always better than nothing. It is good to stay active, even if you have no possibilities to go outside for a walk. Home activities can give you a lot of fun and satisfaction. Everything depends on your personal choices. But let’s talk about the great benefits of a stationary bike workout. First of all – you can burn your body fat and lose weight. A simple workout and wonderful effects await you here. You can burn around 600 calories an hour, depending on the  intensity of the training. Another thing is that an exercise bike strengthens your legs and lower body muscles. You can build nice leg muscles and shape your body in general. If you have a sitting job or remote job – it may be a great opportunity to help your back and train the back muscles. There are many types of workout that are possible thanks to a stationary bike. For example: interval training, low impact workout or cardio fitness. Obviously such a training is much safer than regular road cycling. There are many advantages to a stationary bike workout. But the question is: which bike is the best? Well, it may be difficult to pick the right bike. On the market there are plenty of different brands and models of exercise bikes. That’s why we thought that it would be helpful to make a ranking with the top 5 exercise bikes, which you can easily order online. Stay healthy and active without having to worry about the weather outside.

5. XTERRA Fitness FB150 - Exercise Bikes

Simple, yet effective training – sounds great, doesn’t it? With the XTERRA fitness bike you can burn calories and build leg muscles in the comfort of your home. Smooth and quiet paddling won’t distract you or your family. The small LCD-screen shows sport data like speed, distance and more. If you are a more advanced cyclist, but for some reason you can’t go outside and cycle – no worries. There are 8 levels of manual resistance that you can control with the help of a big tension knob. The non-slip pedals are comfortable for your feet – you can exercise more without feeling any comfort issues. After your workout, you can easily fold the stationary bike. The light-weight and solid X-frame can hold a maximum of 225 lbs.

4. JOBUR Belt Drive Bike - Exercise Bikes

The first thing that you will notice after unpacking and installing this stationary bike is the solid construction. This stability enables to stand up and ride the bicycle, which simulates a real bicycle tour. You can fully adjust the resistance and the cage-style pedals to your needs. This kind of pedals support your feet and prevent them from slipping. Magnetic resistance reduces frictions and creates a smooth and quiet workout. As the name says – it is a belt drive bike type, that means that the bike has 6 sloths and a belt, which provide a smoother ride than the traditional chain transport. There is an LCD-monitor which shows standard sport data like heart rate, distance etc. and a pad or phone holder. A long workout is always nicer when you can listen to your favorite music or even watch a movie. The comfortable seat is made of sponge and cushion to reduce hip pressure and absorb buffer shock. It is also very easy to clean.

3. Cyclace - Exercise Bike

The Cyclace stationary bike is a great solution for anyone who is looking for a stable and comfortable training device. This model supports up to 330 lbs and is fully adjustable. You can change its height from 42,9” to 47,9”. The LCD-screen monitors you current speed, the number of calories you’ve burnt so far, heart rate and much more data. Above the screen you can put your pad or phone – the holder is big and stable enough for any sort of device. The seat is wide and you can adjust it in 4 ways. Smooth rides are provided by the 36 lbs flywheel. You can adjust not only the height, but also change the position of the seat. This training machine is easy to use and can give you lots of fun.

2. ADVENOR - Exercise Bike

If you want to stay active, but on the other hand there is not much space in your apartment, Advenor’s exercise bike should fit your needs perfectly. The stationary bike is portable because of its weight and size, but you can also save some space by folding it after your workout. Features like the large and wide seat with a backrest and non-slip pedals increase your comfort during your exercise sessions. There is a screen that show you your real-time heart rate, speed, time, distance and calories burnt, so that you can control your physical activity. The maximum weight that this bike can hold is 300 lbs. There are also 8 levels of resistance, that you can adjust to your personal needs. In addition to your regular leg training, you also get two resistance bands to train you arm muscles. You can combine a couple of exercises to make a full body training.

1. YOSUDA Indoor Bike - Exercise Bikes

Good quality and effectiveness – the Yosuba Indoor Bike combines these two features and this is the secret that stands behind this bike. This is also a well-equipped stationary bike. It was equipped with a water bottle holder and LCD monitor. You can listen to music, control all the sport data and if you need to drink some water you don’t need to stop your workout. Besides that, a 35 lbs flywheel provides a smooth and quiet ride and simulates a real road bike. The maximum weight this bike supports is 270 lbs, so you can always feel secure and stable during your workout. You can adjust the resistance, seat or even cage pedals to feel comfortable. If you need to transport the machine, you can use the transportation wheels and simply push the device. Friction resistance and belt driven systems are always most efficient when it comes to simulating a real bike. Stay healthy and active at all times and train your leg muscles everyday!