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5 best eyebrow tinting kits

Many women, and more often men, dream of having fuller-looking and darker eyebrows. Brows are the frame of any face – an optimal shape and color can make a huge difference, especially for people who have naturally weaker, thinner and paler eyebrows. Cosmetics like powders, gels and crayons are effective, but you need to put eyebrow make-up everyday to reach an acceptable effect. This can be problematic, especially when you are getting ready to go to work and have no time to put the make-up on every morning. Today’s cosmetic market is much bigger than it used to be many years ago – and that’s why we can find so many products at the stores. So what can you do to have beautiful, full and dark eyebrows without putting any powder on them everyday? The answer is easy. You can invest more and go to a beauty saloon and ask a professional to apply a permanent eyebrow dye or you can stay at home and basically do the same thing yourself, but semi-permanent. On the internet or at your local store you can find plenty of different eyebrow tinting kits. But not every single one of them actually works. Sometimes the effect is washed off after 2 or 3 days. Long lasting semi-permanent eyebrow dye is very useful and in most cases it lasts for a week or more. You can perfectly shape your arches, fill in sparse spots or cover pesky greys with the help of temporary eyebrow tint. If you are afraid of allergic reactions after the usage of a tinting product, you can also find hennas with natural ingredients – those are safer for your skin. On top of that, you should carefully read the instructions on the box – otherwise you may not reach the promised effects or you may hurt yourself. Before you purchase any eyebrow dye, choose the right color. There are many available options – from pearl grey, through many shades of blondes to dark brown or even black. If you are a beginner and you have never used a henna before, you can create lines on your eyebrows area to make sure that you will dye them perfectly, without any smudges. You don’t need to worry about the price of such a product, because they don’t cost much – usually between 7$ and 20$ depending on the capacity, brand and effectiveness. If you are interested in changing your eyebrows and you wish to make them fuller and darker, you can read our ranking with the best 5 eyebrow tints that you can find online.

5. Eyebrow tinting kit Revers Henna Pro Colors

Number five is a product from Revers. This henna, besides the pigments, contains argan oil and castor oil. Argan oil has many benefits, for example it regenerates and brightens up the skin, nourishes the hair and makes it thicker. You can use castor oil for better hair growth – this might be good for a person who has thin eyebrow hair and wants to have a fuller browridge. In the box there are: a tube with creamy henna, a bottle with a 3% activator and a brush that has two tips – one to mix the activator and henna with the right proportions and the other tip for applying the product on the brows. To make sure that everything is about right, follow the instructions. If you apply the product well, the effect will last up to 2 weeks.

4. Eyebrow tinting kit Godefroy Instant Eyebrow Tint

If you are looking for an eyebrow tint which uses natural ingredients – the product from Godefroy may attract your interest. Plant extracts are safe for your sensitive skin. This is a great alternative for daily eyebrow make-up with use of pencils, powders or gels. The effect of natural and rich color will last up to 4 weeks, if you follow the instructions. Remember that it may be different, depending on which other cosmetics you use and on your personal conditionings. However, there are 4 available colors: natural black, dark brown, medium brown and light brown.

3. Eyebrow tinting kit MINA ibrow Henna

Eyebrow tinting is much more effective, budgetary and from a wider perspective – it takes less time to apply it. Even though you have to wait between 10 and 15 minutes to get the final result, you apply the product one time every few weeks. MINA ibrow Henna offers as many as 10 different colors: pearl gray, graphite, ash blonde, blonde, grey brown, golden brown, light brown, copper brown, dark brown and black. This eyebrow dye covers unwanted grey hair and gives a tattoo effect. It doesn’t smudge and it is waterproof, so you can go to your favorite swimming pool without any fears that your eyebrows will “disappear” after a while. The formula doesn’t contain chemicals like Ammonia, Lead and Hydro Peroxide.

2. Eyebrow tinting kit Maybelline New York Brow Tattoo Long lasting Tint

This is very comfortable tint that you can use instantly on your eyebrows – without mixing a pigment with an activator. All you need to do is to cleanse and clear the brow area, dry it and apply the Maybelline Long Lasting Tint. Please notice, that the formula is slightly different from the other products on this list. Because of that the final results will last up to 72 hours. Another thing that singles this product out is that you need to peel off the formula after at least 20 minutes (you can leave the product on longer for better effects) instead of washing it off. There are 3 shades that you can get: dark blonde, medium brown and dark brown. Many positive ratings and reviews prove that this is a high quality tint.

1. Eyebrow tinting kit Parallel Products Premium Brow Henna

Number one of this ranking is the Premium Brow Henna Kit from Parallel Products for a few reasons. First things first, this cosmetic is made of natural ingredients. There are no chemicals like lead or ammonia in this product. You can easily change your actual color of the eyebrows and make it rich and intense. Four shades (black, dark brown, deep dark brown and light brown) contain locally harvested Indian henna – it minimizes the risk of allergic reactions. This is a classic tinting kit – each box has 5 g of henna powder, brow nourishing oil, mixing paddles, an applicator brush, a water syringe and of course – instructions. The beautiful color will last up to 6 weeks! Change your current eyebrows and make them fuller and darker with use of the best henna.