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5 best food vacuum sealers

If you have never used or heard about food vacuum sealers, there are a few things you may want to know. A vacuum sealer is an useful device that can save your time and… food. A huge advantage of this device is that it preserves, protects, and extends the shelf life of your food. Vacuum sealers remove the air from the container and then seal it thoroughly. Without oxygen, mold and bacteria cannot grow, so your meals are always fresh. Your food is also protected from dehydration and freezer burn – the moisture cannot evaporate because there is no air in the sealed bag. Vacuum sealed food can be stored for longer, than food in a plastic bag or a plastic container, and you can enjoy the moisture, juices and flavor any time. A vacuum food sealer is a gamechanger and timesaver in your kitchen because you can prepare a few different dishes for the whole week, and put them into the freezer. Your ready-to-go lunch or dinner is always ready in the freezer – always fresh and delicious. Do you have leftover gravy or spaghetti sauce? No problem! You can seal the liquids and freeze them. The bag is always sealed properly, so nothing will overflow or leak on to the freezer shelves. Not everyone knows, but vacuum sealers can also re-store your chips or cereal you haven’t finished yet. You need to remember not to use the vacuum because the content may be crushed. Meat in the freezer tends to overgrow in ice crystals, when the water freezes. Because you sealed the bag, where your meat is now, there is nothing to worry about – the sealed bag solves the problem and keeps all the nice juices and moisture inside the meat, without forming ice crystals. If you want to keep your meals nice and fresh in the freezer, or you like to use the “sous vide” cooking method at home, you may be interested in buying a vacuum sealer. Below you can find our ranking with the best vacuum food sealers on the internet.

5. Vacuum sealer FoodSaver FM2000-FFP

FoodSaver is one of the most popular brands, which produce vacuum food sealers. There are plenty of good and efficient models, so it can be difficult to decide which one is the best. FoodSaver FM2000-FFP can naturally preserve food in bulk (when your grocery shopping list is quite long), but it safely seals food like meat, fish, vegetables, and even liquids (sauces, soups etc.). You can freeze the meals and store them up to a few months. Your food will be as moisturized and tasty as it was just after cooking, because all of the juices and moisture are kept inside the food. You can also use this vacuum sealer to preserve e.g. fruits and vegetables in jars – a special jar attachment will help you with that. You also get accessories such as vacuum seal bags in different sizes and a seal roll.

4. Vacuum sealer FoodSaver V4400

Another high quality vacuum food sealer from FoodSaver. Although it comes from the same brand, the construction is different than with the previous model. This device is higher and bigger, but you won’t have a problem with closing the lid. The appliance automatically detects the bag and starts sealing it. You can also choose, if you want to store dry or moist food – just press the button and it’s ready. You can easily wash the tray in the dishwasher to keep the device nice and clean. Your food will now be safe from freezer burn, mold, yeast, and nutritional loss – you can store it longer than you would usually store e.g. meat in an ordinary plastic bag. You also get different sized bags for sealing.

3. Vacuum sealer FoodSaver FM2435

The FM2435 is another device from FoodSaver, which is perfect, when you need a compact and flat vacuum sealer in your kitchen. It takes 20 minutes to cool down between seals, so you can prepare the next bag in the meantime. You can quickly seal a bag with both dry and moist food, which in turn will prevent freezer burn and nutritional loss. As always in case of FoodSaver, you get different types of bags and a roll, so you don’t need to buy it in advance. You can remove the tray and wash it as you like – in the dishwasher or by hand. Such a device is also a good idea when you like to make fresh smoothies – the fruits won’t lose their flavor and juices, so your smoothies or shakes will always taste delicious. Save your time and freeze several bags full of berries, mangos or bananas at once.

2. Vacuum sealer Müeller MFFVS-01

This device comes from an Austrian brand, which specializes in producing kitchen appliances. You can use the vacuum sealer as you want, because there are many option of how you can seal the bag. First of all you can choose, whether you want the device to seal a bag gently or airtightly. Another thing is to determine if the food you want to close in the bag is dry or moist. Then press the button “seal” or “vac seal”, as needed. If you want to seal a bag of cookies or other crispy snacks, use the option “seal” – otherwise your snack will be crushed. Vacuum sealers are also used by professional chefs to cook meat. This method, when you boil the meat in a sealed bag is called “sous vide”. It makes the meat incredibly soft and juicy, that’s why it pays off to wait for the result.

1. Vacuum sealer NutriChef PKVS

Food preparation has never been so easy. NutriChef is a vacuum sealer which is intuitive to use, and doesn’t take a long time to seal or vacuum seal the bag with food. When the air is removed from the bag, it can be stored in the freezer longer than in a zipper or a container. An important part of using a vacuum sealer is to clean it properly – don’t forget about it because the bacteria can build up easily. Happy customers have loved the NutriChef’s vacuum sealer because of its economical price, compact size, light weight, and of course efficiency and reliability. Keep your meals fresh and delicious for a long time in the freezer, and defrost them any time you want.