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5 Best Hair Growth Shampoos

Hair loss is a embarrassing problem that touches a lot of people all over the world. Everyone dreams about shiny, strong and healthy hair, but the reality may be different. There are many reasons why your hair falls off. The main cause is obviously stress. People live really fast nowadays and they don’t have much time to stop and think about their health. Another thing that may lead to hair loss is hormonal changes or diseases. According to medical research, some people have genetic liability that may cause this problem. But when should you react and ask for help? If you have noticed much more hair in the shower, in the bathtub or your brush is full of hair every time you brush it, you should think about it. Don’t ignore these signs because it is better to act as soon as possible. Before you spend a lot of money on drugs, you can try hair growth shampoos. There are many good products that you can find at any drug store or on the internet. What ingredients should a proper shampoo contain? First of all – essential oils. Plants like lavender, rosemary, peppermint and tea tree oils have many benefits. They are gentle for your scalp, but also speed up the hair growth process and reduce hair damage. Other natural substances that you can use are olive and castor oil. Reduction of hair loss and strengthening of strands are only two of the many benefits that you can get by using those oils. Aloe Vera juice is famous for its moisturizing effects. A dry scalp causes itching and dandruff which doesn’t help with fighting the hair loss problem. Biotin is the most recognizable vitamin in shampoo for hair loss. It strengthens the follicle, but also increases hair elasticity – it helps your hair to grow faster. The list is too long to point out every substance that has a positive influence on your hair condition. But if you are looking for a good and natural shampoo for hair loss, you should read our ranking with the best 5 shampoos that you can purchase online.

5. Teres & Honor Caffeine Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo - Hair Growth Shampoos

Caffeine is one of the wonder ingredients that strengthens your hair from the root to the tip, answers for hair growth and protects follicles. The natural formula is a vitamin bomb which also contains a lot of plant extracts. This all makes your scalp moisturized and rejuvenates it. An important factor during fighting against hair loss is making sure, that the ingredients are mostly natural or organic, because synthetic substances like DHT causes massive hair fall and constricts follicles. Please notice, that you need to wait a little bit for results. After a few weeks of regular use, you should see thicker hair on your head.

4. Dr. Hempster Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo - Hair Growth Shampoos

The secret ingredients in this case are: organic hemp seed oil, hydrolyzed wheat protein and biotin. Of course there are many more great and organic extracts and oils, but those three make a difference. Well-nourished and moisturized hair will be stronger and healthier. Biotin is responsible for making your hair thicker. Hemp oil is great for hair growth – proper stimulation can speed up the whole process in only a few weeks. Wheat proteins have a huge impact on your hair elasticity that plays a key role when it comes to hair growth. The formula doesn’t contain parabens, toxins, sulfates, GMO and wasn’t tested on animals.

3. GoodMood Biotin Shampoo - Hair Growth Shampoos

Why not to buy a shampoo and a conditioner in a set? GoodMood offers a biotin-based shampoo and conditioner to strengthen you hair. Thicker, healthier and shinier hair might not just be a dream – regular use of cosmetics with good ingredients helps with getting rid of hair fall in few weeks. Everything depends on your personal conditions, e.g. genes. Besides biotin, here you can also find avocado and castor oils, Shea Butter, chamomile and asparagus. Asparagus is rich in Calcium and vitamins A and C, and the chamomile extract strengthens the roots and protects hair from outside damage. Shea Butter is a perfect moisturizer. All of this creates a combination that not only speeds up your hair growth, but also takes care about its general condition.

2. GoodMood Biotin Shampoo - Hair Growth Shampoos

The Argan Oil series from Art Naturals not only helps with fighting against hair fall, but it also can be used by people who don’t have such problems. Argan oil smoothens your hair structure and makes it shiny. On top of that, another of argan oil’s features is to repair damaged, dry and fragile hair. A good condition of your hair roots and tips helps your hair grow faster and that’s why Art Naturals offers a set of shampoo and a conditioner. After using the shampoo, leave the conditioner for 2-5 minutes on your head, rinse properly and dry your hair with a gentle airflow. Pro tip: if you want to avoid hair damage, set a lower temperature on your hair dryer. If you are struggling with hair fall, don’t use a flat iron or curling iron – high temperatures can easily break your fragile hair. This product is based on organic substances and is cruelty free. If you take care of not only your hair, but also of the environment and animals – this is a perfect choice for you!

1. Honeydew Biotin Hair Shampoo Men&Women - Hair Growth Shampoos

This is a total must-have in your bathroom. Honeydew’s shampoo is perfect for any hair type and is dedicated for both women and men. Botanical extracts nourish, moisturize and repair your hair and protect you from dandruff. Biotin, argan oil, jojoba oil, rosemary and zinc are only examples of all the good ingredients that have been used in Honeydew’s formula. Besides the rich, healthy and successful effects this product guarantees, it’s also fully vegan and cruelty free. If you want to achieve even better result, you can apply a conditioner from the same Honeydew’s series. Don’t waste your time and act now.

Remember though that you need to wait for the results. If you won’t notice any changes after regular use of your chosen shampoo, you should visit a dermatologist.