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5 best male masturbators

The sex toy industry is rapidly growing nowadays, not only when it comes to women, but also men. Gentlemen have a lot of exciting toys to choose from – starting with vibrators, finishing on masturbators. Male sex toys can be as interesting and effective as female ones. Fancy shapes can stimulate your deepest fantasy and encourage you to try something new. Even though you can have little experience, it doesn’t mean that you cannot feel awesome. Male masturbators can be used on your own or during play with your partner. You can let them use the toy on you, which makes the fun even better. Taking control over someone’s body may be titillating and the actual play may be more intensive. The explosion of new sex inventions overwhelmed the market, which is a huge advantage for you. Rising popularity of sex tools made this topic more common, where there is no space for taboo. A male masturbator can take the form (usually) of a vagina. This type is called a fleshlight, because of how it looks like. The actual toy is packed in a long tube that hold the masturbator steady. Another type of a male masturbator is an egg, which is basically a soft sleeve with lubrication inside. Spinners are made from safe for your health silicone and have different geometrical structures inside. Their name comes from the moves they make – they twists as you enter and stroke with them. There are also automatic male masturbators, where the devices uses air flow and vibrations to deliver the best sensations. These toys are usually more pricey, so if you are short on money, you can naturally buy more traditional toys which don’t require any batteries. Regardless of the type of your sex toy, you should always properly clean it after use in order to be sure, that everything is hygienic. Another important thing is using a lube. Don’t forget about it, because otherwise your pleasant sensations will spin off into an uncomfortable feeling. If you are looking for an effective and fancy male masturbator, below you can find 5 options that may wake your interests and appetite. 

5. TENGA Premium Vacuum Cup Male Masturbator

The black and gold packing looks truly premium. Tenga is an experienced brand in the field of sex toys and it has existed on the market for 10 years. Tenga’s vacuum cups are popular because of the effects they gives. The construction is simple: on the top there is an air hole, but inside the device there are honeycomb studs which answer for direct stimulation, then there are a few levels of squeezing and pushing areas to enhance the pleasure. You can reuse the product, but you need to wash it properly. There are three variants of this toy: white, blue and black, but the black one is the hardest and the white one is the softest.

4. TENGA Easy Beat Egg Wavy Male Masturbator

Small and inconspicuous, but highly effective. The fancy and original form of the actual egg is made of super stretchable material – it can cover a 500 ml bottle! The structure inside is wavy. It stimulates your penis really delicately and gives you a big pleasure. Tenga has much more to offer than just the wavy shape. You can also find: clicker, spider, twister, stepper, misty, silky, lover, cool edition, wavy II, brush and many more. There are so many options that it is hard to decide which one will work the best for you. The lubrication is included, so don’t hesitate to use it. This is a cheap, but interesting toy.

3. TENGA Spinner Bead Male Masturbator

Another masturbator from Tenga, which doesn’t look like any of previous sex toys for men. The toy is transparent, but what is really interesting, is the form. The spinner does its job, when you move it. It starts twisting with every stroke you do. You should use it with a lube in order to be sure, that everything works, as it should. As you can see, Tenga really takes care of their customers, and that’s why there are more than just one spiral shape of the toy! You can also buy spinner tetra, hexa, shell, pixel and brick. All of them have unusual forms so you will surely choose the right one for you.

2. Acmeros Automatic Male Masturbator

This is an automatic male masturbator from Acmeros, which uses different techniques to please you. Moreover, there is a realistic texture inside to boost your sensations. The device uses 360 degree wrapping and squeezing in order to simulate real oral sex. On the LED Touchscreen you can see the battery power (when the power is 15% or lower, the LED light flashes). Besides that there are six vibration modes, four suction modes and an orgasm button which is an overwhelming experience. You can clean the device really quick and easy. All you need to do is to take out the TPE sleeve, wash it with running water and then insert the sleeve into the device – make sure that this part is fully dry. One more thing to remember: put the bullet vibrator completely and accurately into the groove of the inner TPE sleeve. Otherwise the device will be generating noise.

1. ZEMALIA Tornado Fleshlight Male Masturbator

A classic fleshlight for those, who are looking for the best fun. The actual toy is a long, black tube that holds the sleeve. In order to use it, you should open the front cover, apply some lubrication and enjoy it. The Tornado masturbator is 9,85in long, but the insertable length is 8,8in. Amazing and realistic texture inside with bumps and cross-ribs will make your wildest fantasies come true. You will find another level of sexual satisfaction, so it will become one of your favorite sex toys ever. This masturbator is easy to clean: rinse thoroughly with cold water and wait until it’s dry. Your package will be delivered in a discreet box, so you don’t need to worry about the delivery and the fact, that your older neighbor will judge you.