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5 best motorcycle phone mounts

A smartphone is a multifunctional device which is necessary in today’s world. Everyone uses mobile phones in order to text a message, call someone, search for information, or navigate. Nobody leaves the house without their smartphone. Many people drive a car or motorcycle everyday, for example to get to work or to do shopping. It is illegal to hold a phone and use it while driving and that’s why there is a simple solution: a phone holder. This is a small, but practical accessory for all those, who want to use navigation or safely call someone. Smartphone holders should be ruggedized i.e. sturdy and shakeproof. Plastic is also water resistant, but you shouldn’t forget about a decent case for your phone. Motorcycling has on one hand many advantages, but on the other hand you can find some disadvantages, like difficult weather conditions hindering safe driving. In order to protect your phone, you should purchase a high quality holder. Such a holder should enable using your smartphone both vertically and horizontally (this may be especially comfortable when you use navigation). Good motorcycle phone mounts should be easily adjustable and fit every handlebar. Before you will add a product to your cart, you should measure the diameter of your phone in order to pick the right holder for you. Also, search for information about the handlebar clamp, and if it fits all of the handlebars, so you won’t lose your money. Usually a motorcycle phone mount fits also mountain or normal bikes, other types of motorcycle (for example Harleys), electric scooters, or even strollers. One accessory can be used on many vehicles. If you are looking for a good and stable phone holder for your motorcycle or bicycle, you can read our ranking with 5 phone mounts that will protect

5. Phone Holder: TruActive Premium Bike&Motorcycle Phone Mount

One of the best rated motorcycle phone mounts that you can buy online. It is easy to install on your motorcycle, on a bike, or even a scooter. High quality materials make it solid and stable, so it always stays in place. For even easier use, this holder is compatible with Face ID and Fingerprint ID. 360-degree rotation enables changing the position of your phone in order to use GPS or other useful functions. A phone holder is a must-have for every person who works as a food delivery man. The TruActive phone holder is also compatible with all smartphones with screen sizes from 4.0” to 6.7” and with maximum thickness of 0.71”. One box includes 6 different colors of secure bands: blue, pink, black, orange, red, and yellow.

4. Phone Holder: CAW.CAR Accessories Bike&Motorcycle Phone Mount

Another stable and tough phone holder, but this time from Caw.Car Accessories. Motorcycle and bike mount works well with all phones even in protective cases, including small phones like the iPhone 5, or large ones like iPhone 11 Pro Max. You can tilt and rotate your phone whenever it’s needed. A silicone sling holds your phone stable and secure – it is also easy to unmount in a few seconds. You can ride your motorcycle on every type of the ground without any worries that your phone will fall off. This phone holder is shakeproof, so it protects your phone from unexpected incidents like a crash or turbulences. The rubber grips don’t scratch your phone and hold it secure.

3. Phone Holder: Mongoora Motorcycle&Bike Phone Mount

The perfect phone holder which is compatible with motorcycles, bikes, scooters, stationary bikes, and strollers. 360-degree rotation enables you to use your phone at different angles. Besides that, you have unobstructed access to the headphone jack and buttons and you can freely use the whole screen. It is also a creative idea as an useful gift for someone who has a motorcycle or a bike. There are 3 available colors of silicone butterfly bands: green, red, and black. The rubber grips hold the device tightly and the metal bolts won’t allow the device to change the position, even on uneven ground.

2. Phone Holder: Lamicall Motorcycle Phone Mount

The overall look of this motorcycle phone mount is different than the previous ones. This holder grips your smartphone’s each corner (without any silicone bands like earlier). It increases the stability of your device even on bumpy roads. The installation doesn’t take a long time and is really easy. 360-degree rotation allows you to use your phone at any angle you want. The Lamicall’s phone holder is compatible with all smartphone models between 4.7” and 6.8”, so if you are an owner of an older and smaller phone, there is no need to be worried – you can use this accessory and discover new roads and places on your motorcycle.

1. Phone Holder: ROAM Universal Motorcycle&Bike Mount

The best rated motorcycle phone mount is from ROAM. It universally fits classic, Harley, touring motorcycles, but it also can be mounted on mountain bikes or any other bike. The installation on your handlebars is easy. After that your phone will be secured safely thanks to 6 points of grip. The handlebar clamp is one of the largest on the market and that’s why it fits all handlebars from 1-1/4” to 7/8” diameter. It is compatible with all of the latest smartphones on the market, but also with older models which are still in use. The silicone net can stretch up to 4 times its size and it holds your phone tightly. The classic and black look won’t distract you from driving. Your phone will be protected from accidents like screen breakage, even if you ride on uneven and bumpy roads. You can also read a lot of positive reviews and comments on the internet that prove its high quality and sturdy security in any situation.