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5 best Mountain Bikes

The typical mountain bike was designed not only for off-road rides, but also for regular road rides. The main advantages of any MTB bike are large tires and durable wheels. Why is it so important? Originally, according to its name, the strong tires and wheels were constant subject to tough conditions like rocks, bumps or forest’s paths. Another thing that is a “must have” is a light frame – not without reason. The lighter the bike, the better – there are situations when you need to lift up your bike and move it to another spot. A heavy and massive bike would be harder to move, but the light frame enables you to ride faster. Powerful brakes play a significant role because you may badly injure yourself, if your brake will not work properly. A high-quality mountain bike has also decent and responsive shock absorbers which make your ride more comfortable and prevent defects. You need to be aware of many obstacles that wait for you on the road. Most popular wheels sizes are 26” to 29”, where the first size used to be more known at the beginning of the MTB’s fame. When you ride a longer and more difficult ride, you need to have multiple choices of speed. The gear system gives you many opportunities that can make any path easier to go through. Fast speeds are perfect for road rides and higher gears are better for grueling cycling excursions. Nobody wants to cycle on an uncomfortable saddle. The seat should be wide enough to feel secure on it. A good profile of the seat increases not only your comfort, but also is responsible for a proper height and angle of your position. This is important because you can avoid back pain and you can ride longer, since you are able to paddle more efficiently. However, for 100% prevention of any accident, a good and wise cyclist should always wear a helmet and protective gear. Head protection is significant, especially if you like to cycle in difficult areas like the mountains or hills. Are you interested in buying a new mountain bike? If so, we encourage you to read our ranking with the 5 best MTB bikes that you can order online. 

5. Schwinn Mountain-Bicycles High Timber

The more reasonable price, the better. Schwinn’s bike is a typical MTB bicycle which has a steel frame to increase the durability. What’s the most interesting in this particular model, is it’s 21-speed rear derailleur – you can easily and quickly change the gear. Responsive breaks stop securely any times you need to. The tires and wheels are perfect for all types of terrain. Large and knobby tires and durable alloy wheels add stability and security on uneven surfaces. Because the price is really economic, you can purchase this bike and enjoy the rides. It isn’t a professional bicycle and you should pay attention to that, especially if you are planning a longer and more difficult ride.

4. Hiland Aluminium Moutain Bike

An aluminum frame is lighter than a steel one – it affects the actual weight of the bike (31 lbs). The product is already pre-assembled up to 85% – the installation process at home is easy and quick; no special skills needed. The wheel size in this case is 26”, the typical and most universal size. You can easily ride on rough terrain or on any road. The brake system takes care of the stability and responsiveness and Shimano’s 24-speed gearbox enables to take control in every situation, even when you have to face a higher hillock. There are also shock absorbers and an adjustable saddle to increase you comfort during any cycling tour.

3. Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Here is a mountain bike for more experienced cyclists. A wide tire MTB bike has it’s pros and cons. Let’s start with the cons. If you are a beginner or if you have never cycled a mountain bike before, it might be harder to start paddling. Fat tires requires a little bit time to accelerate to the top speed. Another con is the weight. Everyone who makes a decision to buy this type of a bike has to know that a bike with wide tires is heavier than a standard MTB or road bike. The price may be slightly higher than the average price of a bike. But enough with the cons – let’s talk about the pros! First of all – they are amazingly comfortable – smooth rides are a dream of many people who love cycling excursions. This is also a good exercise for your entire body – to speak more directly: you will burn up to 1000 calories per hour! Low air pressure gives that floating feeling and you simply enjoy your ride more. If you like to ride on the snow, mud or any other difficult terrain – Mongoose Dolomite is a great option for you!

2. OBK Mountain Bike

Good features like good safety systems (gear and brake systems), shock absorbers, decent tires and wheels and a light frame is a “must have” in any mountain bike. But for many amateurs it is also the design which can affect their decision. Everyone wants to have fun, move their body and look nice. That’s why the OBK MTB should be on your shopping list. A black color with defined white and red irregular stripes gives a modern look and can catch someone’s eye. The installation process here is similar to the fourth bike on this list – it is pre-assembled up to 85% – every needed tool is included in the package. Also, the weight of this bike is not heavy – only 35 lbs (this is a standard weight for any MTB). If you don’t want to spend a lot of money and you want a cool bike to enjoy your rides from time to time – this is a really good option.

1. Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike

This is a 26”-mountain bike with 21-speed settings to make your rides even more pleasant. This company has a long story behind them – they started in 1892 in Ohio. One thing that you can surely say about this company is it has massive experience. The evolution of bike design is huge – new ideas bring a completely new level of rides. There are so many available colors and models that it is difficult to choose between them. But this particular model was designed for those who are looking for a stable and good-quality bike for off-road and road tours. Safe and stable brakes and shock absorbers increase your security and the possibility of changing derailleur gears enables the bike to adapt to any rough terrain you may come across on your adventure. Because your comfort and safety is the most important for this brand, they used only trustworthy parts to avoid any accident.