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5 best no-touch thermometers

Non-contact thermometers are most of all safer for you and your family because they don’t contain mercury. It is also easier to clean them up. You can measure the temperature faster and more precisely. With a touch free thermometer it is also possible to measure temperature of the water in the bathtub, in a pot or the room temperature. Multi-functional use is a great advantage which puts this kind of thermometers first. You may wonder – “How does a non-contact thermometer work?”. The device is pointed in the direction of a person or an object, a laser usually helps to find the target and the thermometer measures the thermal radiation of said person/object. The pandemic has changed our lives and our attitude towards health. People have started to take care of themselves and their families even more than before. This is a must-have in every home. Digital thermometers can help with rapid checks of the temperature which is very helpful when it comes to a large group of people or children. The price goes hand in hand with the quality. Because there are so many products of this category we decided to select only the best models in order to make your decision easier.

5. No-touch thermometer: HoMedics

This smart device helps with reading your body temperature. The display turns red and beeps when the body temperature is between 100.6°F and 109.2°F. You will get the result after only 2 seconds! HoMedics recommends to align the device between the eyebrows and the forehead and to keep a vertical distance of 1-5 cm. Then all you need to do is to press the On/Scan button and there you go. This model has three grades of alerts: normal, low and high-fever alert. You can not only use it for your personal needs, but also to measure the temperature of your food, the room, water or any other liquid.

4. No-touch thermometer: Berrcom JXB-178

Berrcom is a well-known no-touch thermometer manufacturer. Many customers put trust in this brand. Positive reviews and comments confirm the best quality and a totally reasonable price. The device reads temperature in °C and °F. The display turns red and beeps in the case of fever. If you don’t like beeping alerts you can mute the buzzer. It is a great choice not only for personal use, but also for nurseries and schools, where the groups of people are much larger. You can measure the temperature of any liquid, room or food. It is easy to keep the device clean – use wipes and forget about the stains and dirt.

3. No-touch thermometer: LPOW Digital

Get precise temperature checks with LPOW Digital Thermometer for Adults Forehead. Clinical accuracy surprised thousands of customers. Uses laser sensors to read the temperature accurately. Get the result in 1 second and make sure that everything is okay. You can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit by pressing the mute button for 5 seconds. The device has memory recall and can record up to 35 measurements. You can mute or un-mute the beeping alert. Don’t worry if you forget to switch the – it turns off automatically after 15 seconds without use. This quiet and precise non-contact thermometer won’t wake up your sleeping child. There are 3 colors of the display, depending on the temperature check – green shows normal temperature (89.6F≤T≤99.2F), orange shows higher temperature (99.3F≤T≤100.3F) and a red screen alerts about fever (100.4F≤T≤109.2F). Remember to stock up 2 AAA batteries.

2. No-touch thermometer: Tenergy

Tenergy infrared thermometer avoids direct contact with the skin. It is recommended to keep a distance of 5-8 cm which can prevents an infection. You can choose between using Fahrenheit or Celsius. If you have a newborn, you can use this no touch thermometer to measure the temperature of milk or the water in a bathtub. Easy and quick – this is how Tenergy checks the heat. You get the result after 1 second. You can adjust the backlight LCD settings to use the device at night. There is also a memory function available, which shows the last 10 readings. Non-contact thermometers are free from mercury and safe for your children. There is no need to worry about broken glass and spilled toxic elements.

1. No-touch thermometer: iHealth PT3

Last but not least – iHealth PT3. This is a bestseller in its category. A lot of satisfied customers proven the quality of this product. This forehead thermometer uses an ultra-sensitive infrared sensor which provides more than 100 data points per second. The large LED-screen is clear and bright, even at night. The gentle vibration alerts don’t disturb the people around you. You need 2 AAA batteries to run the device. This is an ideal choice for your personal use, but also for hospitals, hotels, nurseries, schools or any other public establishment. iHealth is the best device you can find on the Internet. The price is very attractive when it comes to the advantages, which you can possibly get from using this device.

Non-contact thermometers became very popular for many reasons. The first thing is that a contact thermometer requires physical contact, which is not recommended when it comes to large groups of people, for example sick patients in the hospitals. No-touch thermometers measure the thermal energy of a person or an object with use of infrared technology. On the opposite side contact thermometers measure people’s or object’s internal temperature by using conduction. But non-contact thermometers have a lot of other advantages like: measuring the temperature from a distance without physical contact, measuring the temperature in motion, no risk of contamination, quick and accurate temperature checks. As you can see, there are always pros and cons, but using a non-contact thermometer is much quicker and, what’s most important, safer.