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5 best rated energy drinks

Everyone needs an extra boost of energy from time to time. When you feel a bit tired or work late, an energy drink can increase your vitality levels and you will be able to focus on your tasks. This is also a great solution for students who constantly feel tired or for travelers who want to explore more. If the caffeine from your morning or afternoon cup of coffee is too weak for you, maybe it’s time to consider an energy drink. The ingredients which you can find in most energy drinks are for example: caffeine, taurine, guarana extract, B vitamins, sugar and L-Theanine. These substances will raise your blood pressure, so you can go back to studying without losing your focus. On the other hand, drinking too many energy drinks daily increases the risk of heart attacks and sugar can contribute to diabetes. Anyway, when you remember about all the risks, you can drink from an energy drink time to time. There are many kinds and many brands of energy drinks on the shop shelves, so you may wonder which one is the best. Well, there is no clear-cut answer. It depends on your personal taste, because the variety of flavors is huge. There are also special pre-workout energy drinks, especially recommended for active people. One advantage of this kind of drinks are without any doubt the ingredients. Usually they are better than in any standard energy drink packed with sugar. Nowadays there is a trend for diet or zero sugar drinks and in this case it’s the same. One of the natural substitutes for white sugar is a sweetener created from stevia leaves. In fact, this is 200 times sweeter than classic sugar. Besides that, stevia leaf has zero calories and has no impact on blood sugar levels. Organic caffeine will help you when you are tired or sleepy, but there is still work that has to be done. We have selected 5 tasty energy drinks, that you can buy online. If you are interested, you can read our ranking and find out, which one is the best for you. 

5. Energy drink Hiball Energy Seltzer

This is a fantastic opportunity to try something new for several reasons. First of all – the flavors. In this 4-Pack you can taste grapefruit, wild berry, peach and lemon lime flavors. All of them are sugar free and have zero calories – the perfect solution for those who don’t want to gain weight or prefer drink with no artificial sweeteners. Hiball beverages are also refreshing, so you should store it in the fridge. Another reason why Hiball drinks are so good are the ingredients. Organic caffeine, guarana, ginseng, vitamins B6 and B12 and niacin will give you a solid boost of energy and you will be able to go back to your tasks fully focused.

4. Energy drink Zevia Zero Calorie Energy

Another variety pack in this ranking. There are four flavors that you can taste this time: grapefruit (again), kola, mango/ginger and raspberry/lime. There are no artificial sweeteners or sugar – Zevia used stevia leaves instead. This wonderful plant is 200 times sweeter than traditional sugar and contains no calories. When you struggle with high blood pressure, this might be a good choice. Besides that, Zevia’s products are Non-GMO project verified. That means that the producer is committed to creating transparent labeling and using only simple, plant-based ingredients. If you are a fan of unsweetened drinks, you will probably fall in love with Zevia’s products.

3. Energy Drink Monster Energy Zero Ultra

If you are okay with more traditional energy drinks, but you still don’t want to consume too much sugar, Monster offers something you may like. The Zero Ultra line is basically the same green Monster, but the difference is in the ingredients – there is no sugar and only 5 calories in a 10.5 oz can. Customers who already tried zero sugar Monster say that the taste is still incredible and that it’s a good alternative to morning coffee. There is only one way to get to know if it tastes as good as others say – you need to buy it and try it!

2. Energy drink Reign Total Body Fuel

This is the ultimate fitness-focused beverage that is packed with natural caffeine, BCAAs, CoQ10 and electrolytes. BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids) is leucine, isoleucine and Valine which increase you energy level during your workouts. CoQ10 is a naturally produced anti-oxidant that helps your muscles with generating more energy fuel and with lowering the damage and fatigue. Classic orange dreamsicle flavor is loved by many customers who regularly drink the Reign energy drinks. One pack contains 12 cans of 16 fl oz volume.

1. Energy Drink Red Bull Original

Who has never heard about Red Bull before? This is the best rated and most sold energy drink in the world. Its fame comes not only from the classic and iconic taste, but also from the effects that it gives. Taurine, caffeine, vitamins and sugar will boost your whole body with a huge dose of energy. The popular slogan “Red Bull gives wings” is in this case so real, because you feel like you can explore every place on the planet with the energy this drink provides. One Red Bull can (8.4 fl oz) contains 80 mg of caffeine (in comparison – one home-brewed coffee contains ~95 mg). If you have diabetes or problems with high blood pressure, it would be better to limit energy consumption to a minimum. If you love the taste of Red Bull Original, you can also try the zero sugar version, which is also available at the stores or online.