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5 Best shampoos after keratin treatment

Keratin treatment becomes more and more popular. This is a semi-permanent straightening procedure for strongly damaged and frizzy hair that smoothens and adds extra shine to the hair. Even though the treatment works on most hair types, it is strongly recommended for curly hair. If you have just colored your hair and you have been wondering if it is possible to treat your hair with keratin, the answer is positive. Anyone who has colored hair can go to a hair stylist and ask for keratin straightening. In fact – this kind of treatment makes the color more vibrant and fresh and the color will last longer. Keratin treated hair is healthier and shinier because such a treatment is much safer than a regular flat iron straightening. Another benefit is that you can enjoy your beautiful, shiny and straight hair for 3 or even 6 months! However, not every treatment lasts the same amount of time – it mostly depends on the execution of the keratin straightening and the hair’s structure. But what are the rules for after care? One of the worst mistakes would be to wash the hair the same day after the treatment. It is recommended NOT to wash your hair for at least 2 or 3 days. You shouldn’t even wet the hair, so the sauna and swimming pool must wait. Another important thing is to keep the hair down and straight – pony tails or other hair styles can easily destroy the effect. In order to keep your hair in a good position and to close all of the moisture inside the hair’s structure, you can use a silk pillowcase. Your hair after the keratin treatment may be exposed to drying-out and fractions. Silk reduces fraction and protects from unnecessary damage. After a few days you can finally wash your hair – this is the easiest, yet still tricky part. Why? Because not everyone knows that they should choose a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. This substance may destroy the fragile texture of your hair and consequently – the results might not last as long as you want to. Professional after care will definitely prolong the effects. A good shampoo should be boosted with keratin to keep it in the hair’s structure. Keratin treated hair deserves to be washed with gentle shampoos and conditioners. We have prepared a list with the 5 best shampoos that you should use after a keratin treatment. We hope that you will choose the most efficient offer for your hair.

5. Shampoo after keratin treatment: Alfaparf Milano Keratin Therapy Lisse Design

This is an Italian professional salon quality maintenance shampoo designed for after keratin treatment care. The biggest advantage here is that the product does not contain Sodium chloride that might damage freshly straightened hair. Remember to start washing your hair after minimum 2 or 3 days. The rich complex of hydrolyzed keratin and quaternized collagen protects the hair and rebuilds its inner keratin chains. The detergent is delicate and safe for your skin too. Babassu oil gives your hair silkiness, softness and ultra-shine. If you want to protect your hair even more, you should try other products from the same line, for example a conditioner. The formula moisturizes and nourishes the delicate hair’s texture and helps with maintaining the keratin treatment effects.

4. Shampoo after keratin treatment: INOAR Professional Pós Progress

It is always better to buy a shampoo and a conditioner from the same brand because the formulas are based on the same ingredients. In this case the manufacturer used not only keratin, but also rosemary extract and nanosericina. Those ingredients lead to nano-recovery of the hair strands, increasing the hair’s hydration and elasticity level. In return you will get soft and silky hair and rejuvenated scalp and hair cuticles. Both shampoo and conditioner were designed especially for keratin treated hair to avoid frizzy hair and dehydration. It also reduces static electricity and volume – you will have beautiful, silky and glossy hair.

3. Shampoo after keratin treatment: NYK1 Keratin and Color Aftercare

Maximum protection and flawless effects – NYK1’s shampoo and conditioner take care of post-keratin treatment hair. NYK1’s products are salt, sodium and sulfate free to be 100% safe and delicate to the hair’s structure. This shampoo & conditioner set prolongs your vibrant color and effects after the semi-permanent treatment. Products that contain salt usually fade out the color and sulfates dry out the skin and the hair. Also, the structure of your hair after keratin treatment is vulnerable and prone to damages that may leave uneven results. Say goodbye to frizzy hair and enjoy your spectacular, straight hair!

2. Shampoo after keratin treatment: Bellisso Keratin Enriched Shampoo

A revitalizing bomb of only the best ingredients. Your beautiful hair requires special aftercare. That means that you also need to think about special cosmetics. Bellisso created a line of keratin enriched hair products that don’t contain ingredients such as sulfates or parabens. The formula is based on only the best ingredients such as keratin, vitamin B5, collagen, silk protein and argan oil. All of those extraordinary ingredients have a massive influence on your hair’s structure. After regular use of both, shampoo and conditioner, your hair will become soft, silky, shiny, well-moisturized and nourished. This is also a great solution for those who haven’t had a keratin straightening, but their hair is strongly damaged or curly.

1. Shampoo after keratin treatment: Keranique Shampoo&Conditioner Set

This is a 2-step aftercare. Keranique products were designed with a thought of damaged, frizzy or dry hair, especially after keratin straightening. This gentle, sulfate-, dye- and parabens-free formula was made for dry, curly, damaged and colorized hair which needs extra care. The shampoo stimulates the scalp and improves the hair fiber for growth. Thinning and weak hair will be thicker and fuller. You can also prolong the post-keratin treatment effects and boost the color of your hair. The conditioner protects the cuticles and re-builds the fragile texture of the hair. Both cosmetics encourage your hair to growth and revitalize it by making it super soft and silky. Choose a professional products to make sure that the final results will last longer and the hair will be healthier.