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5 Best Toenail Fungus Treatment

If your nails have changed their condition and color and there are white or yellow spots under the tip of your nail – it should alarm you. You’ve been attacked by dermatophytes, a common group of fungus. Toenail fungus is quite often an embarrassing problem. Although it’s very easy to get infected by fungus, it still remains kind of a taboo issue. You could’ve caught the fungal bacteria at the gym or swimming pool, but the main cause is usually a tight shoe or a small cut. Treatment process can last very long, however it depends on the medication you choose for this kind of trouble. The disease won’t disappear by itself and you need to be patient if you want to cure yourself completely. Many people wonder what kind of medication is the best or where to buy it. Sometimes people use suboptimal preparation which doesn’t  work. The most important way to find a perfect solution to your problem is to choose wisely between all the products you can find at the drugstore or on the Internet. That’s why we prepared a list of the best 5 fungus treatments you can use. It’s time to forget about the infection and begin to show your beautiful feet again. You don’t need to be ashamed of that illness, but you shouldn’t ignore or neglect the first signs of fungus.

5. Scholl Fungal Nail Treatment - Toenail Fungus Treatment

Scholl Fungal Nail Treatment is one of the best drugs you can find. Not only does it stop the spreading of the nail damage, but also prevents the setback of nail fungus. You can find 5 one-use-only nail files which you can use to cure your infected toenail. After filing the nail, your next task is to apply a thin layer of liquid that contains: glycerol, isopropyl, citric acid, carbamide, also known as urea and many more. Those substances help remove fungal infection and speed up the healing process. After 4 weeks you will see first signs of improvement and after 12 months you will be finally free from infection. The best way to stave off the disease is to act as soon as you notice discoloration on your nails.

4. Comfort Zone Anti Fungal Liquid - Toenail Fungus Treatment

Comfort Zone is non-oily medication which helps treating fungal infections. It also relieves discomfort such as itching, redness and soreness. Having a toenail funguscan make you feel awkward, but if you let the bacteria spread from one nail to another, then you may have a serious problem. Comfort Zone is easy to apply. All you need to do is use a brush applicator to apply a thin layer of substance. If you want to speed up the healing process,use the liquid twice a day. You should pay extra attention if you are an athlete and wear sports shoes very often – take care of the space between your toes too and apply liquid 4 times a day. After 4 weeks you should notice better condition of your toenails.

3. Naturenics Tea Tree Essential Oil - Toenail Fungus Treatment

This medication is based on natural oil. The extract comes from tea plant leaves which has been distilled using the traditional steam method. The result gave us pure concentrate that is highly effective. It doesn’t contain parabens, sulfates or gluten.Not only does Naturenics Tea Tree Essential help with fungal infection, but also with acne or hair loss. You can make your own mixture to make a shampoo or a body wash. If you need natural preparation, this one might be just for you. Take care of your toenails and apply a few drops on the infected area, but also around the source of fungus. Tea Tree Essential Oil moisturizes your delicate skin and reduces cracked feet. After about 4 weeks you will see an improvement of the nail plates and also smoother skin on your feet.

2. Nail Fungus Solution - Toenail Fungus Treatment

Another natural drug you can use to heal the fungal problem. This nail repair set is made in the USA to help recover damaged nails. The formula is based on tea tree oil and oregano oil, but besides those two, you can also find extracts from lavender, lemon or almonds. Those ingredients are created to nourish and repair infected toenails. Apply a thin layer of oil mixture with a brush applicator every day, so you can see first results in 4 weeks. This product is cruelty-free and was never tested on animals. Oil mixture regenerates the condition of your nails and recovers them from discoloration and weakness.

1. Nail Repair Pen - Toenail Fungus Treatment

Last but not least – Nail Repair Pen. This is one of the best products you can buy if you’re battling fungal infection. The greatest advantage of the treatment pen is natural composition and easy-to-use brush applicator. Remember to carefully wash your feet before you apply the clear liquid. Wait 30 minutes until the area is completely dry. The substance penetrates the core of your nails in order to remove deeply rooted bacteria, but also helps with fragile nail plates. After 4-5 weeks of treatment your toenails will be strong, glossy and healthy. One package includes 4 toenail repair pens. If you’re battling fungus disease, don’t hesitate and buy professional treatment, so you can enjoy healthy nails every day!