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5 best washing liquids

Laundry detergents have been accompanying us continuously in our everyday life. They help us keep our clothes, bedding, and blankets clean and fresh, so we can use them for a long time. The first washing powder, which started a new era of laundry detergents, was invited in 1876 by Fritz Henkel in Germany. Only two years later he put his new whitening soda on the market – customers appreciated the new washing powder because of the affordable price and comfortable packaging. In 1907 the washing powder everyone knows appeared – Persil. It became so successful that the brand started to export their washing powder to other countries. Nowadays we can choose between so many products that sometimes it is difficult to buy the best washing powder or liquid available. The consistency or form of washing detergents has also changed. We can pick washing pads, gels, liquids, powders and more, so the laundry can smell fresh and nice. Washing liquids are as effective as classic washing powders, but they have a huge advantage. They can dissolve at any temperature, which isn’t that obvious in case of washing powders. Delicate fabrics like underwear don’t like high temperatures, that’s why you should use the right washing program which uses colder water in their case. Washing liquid is perfect here because it won’t destroy the fabric and it will remove all dirt and stains on your clothing. Washing liquids smells really fresh and good, but if you want to enhance the scent, you can also use a fabric softener. Fabric softeners offer a wide range of fragrances, so your laundry can smell wonderful for many days. If you are wondering which laundry detergents will remove unwanted stains, you are in the right place. Below you can find a ranking with 5 examples of the best washing liquids, that many customers highly recommend. All of these products are available online, so you can easily place an order. 

5. Washing Liquid Arm&Hammer Oxi Clean Plus

If you haven’t used Arm&Hammer Oxi Clean Plus yet, it’s high time to finally get to know this product. The big bottle contains 122.5 fl. oz of washing liquid, which is about 70 loads. From time to time your clothes more stubborn stains for example from mud, grass, oil and grease or just from food. Those kind of stains require something that will fight them quickly and effectively. Oxi Clean Plus not only removes stains, but also gives your clothes a nice fresh scent and it brightens the material. That means that colorful fabrics will have even prettier nuances and you can enjoy wearing them even longer. The washing liquid is perfect to use even in low temperatures, so you don’t need to buy a separate detergent for delicate programs.

4. Gain Original Aroma Boost Washing Liquid

This pack of two gives twice as much freshness as a single bottle. Gain is a trustworthy washing liquid brand that was appreciated many times by many customers who regularly use this detergent. The delicate, but effective formula removes all stubborn stains on your clothes. If you are the owner of a pet, you probably need something, that will get rid of that characteristic animal smell. Gain will surely help you out with that. This washing liquid doesn’t cause any rashes, itching or other uncomfortable feelings. Two bottles will give you about 96 loads, which will last for many weeks. An undisputed advantage is the scent – a lot of customers say that they love the smell of their clothes and that this is their favorite washing liquid.

3. All Free Clear Washing Liquid

The concentrated formula and reliability are without doubt the most important advantages of All Free Clear. This is a special washing liquid in this ranking because the liquid is free from perfumes and dyes, so if you or your family members are allergic to those substances, you should try All Free Clear. The formula is gentle for your skin, but highly efficient against the toughest stains. This offer should also satisfy anyone who wants to buy an economic detergent that will last for up to 110 loads. All Free Clear is obviously child-friendly because and will take care of their very sensitive skin.

2. Tide Original Washing Liquid

Tide is the best washing liquid in the USA, based on customers’ most frequent shopping list items. This detergent is also recommended by washing machine manufacturers, because it is safe for the inner parts of those devices. Tide Original removes even the most problematic stains such as chocolate or tomato sauce. One bottle is enough for 64 loads, but if you prefer bigger packaging, you may be interested in Persil or Gain washing liquids. Tide protects the colors of your clothes, fights grease and brightens fabrics. The original scent of Tide is beloved by many users and it gives your laundry a nice fresh scent for many days.

1. Persil ProClean Original Washing Liquid

Even though Persil was invited in Europe, or to be more precise in Germany, it came to the US many years ago and it became popular. Persil ProClean washing liquid is really effective against stains. Its powerful formula can fight even toughest stains such as wine or spaghetti sauce. The concentrated liquid consistence is also an economic solution for everyone who wants to save some money. One bottle should last for up to 110 loads, which is a good result. It also depends how often you wash your clothes and how big your family is, but it is an efficient laundry detergent. Its high quality and experience beats other competitors in this ranking and that’s why Persil is the best laundry liquid that you can find at the store and on the internet.