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Nintendo Switch is a console that is often chosen as the first gaming device for a young player. It’s a good decision! The controllers are smaller and more comfortable for a child. Additionally, Nintendo Switch allows easy access to the portable console option, so the young user can enjoy it, for example, during travels. Adding to the strong arguments for this solution is the game catalog. You will find titles that will delight your child – especially if they are interested in Pokémon! Without any difficulty, you will also find other games suitable for a young gaming enthusiast – with age-appropriate action, colorful graphics, and a difficulty level that won’t discourage further gameplay.

5. Super Mario Maker 2

Mario is a character who needs no introduction! Among the offerings on Nintendo Switch, you will find many games featuring him. Why choose this one? Because it allows you to create your own Super Mario game levels! This is important for a child exploring the world of virtual gameplay, as it enables them to create a world that is accessible and enjoyable for them. You can share the created levels with friends and more!

4. PAW Patrol: The Space Dogs save Adventure Bay

A game based on a popular children’s cartoon. The youngest players will eagerly participate in the adventure, embodying their favorite characters, this time equipped with cosmic superpowers. Two users can play in cooperative mode, working together on assigned tasks.

3. Smurfs Mission Anger

Another title based on the iconic children’s animation. The Smurfs must thwart Gargamel’s plans to create a plant trap. A young player can embody one of the members of the Smurf team: Hefty, Smurfette, Brainy, or Clumsy, and save the Smurf village!

2. Pokémon Let's Go Eevee

There are many games featuring Pokémon as the main characters on Nintendo Switch. In this one, you can become a novice Pokémon trainer, capturing and training them to develop their abilities. All of this is done in the company of a friendly partner – Eevee, who will sit on… your head!

1. Just Dance 2023 Edition

It’s not just a party game for adults, but also a great way to stay active for the youngest! Just Dance allows you to dance to the rhythm of your favorite hits. Children usually love movement and physical activity, and the music only motivates them further. You can also take advantage of the online mode and invite up to five players to dance together!