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The 5 best 32-inch TVs

Buying a big TV is a dream of many, but not everyone has enough space in their homes for such a large screen. A 32-inch TV is a great solution for small apartments and rooms, where every square meter counts. There are many good quality TVs in very attractive prices, but you need to know a few things, before you order your new TV. The most common resolution for a 32-inch TV is 720p, which is enough to watch your favorite series and movies. There are of course higher resolutions in UHD, but you have to pay more for this. Right now, a lot of people use voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, and it would be great to buy a TV that supports these technologies. Even small 32-inch TVs support voice assistants that make your life easier – instead of typing the name of your favorite show on the remote control, you can just say it. Almost everyone uses streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO and other to watch movies and series. Modern TVs have pre-installed apps with those platforms, so you can just log in and start watching the show. Make sure that the TV you are interested in has the streaming platform you subscribe to. If your TV has high-quality speakers, it is more pleasant to watch movies, but also to listen to music. You can use YouTube or Spotify on your SmartTV as well, which is a great way to listen to music in better quality – especially if you don’t have a mini speaker. Having a nice TV is also important for gamers who have consoles. The better the display, the better game experience. To be able to plug in a console to any TV, you need an HDMI port. It would be great, if your new TV had at least two HDMI ports. If you are looking for a new 32-inch TV in a reasonable price, there are plenty of options. You will surely find something that will meet your expectations. If you need some help with choosing your new TV, you can read our ranking with the 5 best 32-inch TVs.

5. VIZIO D32h-J09 32-inch TV

This is a good TV for its price. The 720p HD resolution lets you watch the shows you like in crystal-clear quality thanks to the Full Array LED Backlight. One thing, which is a huge advantage, is the large variety of entertainment. There are plenty of built-in apps with more and less popular streaming platforms. You can choose between apps such as Netflix, AppleTV, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Discovery+ and many more. You can, of course, stream and mirror videos from your smartphone, tablet or any other device because this TV has a built-in Chromecast, and it also supports Apple AirPlay. Do you use a voice assistant? That’s great. Now you can extend your SmartHome and add your VIZIO TV to the list of devices that work with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple Homekit.

4. Hisense 32H4F 32-inch T

You can’t ignore the Hisense TV when you are looking for a good but also small TV. This product combines everything that you need to enjoy your favorite dramas, talk shows, soap operas or comedies. Built-in Roku TV will surely help you with that. Roku TV is an operating system and library of more than 500,000 movies and episodes of series. You can watch your favorite show in clear and detailed quality while listening to a full sound. The resolution is 720p, which is responsible for a sharp picture. You can use plenty of apps on your TV, but you can also stream from your Android or iOS device.

3. LG LM577B 32-inch TV

This is a good-looking Smart TV from LG. Even though this TV has only 32 inches, it doesn’t mean that the overall look and display quality must be bad. LG is known for its clear and sharp picture and details. This TV delivers vivid colors and amazing clarity, which makes watching the TV a better experience. Besides dynamic colors and clear details, you will find there plenty of entertainment. LG’s operating system is webOS, which delivers a lot of popular streaming platforms. If you haven’t found your platform – don’t worry. You can always download it or stream a video from your smartphone or other device. If you have Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, you can use your voice assistant on this TV too.


Is it possible to buy a 32-inch TV with brilliant display quality? SAMSUNG proves that everything is possible and that’s why you can now buy a small TV with 4K Ultra HD display. Crystal clear picture, sharp details, true and vivid colors are delivered by the Quantum Processor Lite 4K. SAMSUNG uses Quantum Dots technology, which delivers amazing colors, perfect brightness and deep black color, which is also very important in watching TV. Speaking of experiencing movies, series etc. – another feature that matters is the enhanced contrast. LED backlights optimize warm and cold nuances, which enhance contrast. This TV is a great choice for gamers. Great response, smooth motion, clear picture, and last but not least – amazing sound. All these things make this Smart TV one of the best 32-inch TVs you can find. There is only one slightly negative thing, which is its price. You need to pay more to enjoy this great quality.

1. TCL 32S335 32-inch TV

The best 32-inch TV on this list is TCL 32S335 because it has the best quality-price relation. TCL is without a doubt the best possible choice, if you need to buy a TV for your home. A 32-inch TV with 720p HD resolution is great for an apartment or even a dorm room, where you don’t have much space. TCL’s operating system is Roku TV, which also delivers many different streaming platforms. That means that you can choose between thousands of programs, series, movies, shows etc. Remote control is always useful, but if you can transform your smartphone into Roku remote. It is much easier to browse, add new channels from your smartphone. If you have Amazon Alexa, you can add voice control to your new TV.