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The 5 best 5w30 motor oils

It never pays off to save your money on motor oil. Good quality motor oil can increase the engine’s performance and improve its functions. However, there are a few factors that you should consider before buying engine oil. First of all, choose a motor oil with an API certificate. A brand that displays the starburst symbol on the package. The American Petroleum Institute conducts tests in their laboratories to determine the oil’s ability to protect the engine. Another very important thing is to buy a motor oil that is recommended for your car. What does it mean? There are different indications of motor oils which refer to the viscosity (thickness) of that certain oil. The most popular and common engine oil is the 5w30 oil. This kind of oil is used in diesel and light-duty petrol machines. The “W” letter stand for “winter” and the numbers show the viscosity grades. The climate you live in matters in case of motor oils, because the seasonal temperatures influence the engine in your car. For example, this 5w30 oil work well in lower temperatures such as -30°C (or -22°F) and in higher temperatures as 35°C or 95°C. This type of oil flows easily during cold winters, and on the other hand it can maintain a safe viscosity during hot summers. The 5w30 oil is the most universal motor oil because of the large variety of engine types and a wide range of temperature conditions it can perform well with. Motor oil should protect the inner components of the engine by protecting it from rust, dirt etc. and by lubricating the inner parts. High quality engine oil for your car can extend its lifetime, so you can use it for many years to come. How much does a motor oil cost? It mostly depends on the brand and factors such as the type of the oil. You shouldn’t buy the cheapest oil without attests and API’s signature, because you can easily destroy or damage your car. If you want to buy a motor oil for your car, you can read the raking below. On the list you will find the 5 best 5w30 motor oils.

5. Motor Oil 5W-30 - Royal Purple High Performance

This is a great quality motor oil for your car. It protects the engine from varnish and sludge, corrosion and leaking. This is a great oil for high performative vehicles, which are driven in difficult weather conditions (for example in cold temperatures), in increased speeds of the engine or with heavy load. You can buy this oil, even if you used to use other conventional, synthetic oil. This 5W-30 oil can increase and improve the fuel efficiency and the carefully developed formula minimizes the risk of damaging the catalyst by high gas exposure.

4. Motor Oil 5W-30 - Castrol GTX Ultraclean

Castrol is one of the most popular brands on this field. This is good motor oil for any engine exposed to a big amount of sludge – 45% better protection against sludge is guaranteed by this particular product. Please notice, that this is a synthetic blend motor oil, which means that there a few differences between this product and classic synthetic oils. However it’s notable, that this oil is recommended for older engine seals. If you don’t want to cause seal leaking, this motor oil should help. You can keep your engine healthy for many years, if you regularly use Castrol oil.

3. Motor Oil 5W-30- Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic

If you are looking for a reliable full synthetic motor oil, you should be satisfied with Valvoline Advanced oil. It works well even in lower temperatures, or actually especially in lower temperatures. If you live in a colder state, you should consider purchasing this product. This oil is also resistant to breakdown and degradation. The formula was made for different car types such as trucks, SUVs and hardworking cars. The viscosity retention is effective in harsh climates – it ensures a high level of defense. The huge experience of this company and thousands of happy clients prove that you can trust Valvoline. Even though the 5W-30 oil type is the most popular, you can also choose other motor oils from Valvoline’s Advanced series.

2. Motor Oil 5W-30 - Castrol GTX High Mileage

This is the second product from Castrol on this list, because it is one of the best rated engine oils in general. If your vehicle has more than 75.000 miles, this motor oil will be perfect. The formula is basically a synthetic blend with an unique emission system protection. It helps to reduce leaking thanks to the seal conditioners. The formula prevents the engine from fast wearing and it increases its efficiency. Sludge protection is “a must”, if you use your car pretty often. You can choose between 5W-30 or 5W-20 oil types, so pay attention while ordering this product. The Castrol GTX High Mileage motor oil is available in many sizes: 5 quart, 6 gallon, 24 quarts and in multipacks.

1. Motor Oil 5W-30 - Mobil 1 Extended Performance

The best motor oil in this ranking is Mobil 1’s Extended Performance 5W-30 motor oil. You can guarantee your car the best protection for up to 20,000 miles between oil changes. This engine oil can be used in regular cars, but also in SUVs, trucks and vans. The full synthetic formula extends the engine’s life, it can clean the sludge thanks to the cleaning agents, and deliver great performance in lower temperatures. Outstanding protection will be deliver during every ride. Mobil 1’s motor oil can be used in all types of modern gasoline-powered vehicles. Choose the best motor oil for your car and don’t worry about low or high the temperatures get during every season.