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The 5 best angle grinders

Even though the name of this tool refers only to grinding, an angle grinder can do more than that. Depending on the blade or other attachment you use, it can cut, polish, sharpen, buff or even clean surfaces. An angle grinder is a versatile tool that every DIY-fan should have in the garage. You can use this tool on many different materials such as metals, stone, tile, wood or brick. Using an angle grinder is quite easy, although you need to follow a few safety rules. First of all, you should make sure that you attached the grinder properly and the cable is behind you (otherwise you can cut it by accident). Never use your angle grinder on a wet surface or when it’s raining. You should also take care of your own safety – wear protective gloves and safety glasses to protect your eyes from sparks and tiny fragments of metals or other materials you are working on. Remove your earphones or necklaces, which can easily get caught between the angle grinder. Remember that every angle grinder produces sparks that can cause fire, when they land on inflammable materials like paper, gasoline, oil etc. Make sure that you remove all of these objects from your working area. Your working space should be clean and safe – it will surely increase your work productivity, and you will avoid unwanted accidents. Another important question that must be answered is: how to choose a reliable angle grinder? There are at least three things that you should consider before you buy your new tool. Think about the power source that suits you most. There are corded, cordless and pneumatic angle grinders. If you don’t need your angle grinder in a professional auto repair shop, you should rather consider a standard corded or cordless tool. Another thing is the disc size. Once again – if you don’t need a professional angle grinder for your auto repair shop, there is no need to choose large tools. The most popular disc size is 4-1/2 inch. The last thing is the speed. Read the information about rotations per minute. Smaller angle grinders have between 5,000 and 11,000 rpm. Underneath, you can read our ranking with the 5 best angle grinders.

5. Angle grinder - PORTER-CABLE

The most important features in this case are the multiple handle position options and the integrated spindle lock for fast and simple wretch wheels changes. Both features increase your work comfort. This angle grinder is small and light (its size is popular – 4-1/2 inch). This is a corded angle grinder, which guarantees constant connection with the electricity. You can also work longer because you don’t need to worry about the battery level. This is a basic tool for a reasonable price (about $30). If you are a pro or if you use an angle grinder on a daily basis, you should rather look for something else, but if you are a DIYer only occasionally, this is a good offer for you.

4. Angle grinder - BLACK+DECKER ‎BDEG400

Another great angle grinder, but this time from BLACK+DECKER. You can complete your job without any troubles. Adjust the side handle to keep control over the tool. You can also change the position of the handle, if you need it. This is an electric angle grinder with a 6 AMP motor. The size is 4-1/2 inch, which is standard. This is a really versatile tool for a low price. You can, of course, grind, cut, sharpen or remove rust with this angle grinder. The angle grinder is lightweight, which enables you to work for a long time if needed. If you are a fixer-upper, you will surely find use for this tool.

3. Angle grinder - DEWALT DCG413B

This is a reliable and cordless angle grinder from DEWALT – DCG413B. This is a 4-1/2” angle grinder which is battery powered. You don’t need to worry about cables – you won’t cut them by mistake. However, you should keep in mind to charge your tool enough to be able to work without interruptions. There is a special feature called E-switch protection. It is a useful thing, if an unexpected shutdown occurs. The inner mechanism is protected from dust, small metal or wood fragments, sand etc., which is necessary to lengthen the time of use. The angle grinder is not heavy – it weights only 3.75 pounds.

2. Angle grinder - Bosch 1375

Everyone has heard about Bosch and its reliable products. Bosch has been producing many different tools for years, always with top-notch quality. This is a powerful, corded angle grinder which delivers up to 11,000 RPM. A powerful 6 AMP motor will help you with any task you need to do. The tool weights only 3.75 Lbs, so your arm won’t be tired so quickly. You can push a lock-on side switch, if you need to work continuously. The angle grinder from Bosch has special epoxy-coated field windings that protect the mechanism from dust, metal debris etc. It can extend your angle grinder’s life, which leads to longer use. Many clients say that this product works as described, and it isn’t even expensive (about $60).

1. Angle grinder - Makita 9557PBX1

This is the most powerful and reliable angle grinder on this list. If you want to buy a robust tool, you can trust Makita, because this is a Japanese brand with years of experience. This is a standard-sized (4-1/2”) angle grinder that combines a powerful motor (7.5 AMP) and great RPM range (it delivers up to 11,000 RPM). Durability is without any doubt an accurate word that describes this tool. This tool has a lock-on/off feature, an extra long paddle, and a protective zigzag varnish which extends the tool’s life. The gear housing rotates 90 degrees left and right, so you can easily operate the tool. This is simply one of the best-rated angle grinders that you can find.