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The 5 best aroma diffusers

Aromatherapy supports self-care and wellness, which is very important in our lives. If you feel that you are constantly tired, you want to calm your mind and relax, you should think about buying an aroma diffuser. Even though the device is small, it can give you plenty of benefits. First of all it will help you relax. Essential oils improve your mood and sleep, so you are more focused on your work and other important tasks. If you suffer from often headaches, aromatherapy should also bring you a huge relief. Thanks to diffusing essential oils, you can breathe better, especially if you have problems with seasonal allergies or a cold. Freely breathing not only improves your sleep, but also your smell. Smell is an important sense for us. Diffusing essential oils can help reduce hunger cravings and promote healthy eating habits. You can simply change your diet and reduce the desire to eat snacks between the main meals. The list with all benefits of essential oil is much longer, but as you can see so far – aromatherapy has an influence on your body and mind. There are several methods of diffusing essential oils. The most popular and effective method is to use an aroma diffuser. Ultrasonic diffusers are nowadays red-hot because they don’t heat or burn the water and the essential oils, but they atomize it. This method won’t destroy the natural structure of the oils. Electric diffusers require electricity to heat the oils. You can find many versions of electric diffusers, even with USB ports. Reed diffusers can work without electricity, so you can place it wherever you want. They absorb the oil, which has to reach the end of the reed’s channel. Then the oils are released into the air. There are many possibilities for aromatherapy fans. If you need a diffuser, which is highly effective, looks fancy or elegant, and which doesn’t destroy the structure of essential oil, you should buy an ultrasonic diffuser. If you want to find out, which aroma diffuser is the best, you can read the ranking below.

5. Aroma diffuser - Jack&Rose Marble

This is an ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser, which doesn’t really looks like a diffuser, but more like a decoration. The water tank is quite big because you can pour up to 500 ml (17 fl. oz) water into it, which gives approximately 5-6 hours of diffusing. When the water level is too low, the device shuts off itself. Because the device is ultrasonic, you won’t hear irritating noises of dripping water. The device is quiet, so you can place it in your bedroom or in your child’s bedroom. Don’t forget to clean the aroma diffuser – otherwise the mist outlet will be blocked. You can change the timer settings by pressing the right button. The diffuser can switch off automatically after the amount of time you chose, or it can work continuously until the water level is low.

4. Aroma diffuser - Sierra Modern Home

If you want to add another smart device to your collection, this innovative aroma diffuser is a good idea. This diffuser supports Amazon Alexa voice assistant and Google Home. You can download the dedicated app and connect it with your voice assistant. Then you can change the diffuser’s settings such as the mist settings, colors change etc. This app allows you to create regular schedules, so the device will work automatically. Ultrasonic frequencies atomize the water and the essential oils into the air, without breaking the natural structure of the oils. The design of this diffuser fits into any space, and wood imitation with colorful LED lights makes a good match.

3. Aroma diffuser - VITRUVI Stone

Aromatherapy diffusers can spread wonderful scent all over your home, but they can also look nice in your living room or any other place because of their designs. This Vitruvi stone diffuser can be used in any room – its elegant and simple form with a thin LED-light-stripe presents itself really nicely. The diffuser can work up to 8 hours, so you can sleep through the night and inhale the essential oil mist. When the water level is too low, the device automatically shuts itself off. The scenting capacity in this case is up to 500 sq.-ft., which is enough for a small apartment or large living room.

2. Aroma diffuser - Pure Daily Care Aroma Diffuser

How about a great diffuser with several essential oils? You can get a great aroma diffuser with eight essential oils. Different scents help with different issues. For example, lavender oil is good for relaxation and stress relief, tea tree oil can boost your immunity, and lemongrass is a great mood booster. There are two buttons – the light and mist button, which you can use to change the settings. You have four timer options (1h, 3h, 6h, and continuous mode). Adjust the mist output to your needs – you can set a strong or weak output. The design is natural and simple – wood imitation texture looks great in any room.

1. Aroma diffuser - ASAKUKI

The best aroma diffuser on this list is ASAKUKI’s ultrasonic diffuser. This is an advanced and reliable aroma diffuser with ultrasonic frequencies. This diffuser has a capacious water tank (up to 500 ml), which is also easy to clean. One of the best benefits about this diffuser is the humidifier function. You can both inhale beneficial essential oil and humidify dry air. Improve your sleeping, skin condition, immunity and feel a relief from stress. There are also two levels of quiet ultrasonic mist function – adjust it to your needs, for example when you want to sleep with the aroma diffuser on, you can choose the subtle mode.