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The 5 best blackhead remover vacuums

Blackheads can be really annoying, and they are difficult to defeat. Blackheads are the result of hormonal changes (puberty, pregnancy, or the menstrual cycle). Oil-based products you use (for example creams, cosmetics) can have a bad influence on the quality of your skin. If you have a tendency to squeeze or pick pimples that already exist, you can cause more blackheads. When you scrub and exfoliate your skin too aggressively and too hard, your skin doesn’t have enough time to rebuild its barrier, it becomes dehydrated, and you can damage the capillaries. This is an opportunity for blackheads to appear. If you no longer want to struggle with this problem, you can try to use a blackhead remover vacuum. This small device can help you to get rid of pimples safely. The power suction is mild, so it doesn’t hurt your face. The main goal of a blackhead remover vacuum is to get rid of pores. But not everyone knows that these small vacuums remove also excess oil. Too much sebum can block your follicles, and this is how new blackheads come up. Using a blackhead remover can help you to unclog your follicles under one condition. You need to know how to properly use such a device. You should precisely use a blackhead vacuum, use it at the right angle, and if it has more than one speeds, you should choose the one that isn’t too strong. Otherwise, you can cause for example a skin inflammation. Too powerful blackhead remover vacuum can cause bruising, scabbing, or it can damage blood vessels. Before you use a blackhead removal vacuum, clean your face thoroughly. There are many blackhead removal vacuums on the internet in different prices. A part of them has also different features that can help you to keep your face nice and clean. If you are interested in buying such a device, read our ranking with the 5 best blackhead remover vacuums. Read our ranking below and find out which one is your favorite.

5. Juhe Julieh Blackhead Removal Vacuum

This is a simple blackhead remover with numerous replacement heads. There is a large circular head that you can use on your T-zone. A small circular head is better for gentle areas on your face because of weak suction. There are also two other replacement heads that can be used for skin exfoliation, and for promotion of blood circulation. Clean your face with your favorite face cleanser, and after that use a warm towel. It will help you to prepare your pores for blackheads removal. Another step is to choose the suction head you want to use. Now it is time to use the vacuum. Don’t rush, do it precisely, but you shouldn’t stay in one place for more than 3 seconds. It can leave red or purple spots on your skin. After whole procedure, wash your face one more time and take care of your skin. You can put a frozen mask and apply a moisturizer.

4. MICRODERM GLO Blackhead Remover Vacuum

Microderm Glo is a great tool for keeping your skin in a perfect condition. If you want to have spotless skin, you should a good care of it. This tool can help you out with that. There are many things that this blackhead remover can do. First of all, it removes dead skin cells. Second of all, it unclogs and cleans your pores. It leads to an improvement of your skin condition. You can brighten your skin tone, and give it a natural glow. Your skin can rebuild elastin and collagen. This tool is safe for all skin types. Thanks to the diamond tips, you can precisely get rid of those annoying blackheads. There is a Fine Precision Diamond Safe3D tip, and a Premium Diamond Safe3D tip. There is also a small cleaning brush, and 20 filter replacements.

3. UMICKOO Blackhead Remover Vacuum

This is a multifunctional blackhead remover vacuum. It can not only suck blackheads, but also clean your skin precisely. There are a lot of different replacement heads that you use for numerous purposes. You can use this tool to clean your face. There is a rotating face brush that is super effective when it comes to washing off dust, dirt, and makeup-rests. There are four probes for removing blackheads (small, large, oval, and medium). There are also multiple brushes, including a silicone one, a pumice, and metal tools for professional blackhead removal. This is a complete set for cleaning and taking care of your skin.

2. Chimocee Blackhead Remover Vacuum

Removing blackheads seems to be a short procedure, but in fact you need to wait a bit longer. If you don’t want to see blackheads anymore, you need to wait about 3 weeks. Thanks to the Chimocee’s blackhead remover vacuum, you can effectively get rid of clogged pores. There are five suction probes for different areas on your face. You can adjust the suction power to your needs. Remember to prepare your face for the blackhead removal process. Use steam or a warm towel to open your pores. This device offers three LED modes (red, blue, green) that gives different effects. For example, the green LED balances the skin oils.

1. PMD Microderm Classic Pore Vacuum

The most effective blackhead remover is the pmd Microderm Classic. You can exfoliate your skin – dead skin cells can clog your pores, which leads to having more blackheads. Instead, you can gain glowing and healthy-looking skin. The suction power can energize and boost collagen and elastin. You shouldn’t use the vacuum on the same spot for a long time because it can leave bruises (if your skin is very sensitive), or redness. Read the description of the product before you use it. Don’t forget about preparing your face by using a warm towel or steam.