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Car phone mounts can increase the comfort of driving because you can focus on the road better. Technology surround us all the time, even while we drive. Although smartphones are very useful on a daily basis, they can distract us during important tasks. If you use your car every single day, you probably use the GPS in your phone. Without a car phone holder, it would be difficult to place your phone safely and drive at the same time. Using a phone during driving is illegal, so it is not a good solution either. The best option for you is to buy a phone mount for your car. You can use this item to answer phone calls without holding your phone in your hand. There are also many more possibilities that a simple phone holder gives you. You can also listen to music or charge your phone during each drive. Because there are many types of car mounts, you should consider each’s pros and cons. For example, spring-loaded clamps are the most universal phone holders because they can hold almost any smartphone (both older and newer models). On the other hand, they have bulky cases, which may be a disadvantage for some people. There are also magnetic mounts, which in comparison with spring-loaded clamps are more handy. You can just put your phone on the magnetic plate and use your phone handily. There is also one small disadvantage about magnetic phone holders – you need two magnetic plates to place your phone on the mount – one on the back of your phone (or between back and case), and another one on the mount. If you want to charge your phone wireless, you need to make sure that the magnetic plate from the mount is removed from your phone’s back. If you want to buy a durable and safe car phone mount for your smartphone, you can read our ranking with the five best products in this category.

5. Car Phone Mount - TORRAS

TORRAS’ phone holder can be mounted in three different places in your car: on the dashboard, on the windshield, or on the air vent. This is a spring-loaded clamp-type, so it can hold basically any smartphone, including the bigger ones such as the iPhone 12 Pro Max. This phone mount doesn’t block any side buttons, so you can freely unlock or lock your phone or plug in the charger. You can use this holder even if your smartphone has a thick case – there is no need to remove it. The strong sticky pad protects your phone from falling down during sudden braking.

4. Car Phone Mount - Miracase

If you need a robust car phone mount, you should take a look at Miracase’s product. Every driver requires comfort during each ride to avoid a car accident. This phone holder has a spring-loaded clamp, which doesn’t screen the air vent, so the air can circulate normally. This item is compatible with many smartphone’s models such as the iPhone 11 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy S10 or other brands like LG or Sony. You can use the GPS or listen to music freely, without using your hand to hold the phone while driving. The mount holds your phone tight, so it never falls on the ground while braking. You should notice, that this is an air vent type, so you can only install it on the air vent.

3. Car Phone Mount - VICSEED

Using a phone while driving is much safer, if you can place your phone at different angles and on different heights, so your eyes don’t have to look for the screen for a long time. You can use your smartphone both vertically and horizontally, which depends on your current needs. You can mount the phone holder on the dashboard, windshield or on the air vent. The sticky pad is reusable, so you can wash it in water if required. This car phone mount is compatible with the newest smartphone models like Samsung Galaxy S20 or iPhone 13. It is compatible with 4-7 inch smartphones – even if your mobile phone is smaller, you can use this phone holder from VICSEED. Such an accessory is great for professionals (taxi or truck drivers), but you can easily use it on a daily basis.

2. Car Phone Mount - LISEN

This is a great magnetic phone holder which is compatible with all smartphones or even tablets. You can install the phone mount on the air vent because of the “hook-shaped” construction. This construction protects your device from falling from the air vent. Besides the mount, you also get different-shaped magnetic plates like round and rectangular pads. Because this is a magnetic type mount, all the side buttons and the charging hole are free to use. Happy customers often say that this magnetic phone holder is reliable, even though its size is rather small. It works great with most types of air vents in many cars, and the magnet is strong enough to hold your phone securely and tight.

1. Car Phone Mount - iOttie Easy One Touch 4

iOttie Easy One Touch 4 is a bestseller in this category. This mount has a classic spring-loaded clamp, which holds any smartphone tight at different angles. One touch lock and release mechanisms allow you to mount or remove your mobile phone from the holder within a second. You can adjust the telescopic arm from 5 to 8.3” and 225 degree pivots. This phone holder can be placed on the dashboard or on the windshield thanks to the semi-permanent sticky pad. You can restore the pad under warm water if you want to increase the suction. You can download the iOttie DriveSmarter app, which can help you find your parking spot, if you forgot where you last parked. Phone mounts can be used differently, namely on your desk. It is a comfortable solution because you don’t need to lift up the smartphone to change the song on your playlist or watch a tutorial on YouTube. Drive safer and protect your phone every day!