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The 5 best electric bikes

Electric bikes are becoming more and more popular. The increasing interest of e-bikes encourage big companies to produce more new models with long-lasting batteries. E-bikes are an interesting alternative to regular bikes, if the distance between your home and work is quite far away. Electric bikes have changed over several years because they have become lighter, faster and the battery life is now longer than ever. You can reach even 28 mph, which is a nice result for a bike. Riding an e-bike can be really comfortable, if you need to get somewhere, for example to a supermarket. It takes less time, and it is easier to carry cargo. It is also a nice option if you want to avoid traffic, which is a convenient solution. You don’t need to worry about air pollution because electric bikes are environment-friendly. Some e-bikes use internal combustion engines, which don’t create any emissions to the atmosphere, while the motor is running. There are of course models with built-in batteries, which also are eco-friendly. Sometimes if you use a car, you can have a problem with finding a nice parking spot. It can be challenging, especially in rush hours. An e-bike can be a remedy for this problem, and you can get to areas and places, which would be impossible to reach in a car. Riding an e-bike might also help you with saving some money. The gasoline prices may sometimes shock you, and the number of money you spend on fuel each year can as well. An average American spends about $1,837 a year on gas. You can buy a nice e-bike instead and start saving. You will help both the environment and your pockets. If you are interested in buying an electric bike, you can read the ranking underneath. There is a list with five high-rated e-bikes, that you can easily order online.

5. Swagtron Swagcycle EB-5 E-bike - Electric Bike

This is a great city e-bike, which you can take wherever you want. You can fold the bike and transport it easier in your car trunk or even in a train or subway. The maximum speed of this bike is 15 mph, which is a safe speed when you want to use it in the city. You can still avoid traffic or get to work or school faster. Its compact size allows you to store it in your closet, even if you rent an apartment. This electric bike weighs 37 lbs. A useful feature is without a shade of doubt the cargo rack – it is much easier to carry your bag on the rack instead of in your hand. The Autoguard technology takes care of your safety by effective stopping – you just need to hit the brakes and the Autoguard stops the bike immediately. This small bike is appreciated by many customers.

4. ZPAO ZP1000 Electric bicycle - Electric Bike

If you like adrenaline and adventure, this electric mountain bike can satisfy your needs. There is a 21 Shimano speed transmission, which you can adjust to your current needs. You can choose faster and slower speeds, depending on your expectations. There is a 3.5 inch LCD-display that shows you all the important data such as your current speed, battery level, odometer etc. You can also turn the pedal assist on or off, in accordance to the road conditions. Bumpy roads are not an obstacle for this bike because of great shock absorption. You can easily transport this e-bike because you can fold the frame and make it portable. It takes a few seconds to fold the e-bike. A fully charged battery allows you to ride about 25 to 40 miles, which depends for example on the weather conditions.

3. PASELEC Electric Mountain Bike - Electric Bike

If you like modern solutions and sport, you may like this e-bike. The maximum speed is between 25 and 28 mph, and the maximum range is 40 to 50 miles. You can go for a really long ride, without having to worry about the battery level. You can easily notice that this e-bike was made of robust and reliable materials, so you won’t be disappointed. The price of electric bikes is still high, although you can find really good offers like this one. PASELEC’s eMTB was made for exciting adventures – its large rims can get over obstacles more effective than smaller rims. The grip ability is important when you go on uphill slopes and drive around various terrains.

2. Hurley Hybrid-Bicycle - Electric Bike

An elegant and extremely comfortable city e-bike. If you need an electric bike for daily rides, for example to get to work or to university, you should consider buying this bike. The maximum range is 20 miles, and the top speed is 20 mph. For everyday usage, it should perform pretty well. Thanks to the lockable battery, you can easily remove it and recharge wherever you want. On the left bar there is an LCD-display which lets you customize your rides, control your speed or battery level, so you won’t be surprised if the battery indicator will need a recharge. You don’t need to buy a separate headlamp because it is already mounted. The bright headlamps take care of your safety, when it’s nearly or completely dark.

1. VIVI Electric Mountain Bike - Electric Bike

The best rated electric bike in this ranking is VIVI’s eMTB. The large 27,5-inch wheels are great, if you like challenges such as uneven roads, where you can meet natural obstacles like stones, rocks or wood pieces. You need to charge this e-bike for about 4 to 6 hours to get 24 to 50 miles of maximum range. The maximum range depends on several factors, such as the condition of the road or the weather conditions. You can customize your ride thanks to 21 Shimano speed gears. An LCD display enables you to control your current speed, battery level, mileage, assist level, and other data. You can use this e-bike in the city or off-road, where there are a lot of adventures and challenges waiting for you.