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The 5 best fountain pens

For many people writing became something more than just boring necessity. Writing can become your great hobby, where you can expand your creativity, beautify your handwriting, learn calligraphy, and just enjoy. If you want to start your new adventure with calligraphy or you just want to buy a fancy pen, you should know how to choose a fountain pen. The most important thing is of course the pen nib. There are several types of the pen nib because you can choose different thickness and material. The most common thickness is medium, which is kind of enigmatic word in this case, but it can vary depending on the brand. Medium thickness allows you to create both thicker and thinner letter, while the thin nib is rather picked by those who specifically need or like thin writing. The price of fountain pens is usually defined by the materials that were used. If the price is an important value for you, you should buy a fountain pen with the steel nib. If you can buy more luxury pen, you can choose a fountain pen with the golden nib. Fountain pens can also be lighter or heavier – it is an important feature for a lot of people. Same about the overall size – for those who have small hands, it is usually more comfortable to hold smaller and lighter pen. You can find information about the size and weight on a manufacturer’s website or on online shops. Each fountain pen is different – even though you might have owned a fountain pen before, it doesn’t mean that another one will be the same. Fountain pens adjust to its user hand and pressure of writing, so you need a moment to get used to your new fountain pen. There are a few very popular brands that produce a lot of beautiful fountain pens, so you can find your dream fountain pen. If you prefer more classy designs, there are plenty of option for you. But if your personal taste is more sophisticated or fancy, don’t worry – you can surely buy a unique fountain pen as well. If you want to buy a new fountain pen, below you can find 5 recommendations with the best fountain pens that are available online.

5. Dryden Designs Fountain Pen

The design of the Dryden’s fountain pen is rather classy, however there are some elements that make this product look luxurious. First – the pen nib. This is the medium type of nib with silver and golden elements. It is perfect for taking notes at school or work, but you can also use it for calligraphy. This pen has beautiful metallic black body. This fountain pen is suitable for both right and left-handed writers. You can buy this pen to use on a daily basis, but its elegant form and great quality will make the process of writing even more pleasant. This pen comes with six cartridges, a pouch and ink refill converter. It weights only 6.4 ounces, and it has 6.81 inches of height.

4. Scriveiner 24K Gold Fountain Pen

This unique fountain pen is without a doubt a great option for those who love elegant and fancy design. Its stunning black form was finished with elements made of 24K gold, including the pen nib. If you are looking for a medium thickness, you should be satisfied with this pen. If you also like details, you should easily notice a fretwork on the pen nib. Because of the overall look and small ornaments and engravings, the Scriveiner’s fountain pen feel luxurious and elegant. It is a wonderful idea for a gift for someone you care about. The only one disadvantage is the price, which is naturally higher than in case of usual basic fountain pen. Despite its design, it weights only 5.1 ounces, which may be a huge advantage for some writers. Its height is 6.89 inches.

3. BEILUNER Fountain Pen

Not everyone is looking for a fancy and luxurious fountain pen, yet the high quality is always welcome. BEILUNER’s fountain pen has a simple form, but it has some details that make that pen good-looking, for example the golden nib with ornaments. You can choose between several colors such as classic black, silver, blue, red, and brown. Its special feature is surely the Schmidt ink converter, which can hold approximately 0.85 ml of ink. An average ink converter holds usually 0.5 ml of ink. You can whether choose a medium nib or fine nib.

2. Parker IM Fountain Pen

Are you looking for an elegant and effective fountain pen that will not disappoint you? You should take a look on Parker’s IM fountain pen. First of all, you can choose between medium and fine nib. Second of all, you can pick your favorite color and design option. There are ten various options that can express your personality. There are examples of lacquer, brushed metal, chrome finishes, but you can also buy structured finish in three different colors. If you are practical, you might find it helpful that it is extremely easy to buy Parker’s ink refill.

1. Hongdian Matte Fountain Pen

The best and the most unique fountain pen in this ranking is Hondigan’s matte fountain pen. Its amazing matte finish gives a touch of elegance and minimalism. Everyone who loves simple designs will fall in love with this fountain pen. There is more than the black version, because you can also order this fountain pen in blue, dark blue, dark green, mustard yellow, pink, purple, rainbow, and silver colors. Another advantage is the variety of different nibs – there are bent, extra fine and fine nibs, so you should keep this in mind while ordering. You will surely feel the satisfaction from writing, because this pen is the best tool for daily notes and calligraphy. This pen weighs 31 grams and it is 138 mm long. You can easily buy black and mixed color original ink cartridges for this fountain pen. Everything was toped out with a very reasonable price.