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The 5 best green teas

Millions of people drink green tea every day. Great aroma and delicate flavor are characteristic for this kind of tea. However, there is more than just one kind of green tea. Each sort of green tea has a different flavor, aroma, and even color. Besides that, you should  also pay attention to the brewing time. The worst thing you can do is to pour your green tea powder or loose leaves with boiling water. That is why a lot of people think that green tea tastes bitter. A properly prepared cup of green tea tastes nothing like bitter. Let’s explain what kinds of green tea you can easily get at your local store or online. One of the most popular and beloved green teas all over the world is Japanese sencha. This kind of green tea is quite characteristic because the harvested leaves are not heated up in woks or in the ovens (like Chinese green teas), but they are heated up by steam. That’s why you can feel fresh flavor with notes of tropical fruits, sea and umami. The best temperature to brew the sencha leaves is at 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Another highly beloved green tea, which is commonly used in many desserts, is matcha. Matcha has plenty of benefits because it is a strong antioxidant. If you drink matcha, you can avoid many serious diseases like atheromatosis. You should brew this type of tea at 175 degrees Fahrenheit – the preparation of matcha differs from brewing other green teas. The consistency of this tea is powdery, that’s why you have to whisk it in a special bowl until it’s foamy. The flavor of matcha is strong and sharp. If you are looking for a more mellow vibe, you should taste jasmine green tea. This is a great choice for anyone who likes floral notes and light and smooth flavors. Brew this tea at 175 degrees Fahrenheit to achieve the best aromas. Gunpowder tea is quite specific and original. It is a small, glossy pellet which looks like gunpowder. The leaves are rolled tightly, but during the brewing process they unroll and release great flavor. If you like smoky, oaky and strong flavors, this is a tea just for you. Pour the leaves in 158-176 degrees Fahrenheit. You can read the ranking below, if you want to find out, which green teas are worth buying.

5. Green tea - Twinings of London Loose Gunpowder

This is a full-bodied gunpowder tea, which you can easily prepare at home. You know when the tea is ready to drink, if the color is golden (that means that the tea was prepared properly). The flavor of this tea is strong and smokey, so you should prepare your taste buds for this, if you have never tasted this kind of tea before. There are 100 g of loose tea, closed in a nice can. The origin of the gunpowder tea reaches 7th century China. At this time, the leaves were hand-rolled, which spoke of the highest quality. Nowadays, thanks to advanced modern technology, the leaves are rolled by machines, which makes the pellets perfectly round and shiny.

4. Green tea - Jade Leaf Organic Matcha

This is an organic, precisely selected matcha, which comes from Uji & Kagoshima in Japan. This matcha tea from Jade Leaf guarantees a deep, rich flavor mixed with refreshing notes. You can brew the matcha tea at 170 degrees Fahrenheit to prepare a traditional hot matcha tea. However, more and more bakeries, coffee shops or home bakers use matcha to make delicious desserts and drinks that are based on matcha. You can prepare coldbrew matcha with ice. You can add your favorite milk and additionally some sort of sweeteners to make a matcha latte. You can also add the matcha powder to your cake or other dessert.

3. Green tea - Pique Tea Organic

If you want to taste different kinds of green teas, this is a great option for you. There are three kinds of green tea –jasmine green tea, sencha and mint green tea. All of these teas are organic, without any preservatives, additives, or toxins. One special thing about those three teas is their consistency. Tea crystals are easy and quick to prepare, you can make both hot and cold tea. The crystals will dissolve either way. Jasmine tea supports your immune system and sustains your energy. Sencha tea is a great support for your weight management, and the mint tea increases satiety and provides calm energy. This is a great way to start your day.

2. Green tea - Harney & Sons Japanese Sencha

This is a classic Japanese sencha green tea in tea bags, which allows you to prepare your morning tea faster than with loose leaves. One box contains 50 tea bags filled with original Japanese sencha tea. Before you pour over the tea bag, wait a few minutes – the water should have 170-165 degrees Fahrenheit. Otherwise, you can burn the leaves and in result you will get a bitter flavor. The color of this tea looks very nice, and the aromas are even better. The flavor itself is light and soft, which makes it so beloved by many tea drinkers.

1. Green tea - Taylors of Harrogate Green Tea with Jasmine

It is difficult to say which green tea is the best because everyone likes different things, but one thing you can say about jasmine green tea is that its flavor is unique. Many people around the world drink this kind of green tea every day because of the mellow and light flavor with a pinch of floral notes. This is the perfect kind of tea for anyone. If you are not the biggest fan of strong flavored green teas like gunpowder tea, jasmine green tea should meet your expectations. Remember to brew this delicate green tea at around 175 degrees Fahrenheit to enjoy the finest cup of tea.