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The 5 best LED lights

Even though we use LED lights at home every day, we usually don’t pay attention to them. The LED bulbs have a lot of purposes, not only inside the buildings, but also outside, e.g., outdoor lights in your garden. Why are LED lights so popular nowadays? The main reason is that they don’t consume as much energy as incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs. Less energy consumption doesn’t mean less intensive brightness. Quite the opposite. LED bulbs emit as much brightness as standard light bulbs. What are other advantages of LED lights? They are also known for a long lifetime, which is from 15,000 hours to even 50,000 hours. This is a great result in comparison to other light sources. LED lights have an excellent thermal efficiency, even if you use them for several hours without any break. They are not hot, and they don’t cause fire or dark spots on the ceiling. In case of traditional light bulbs, you can easily burn your hand, if you touch them while changing them. The best LED lights also give you plenty of possibilities when it comes to choosing the color temperature. You can choose both warm and cold shades of white, but there are also many multicolor LED light bulbs. This might be a good idea for your child’s room. The color temperature is a significant aspect in interior designs. The light can change the whole look of an interior because it affects for example walls color. You can also use warm or cold color temperature to create different effects on the wall – the white color of the walls is perfect for this. LED lights are also eco-friendly. Because they can work much longer than usual light bulbs, you don’t throw them out so often. Besides that, they consume less energy. Do you need to buy a new pack of LED light bulbs? Read our ranking if you want to find out, what LED lights are the best. Each of the 5 options are available on Amazon.

5. Osram LED Lamp/E27 Base LED Light Bulb

Osram is a popular manufacturer of light sources, including LED lights. This type of LED light bulb has a low energy consumption – only 10 kWh/1000h at 806 lumens. Depending on use, this light bulb can work up to 15,000 hours, which gives you around 100,000 switching cycles. If you want to replace your old standard light bulb, this is a great opportunity – you will take care of the environment, and you will get a safer option. This particular model of the light bulb offers a warm white light, which is a popular choice of many customers. It is great for indoors, for example for a living room. You don’t need to wait for this LED light to warm up because it works at full power right after you switched on the light.

4. KOR LED Light Bulbs

If you are looking for more color temperature variants, the KOR LED lights are a good choice. There are three light colors: cool white, bright white, and warm white. This is a universal LED light bulb with an E26 base and A19 shape. You can be surprised, how good and bright these LED bulbs burn, even though they have the energy efficiency at 15W (standard incandescent lights have usually 100W). Despite such a low energy use, they produce 1500 lumens. You can be sure that such a light bulb will light the whole room. These LED lights are also flicker-free, which means that the light intensity will not change.

3. Philips LED Dimmable Warm Glow Effect A19 LED Lights

If you work at home until late night hours, you must take care of your eyes. You should choose such a color temperature of the light bulbs that will be comfortable for your eyes. These Philips LED Dimmable LED lights give you such an opportunity. What does the ‘dimmable’ effect mean? It means that you can change the intensity of the light. Warm Glow light is cozy, and it is perfect for everyday use. You can dim the light between 2200 and 2700 Kelvin, and create the warm and soft space around you. These LED bulbs provide 800 Lumens, and they have a standard medium base E26, and A19 shape. Each light bulb of this 4-pack has a lifetime of 15,000 hours.

2. Amazon Basics A19 LED Light Bulbs

If you want to buy not only energy efficient light bulbs, but also save some bucks, you should take a look at the Amazon Basics LED Light Bulbs. This is a 6-pack, which is why it simply pays off to buy it. These light bulbs have only 10.5 watts, and the life expectancy of 15,000 hours. Their soft white color temperature (2700K) is perfect for any room, if you want to create a cozy space. Keep that in mind before you buy it. They provide 800 lumens, which is enough to light a room. Warm light is comfortable for eyes, so they won’t get tired in the evening, even though you read a book or work. You don’t need to spend a lot of money for an eco-friendly equivalent of standard 60W or 100W light bulbs.

1. SYLVANIA LED Light Bulbs

The best LED lights on this list are LED light bulbs from SYLVANIA. This 4-pack includes 8.5W LED lights that provide 800 Lumens. The color temperature of these light bulbs is bright white (3500K), which is a good choice if you work at home, or if you don’t like warm shades of white. Thanks to these LED lights, you can save up to 85% on your energy bill. SYLVANIAs LED lights are the best replacement of your old incandescent light bulbs that put down a lot of energy, and they can be dangerous for your safety. LED lights are not only eco-friendly, non-toxic, and mercury and lead free. You can also recycle them in a local e-waste recycling center. Certain stores such as IKEA or Home Depot offer boxes for light bulb recycling. Choose the best LED lights for your home and save energy.