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The 5 best pregnancy pillows

Expecting a child is without a doubt a special moment in your entire life. This exceptional period carries a lot of great experiences, but you also need to face certain problems. One of them is finding the best sleeping position. It may be difficult, especially in the second and third trimesters. For an obvious reason you cannot sleep on your belly – laying on a large kicking ball wouldn’t relax you during night. If you are used to sleep on your back, you should know that this position is off the table too. Sleeping on your back can block a vein that carries blood to your child. The only acceptable option for you is side sleeping. However, you should be aware of a few things. Growing belly increases pressure mainly on your hips and back. In this case a pregnancy pillow may be helpful, and it may bring you a relief. There are several types of pregnancy pillows on the market. The C-shaped and the U-shaped pillow are the most popular because they are quite universal and their support your belly, hips and they give a relief to your back. Both give you a lot of benefits such as to unburden your hips by laying your leg on the longer fragment of the pillow, while the other leg lays under it. There are also pillows that supports your belly, which also can relieve back tension, nerve pain and leg numbness. Either C-shaped or U-shaped pillows take up a lot of space on your bed, so you should keep that in mind, if you are currently looking for a new pillow. Your physical and psychical comfort is the most important, so choose the most suitable pregnancy pillow for your needs. Bear in mind that pregnancy pillows are made of different materials, so consider this aspect in advance. If you like to stay warm, you can choose e.g., a cotton pillow. If you want to stay cool, particularly in the summer, buy for example a bamboo or polyester pillow. Decent quality pillows are thick, and they avoid leg swelling. If you are interested in purchasing a pregnancy pillow, you can check out our ranking with the 5 best pregnancy pillows.

5. Chilling Home Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

This is a U-shaped pillow, which will help you to get some good rest and sleep during your pregnancy. This pillow is hypoallergic and it was made of cotton, which is not toxic, and it allows the air to flow freely. It is perfect solution for your sore legs, especially if they tend to swell. You can use it to sleep on side, but also as a back support, when you want to lay down and watch TV or read a book. Even though it is called “pregnancy pillow”, you can use it after your child’s birth. Such a U-shaped pillow can help you while you are feeding your baby. This can be a comfortable way to go through breastfeeding. This pillow won’t take a lot of space in your closet, because you can compress it

4. Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pregnancy Pillow

Simple solution usually brings plenty of benefits. This is a C-shaped pillow, which unburden your hips and back. You can sleep more natural, and you wake up well-rested and full of energy. It is difficult to find the best sleeping position during your pregnancy, so investing in such a pillow may give you a huge relief. The Leachco’s pillow is thick, firm, and solid – it won’t be flat after one night. There are four available colors of this pillow: white, grey, pink, and brown. You can lay down on your bed and put the pillow between your knees to get rid of pelvis pain, which must carry quite a weight. It is also a great lower back support. You can wash the cover in your washing machine to keep it fresh and clean.

3. PharMeDoc The C-Shaped Pillow for Pregnant Women

PharMedDoc’s pillow is one of the best total body pillows for pregnant women. Pregnancy doesn’t have to associate with continuous lower back and pelvis pain and swollen legs. If you want to sleep better and lay down more comfortable, you should buy a full body pregnancy pillow like this one. It supports most of all your back, belly, hips, but it is also a great relief for you sore legs. Use this pillow to sit upright, for example when you work, watch your favorite series, or read. This is a durable pillow with increased density, which was covered by soft material that you can wash.

2. hiccapop Pregnancy Pillow

If you are looking for a perfect support for your pregnancy belly, you should take a closer look on the hiccapop’s pillow. This is a soft pillow with CertiPUR-US memory foam on one side, and with firmer foam on the other side. There is also a removable plush Velboa cover, which you can wash in your washing machine. This pillow relieves swelling in legs, feet and hands, back tension, nerve pain and leg numbness. All those advantages are closed in a compact form that you can easily transport thanks to portable travel bag. You can use it to sleep or to relax on your couch or armchair. This is also an excellent product to use in travel, when the overall conditions are unfavorable for pregnant women.

1. QUEEN ROSE Cooling Air Flow Pregnancy Pillow

Everyone who is looking for a relief, especially in the summer, you should read more about QUEEN ROSE’s pillow. This pregnancy pillow was made of three different layers that take care of breathability and your comfort. Wrinkles free layer is mostly focused on durability and breathability of the pillow, the sweat absorb layer provides air circulation, and the bamboo layer brings a nice cool feeling while you are sleeping. The detachable part of the pillow is a smart solution, especially if you want to use it on an armchair or a couch, or in travel. Improve your blood circulation, get rid of legs swelling and back pain and use this pillow everyday.