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The 5 best scientific calculators

A scientific calculator is a useful tool if you study in a high school or at the university. Scientific calculators were designed to help solve math problems such as logarithms, trigonometry etc. Not only students use scientific calculators. The price of such a calculator is higher than the price of a regular standard calculator, but if you do your research, you will find a professional calculator for less than $20 or $15. You shouldn’t buy the cheapest available calculator on the market though because you need a reliable tool which will always give you the correct answers. There are several trustworthy brands that have been producing scientific calculators for years. You will find the list with the best scientific calculator below. In fact, there are many calculators with interesting features that are smart and useful. For example, there are scientific calculators with small notepads on the side. You can use it to write down results in order not to forget them. You don’t need to bring a piece of paper and a pen to note something down for later. Scientific calculators are naturally bigger than standard calculators, but that doesn’t mean that they are huge. They can fit into your backpack pockets or into your handbag. They are slim and they have a simple form. Many models divide the buttons into different zones. Different sections have different colors so that it’s more intuitive to find the button you need. Modern scientific calculator generate QR codes with the calculation result, which you can convert and send to your mobile phone or a tablet. This is a benign feature for all students, engineers, and scientists who work with complicated numbers and equations. If you want to buy a high-quality tool, you can read our ranking with the 5 best scientific calculators that are available online.

5. Scientific Calculator - Texas Instruments TI-34 MultiView

Texas Instruments is one of the most recognizable brands, which produces calculators. This is not the most advanced scientific calculator that you can find, but it has enough features for intermediate users. This calculator can be used for example in secondary schools and high schools because it has all the most important functions. You can use it for solving algebra or geometry problems, but there are also other possibilities. The buttons are made of different colors – white buttons with dark blue numbers, dark blue buttons with white basic signs, and light blue buttons with white signs for more complicated equations. You can edit, cut or paste entries on this calculator, and you can enter more than just one calculation. The screen is big enough to see everything clear on it.

4. Scientific Calculator - IPepul

This is an interesting scientific calculator because of its notepad. The screen of the notepad is 5.2 inches big, which is enough to take quick notes. A magnet stylus has a special tip which allows you to write on the writing area. There is also a reset button, which you can use to erase your current notes. The calculator is divided into two zones – one with numbers and basic signs, and another with the science buttons. You can fold the calculator and place it in your backpack pocket. It looks elegant and slim, which is another advantage. The buttons and the notepad will last in a good condition for a long time because they won’t be scratched, or get dirty in your bag. You can also easily replace the battery button.

3. Scientific Calculator - Texas Instruments TI-30XIIS

If you need a scientific calculator with a two-line screen and plenty of mathematical functions, this is a product for you. You can use it to solve general math problems, but you can also use it for more advanced calculations. You can solve geometry, algebra, statistics and other problems, and the result will always be correct. You can also easily find the right button thanks to the different color signs. For example, the main part is white with dark blue numbers, and the scientific buttons have the opposite colors. The form is simple and not too big, so it always fit a pocket in your school bag.

2. Scientific Calculator - Sharp Calculators EL-W535TGBBL

Do you need a reliable and trustworthy scientific calculator? You can trust in Sharp and its technology. This is a battery and solar-powered calculator with 422 functions. It was designed for students who are studying chemistry, engineering, math, statistics, biology etc. The four-line display allows you to read complicated calculations easily – they look exactly how you would write them in your notebook. Equation editing and playback are useful, if you typed a wrong character, or you changed your idea. You can store functions in the definable memory – press a predefined key, and it’s done. This device it’s totally worth every cent you spend on it because the quality is simply top-notch.

1. Scientific Calculator - Casio FX-991EX

Casio is the world leader in this field, not without a reason. They sell thousands of calculators because every single one of them is reliable, gives precise and correct answers, is made of high-quality materials, and it can solve any math problem. Casio FX-991EX is a popular model, which many clients appreciate. The high-resolution LCD screen can show more information and perform faster. This calculator is especially recommended for courses such as algebra, trigonometry, chemistry, physics, engineering, calculus and general math. You can type what you need and then convert the calculation result into a QR code or a table. If you convert it into a QR code, you can easily scan it on your mobile phone (or other device with QR code scanner). You can later modify it on your device and use it however and whenever you want.