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The 5 best steam generator irons

Ironing a pile of clothes can be tiresome, especially if it isn’t your favorite task. A lot of irons are quite heavy, because the water in the tank weights down your arm. Sometimes you need to refill the water tank quite often in order to properly steam your clothes. The larger the water tank is, the more clothes you can steam. Besides that, an usual compact iron are not powerful enough to flatten thicker fabrics. Steam is very efficient when it comes to ironing any kind of fabric. If you don’t want to struggle with stubborn irons, maybe you should invest in steam generator iron. This is a game changer in your daily duties – ironing can be fast and easy. If you need a powerful iron that will flatten any wrinkle on your shirt, a steam generator iron will be perfect. However, because there is a separate water tank, it takes more place than usual steam iron. It is also heavier, so you also need to buy a stable ironing board with special holder for the steam generator. But besides that, there are more profits that you can get thanks to a steam generator iron. A steam generator iron is great, if you have a laundry room, because you don’t need to fold and unfold the ironing board all the time. You can put the generator on the ironing board and use it whenever it is necessary. You can steam various fabrics, including wool, wool blend, and synthetic wool-fabrics. Other delicate fabrics like silk or cashmere can also be steamed with a steam generator iron. But there are certain fabrics that cannot be steamed or ironed because you can melt them. These are for example suede, wax, or plastic fabrics. Besides that, you can use your steam generator freely. What steam generator irons are worth to try? There are a lot of brands and models that are really high rated, so if you are interested, which ones are the best, you can read our ranking with top 5 steam generator irons.

5. KOTLIE Steam Iron Generator

This is a powerful 1600 W steam generator, which can be used both horizontally and vertically. There are three-speed constant temperature ironing, which can be adjusted to the particular fabric. Ceramic heating plate delivers stable steam output, without water leakage. It is safe for more delicate fabrics, so you can steam your curtains. The device heats up in only 30 seconds and you can start ironing. The head can rotate, and you can use it as needed. Cleaning this steam generator is super easy thanks to the self-cleaning mode, which reduces the residue. It requires a container because water can drop on the floor. The capacity of the water tank is quite big because it contains 1 liter water. You can use it not only on your clothes, but also on your coach or even on cushions.

4. Laurastar Lift Plus Steam Iron Generator

If you like stylish and retro devices, the Laurastar steam generator can meet your expectations. The light blue color looks very pretty, but if you like more intense shades, there are also other color variants. This is portable steam generator with comfortable handle – you can easily transport it and store in your wardrobe or garderobe. Steam is highly hygienic method, if you want to wear sterile clothes or need to refresh bed sheets. You can remove the 1 l water tank if you want to refill it. This is a powerful combination od ironing and steaming – you will surely get rid of all wrinkles on any fabric. This is premium steam generator that will surely do its job.

3. Rowenta DG5030 Steam Iron Generator

If you need a steam generator with large water tank that will allow you to iron a lot of clothes at once, this device from Rowenta should have enough water tank capacity. The 1.2 l water tank can be easily refilled. One refill gives you 90 minutes of uninterrupted steaming. Important indicators and controls are placed on the station, so you can reach them whenever you need to. This device generates 4 bars of steam pressure, which is enough to iron thick fabrics. Powerful steam shot of 120g/min can make ironing thick clothes even more easy.

2. Panasonic NI-WL600 Steam Iron Generator

This is quite different steam iron with station because the water tank is built in. That means that you still have a 140 ml water tank. This is a good alternative for someone who doesn’t iron much, or you don’t have a lot of space in your closet. The heating plate is different than usually because it is double pointed. That means that you can effortlessly iron your shirt. There are three steam settings and steam / spray buttons. Detachable water tank is great for quick refilling with water and thanks to heat-resistant carrying case you can always transport and store the iron, even if it is still hot. This generator is also cordless, so you can use it vertically, horizontally, without any boundaries.

1. Rowenta DG8624U1 Perfect Steam Pro Station

The best steam generator iron on this list is Rowenta DG8624U1. This is a great and powerful steam generator, which is durable and light. It generates 7.4 bars of steam pressure – even the most stubborn wrinkles will be defeated. Long steaming session is now possible because of large water tank. You can iron on the ironing board, but you can also use it vertically and refresh your coat or dress that hangs in your closet. The control panel is located behind the unit, so it is easy to reach them. 1800 watts of power and maximal steam output up to 430 g/min can precisely flatten any wrinkled shirt, skirt, or dress. Your steam generator is also protected by calc collector which helps maintain a high steam performance.