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The 5 best swimming goggles

Whether you are a swimmer, or you are going to start your swimming adventure, you need to buy a few things first – swimsuit, swim cap and swim goggles. Choosing comfortable swimming googles is important, because you are going to spend many hours in swimming pool. Right now, there are so many brands and different types of swimming goggles that it might be difficult to pick the best product. If you need swimming goggles, you should first think about their purpose. There are swimming goggles for indoor and outdoor swimming pools and for open water swimming. Even though there are different swim goggles on the market, there are several features that you should consider before purchasing swimming goggles. Swim goggles can be produced from silicone, rubber, plastic and sometimes foam. Silicone, although more expensive than rubber, has many advantages. First of all, this is a hypoallergenic and really durable material. It is resistant to constant sun and chlorine exposure, which means that the color of strips or other silicone parts won’t fade. Another important thing is the visibility under water. Good swimming goggles should deliver clear visibility. There are many colors of lenses that can be used in different conditions. If you want to reduce brightness and light transmission you should choose mirrored or smoke lenses. Lilac lenses increase contrast on green or blue background, which can be helpful whether for indoor or outdoor swimming. Goggle straps and gasket seals should fit your face and head. If you train regularly, the comfort of use is super important. You cannot feel any discomfort in eyes and nose areas. You should blink freely, and your eyelashes shouldn’t touch the lenses, because it may be annoying. Chlorine water is not welcome inside lenses, so the gasket seals should protect your eyes from letting the water in. Are you considering buying a new pair of swim goggles? Underneath you can read our ranking of the 5 best swimming goggles that you can easily order online.

5. Arena Python Swim Goggles

Arena is a quite popular brand in the world of swimming goggles. Arena Python can be used by women and men, because the shape is universal, and you can always fit the right size of the goggle strap. This model is available in many different colors of both straps and lenses. If you want to buy swimming goggles for indoor and outdoor use, you can choose the blue lenses. The blue color protects your eyes from glare in bright conditions. If you are going to use your swim goggles only outdoors, the smoke or greyish color is recommended, because it reduces light transmission and the overall brightness. Mirrored lenses are also great for outdoor swimming. Clear lenses are rather used in indoor swimming pool, where the amount of light is low, but the maximum visibility is required.

4. Aegend Swim Goggles

These swim goggles don’t cost much, and they offer quite a lot. Besides the low price, there are plenty of available colors of lenses and straps. You can find the best lens color for your needs. This product was made of silicone, which is why it should be comfortable while swimming. You can swim for a long time and the lenses will still deliver clear visibility. Fogging-preventing coating increases effectiveness and overall use of Aegend’s swim goggles. You should rinse the lenses inside and don’t wipe it, if you want to see under the water. A lot of swimmers recommend this product because of its great quality and very reasonable price.

3. Focevi Swimming Goggles

Focevi’s swimming goggles are great for those who have high expectations. There are a few color options for different conditions. Electroplating coating protects are resistant to scratches and it looks very nice. The lenses are polarized and UV-proof, which makes them great for outdoor swimming. The straps were made of silicone, which is safe for anyone who is allergic to latex rubber. It naturally increases the comfort of use too. Besides that, the lenses have anti-fog coating, but you shouldn’t wipe them. Use an anti-fog spray instead. High suction power doesn’t let the water in, which is important if your eyes are highly sensitive to chlorine water.

2. MP Michael Phelps XCEED Swimming Goggles

If you are looking for an excellent quality and reliability, the XCEED swimming goggles are for you. Even though there are several options to choose from, all the types that are available were made of the same high-quality materials. Silicone strap doesn’t irritate your skin thanks to its hypoallergenic features, and it is resistant to chlorine and sunrays. The lenses in these goggles were made of polycarbonate which is resistant to scratches and fog. Goggles were produces in Italy, so you can expect really good quality. MP XCEED occurs also in a few color variants.

1. Speedo Swim Goggles Speed Socket 2.0

Speedo’s swim goggles have smart design that makes every training even better experience. High nose-bridge is universal for swimmers because it can easier fit to your nose. Low profile design helps with better performance, especially under trainings and competitions. Lenses in this model are hydroscopic curved and anti-fog – it delivers wide and clear visibility. Goggle’s strap and seals were made of silicone. You can avoid allergic reactions and the suction power is strong enough not to let the water inside the goggles. As always – the various choice of colors is wide. Choose the appropriate lens color according to the swimming purpose and conditions. The price is probably not the lowest, but Speedo is a trustworthy brand that produces high quality products.