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The 5 best wallets for men

Men’s wallets are one of the most practical things that they use every day. Classic leather wallets are always trendy, because it is an elegant and very robust material that you can use for many years. However, times change, and you can find more great wallets made of different materials. The leather goods industry has moved with the times and now offers a lot of great types of wallets such as bifold wallets, which provide easy access to your credit cards. Credit cards replaced in large part traditional cash, because it is a simple, comfortable, and quick way to pay for our shopping. Unfortunately, credit cards that you store in your wallet may become an easy target for a thief, who can steal your money by using a credit card scanner. Don’t worry too soon – there are a lot of specialty wallets that protect your money by using special coat that protects your cards from using a RDIF scanner. Electromagnetic fields allow to read and transfer data at a distance of even several centimeters to even a few meters. Card holder wallets are handy and minimalistic, that is why their popularity grows rapidly. Those who only use credit cards may find this design perfect for their needs. Your wallet doesn’t only store your documents, credit cards and cash. It also shows your taste, character, and style. Nowadays there are more than only brown and black colors. Wide variety of colors gives you a lot of possibilities to express your style. You can choose between thousands of wallets on the internet. Even though a wallet on the picture looks nice, it doesn’t mean that its quality is the best. Don’t be taken in nice graphics – always look for other information about the brand, used materials and special features. If you are going to pay a great amount of money for your wallet, you should read all the information – an old saying “better safe than sorry” reminds us to stay far-sighted and choose wisely. If you need some help with choosing your new wallet, underneath you can find our ranking with the 5 best men’s wallets.

5. Fossil Men’s Leather Trifold Wallet

If you like classic and minimalistic designs, you should like the Fossil’s trifold wallet. It has plenty of pockets for your ID, credit, ATM cards and cash. You can easily organize the inside of your wallet thanks to the trifold construction. This wallet protects cards with RFID chips and prevents thefts by scanning of the chips while the card is inside your wallet, even in your jeans or coat pocket. 100% genuine leather guarantees great quality. Inside the wallet there are two ID windows for easy access to your personal ID and e.g., driving license. It is also thin and light, packed in nice metal etui. It will perfectly fit into your pockets.

4. Timberland Men's Leather Wallet

The Timberland’s wallet was designed for any man who wants to comfortably store all the most important documents and credit cards in one place. There are three color versions of this wallet model and each of them was made of leather. Bifold trifold wallet is practical, because you can precisely grab this card, that you need. Card holder inside the wallet organizes well all cards that you have, and there is also a separate large horizontal pocket for cash that has two different sections. Besides that, your cards are protected by RFID blocking, so your cards can now be secure. You can avoid unauthorized scans and you won’t lose your money. Soft and smooth leather looks elegant and neat.

3. Bellroy Hide & Seek Wallet

Men who don’t like thick and heavy wallets might appreciate the Bellroy’s wallet. This slim leather wallet can hold up to 12 cards, bills and coins. It doesn’t take much space in your pants’ pocket, so you can take it with you anywhere you need. You can easily access your ID or credit card at a store, without struggle with taking out and putting back the card after payment. There are several colors to choose from: elegant black, caramel, navy, java, marine blue. All these versions are supported by RFID blocking – this is highly important, if you use public transport everyday. You can become a theft victim by an inattention if your wallet doesn’t have RFID blocking.

2. Tommy Hilfiger Men's Bifold Wallet

Minimalism or simplicity equals very often functionalism. This men’s wallet from Tommy Hilfiger will surely meet your expectations because your will find their place for every important document and card that you need. 100% leather is resistant to different and difficult conditions. That is why you can use it for a long time. There are enough card slots for the most important and used credit and debit cards, ID windows and separate pocket for cash. All your cards with RFID chips are also protected from thefts. Easy access, elegant design and great value describe this wallet the best.

1. House of Jack Co. DEER Bifold Wallet For Men

If you can’t come up with an idea for a gift for someone special, or you would like to buy a unique wallet for yourself, the HOJ’s bifold wallet with an image of a deer is the best choice. You will not only show your character and style, but you will be able to admire this wonderful leather wallet for many years. There are plenty of card clots, double ID windows and long pocket for cash that allow you to put everything that you need on a daily basis into one wallet. The remarkable quality is without a doubt eye-catching right away after unboxing it. Smooth leather feels rich, even though the price of this product is low for such a good wallet. If you want to save some buck, but at the same time you want to purchase a reliable and robust wallet, there is probably no better option for you.