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The 5 best wet cat foods

Choosing the correct wet cat food is essential for your cat’s life. Cats usually don’t drink a lot of water, so the wet canned food is a great source of water and plenty of important vitamins and minerals. The most important thing about choosing the right cat food is to read the list of ingredients. On the beginning of the ingredient list, you should see water and meat (or several meats). After that, it is possible that you will see eggs (egg yolk is a superfood for cats because it provides plenty of benefits. It is a source of animal proteins, amino acids, taurine, iron, vitamins A, D, E and B12 and other highly important nutrients). Make sure that the wet canned food is free from carbohydrate fillers such as wheat gluten, grain or melamine. According to AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) meat by-products should not be added to any cat food because it isn’t clear what kind of meat it is. Meat leftovers can destroy the natural enzymes and proteins that are essential for the good health of your pet. Chemical preservatives like BHT, BHA or Ethoxyquin are not welcome either – those substances can cause kidney and liver damage, and Ethoxyquin is illegal to use even in human foods. Become an aware cat owner and buy only natural wet foods, which don’t contain dangerous substances. You shouldn’t buy only the same kind of wet cat food because otherwise your cat will get bored of the food and will stop eating it, or your cat can get addicted to the food. Try to choose different flavors or different brands of cat food – the variety helps to keep your cat’s health in a good condition. There are plenty of good and trustworthy brands that produce high-quality cat foods in different forms (paté, cuts etc.). You can find many wet cat foods in reasonable prices on the internet. If you are looking for a good and healthy wet cat food, you can read our ranking below. We have chosen five wet cat foods in different flavors which you can serve your cat.

5. Wet cat food - Blue Basics Limited Ingredient Diet

If you don’t want to buy wet canned food which contains wheat gluten or grain, this might be a good product for you. There are three flavors (duck, turkey, fish) and each of them is based on meat in the first place. Besides that, you will find plenty of good and necessary vitamins which keep your cat’s health in a good shape here. Duck’s or turkey’s meat is a great source of proteins, but it also helps your pet with digestion. Sometimes beef and chicken can cause adverse food reactions, if a cat has some sort of food sensitivity. Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids are responsible for keeping your cat’s coat and skin healthy and beautiful.

4. Wet cat food - Tiki Cat Aloha Friends

Tiki Cat is a popular brand among cat foods, mostly because of multiple choice of flavors and, what is more important, good ingredients. If you buy wet canned food, you will be able to choose not only from several flavors, but also from a few forms (grilled, baked, finely minced, shredded meat etc.). Aloha Friends is a great line of cat food because the base is always high-protein meat or fish. There is no added grain, wheat gluten or even potatoes. Instead of potatoes you can find here fiber-rich pumpkin which is a source of gentle fibers, vitamin A and C. Canned food is also another way to provide the optimal hydration. The Tiki Cat’s canned food is moist, so your cat will be full, happy, and well hydrated. You can buy a variety pack with different flavors of cat food, so your cat won’t be bored of the same flavor.

3. Nulo Freestyle Wet Cat Food

Every cat needs animal-proteins to be healthy and happy. Nulo Freestale is a combination of meat or fish which is a protein booster, vitamins, minerals, and of course moisture. It is important to feed your cat with wet food, especially if your pet doesn’t drink a lot of water. This is one of the purest cat foods that you can buy – no grain, wheat gluten, tapioca starch, potatoes or any meat byproducts added. There are quite a few flavors to choose from, for example chicken and salmon, yellowfin, tuna and shrimp, chicken and mackerel etc. Each variant is in a broth, so you can be sure that you will provide the optimal ration of moisture to your cat’s diet.

2. Wet cat food - Wellness

You should buy cat food with only good and healthy ingredients. Wellness is a brand that takes care of your little four-legged friend. There are many flavors and forms of canned food, which is a great source of proteins, vitamins, and moisture. If your cat is a fan of seafood, you can buy chicken and lobster flavor. Does your cat prefer white meat? Turkey or chicken-based food will be perfect. There are also fish variants such as salmon or herring. This wet cat food also contains omega fatty acids, antioxidants from carrots to support the immune system, and cranberries which are a great protection for the urinary system. The vitamin boost will keep your cat in a good shape, and varied flavors will make your kitty curious and hungry.

1. Wet cat food - Reveal

The number one wet cat food on this list is Reveal’s cat food. The ingredient list as simple as it was in the case of Nulo Freestyle, but the flavor choice here is much wider. There are wet foods with white meat such as chicken and turkey, fish, seafood such as crab – all of these in different combinations. You can order a variety pack and serve your cat different flavored meals. You will notice that your pet is more interested in its food, and cats with low appetite will eat more. This cat food is also good for cats that love fish because there is more than just one fish option. The most important thing though is that there are no chemicals or wheat added. The formula is safe for your pet – it provides balanced ingredients and moisture. Your cat will be looking forward to its meal time!