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The 5 best wiper blades

If you have a car, you probably know how important it is to always buy a reliable and robust pair of wiper blades. This item, although quite small, impacts the visibility during bad weather heavily. Low quality wiper blades may break quickly and they usually don’t wipe off all the rain on the windshield. Your safety is on the line, so you should replace this item regularly if you want to avoid an accident. Fortunately, there are plenty of reliable wiper blades on the market right now, so you can easily find a high quality product. This huge variety gives you a possibility to choose wiper blades that fit perfectly to your car model. Premium brands such as Michelin or Bosch have huge experience in this filed, so you can trust them and their products (although the price may be higher). What should you consider before the purchase? Make sure that the wiper blades you just chose are compatible with your vehicle. You can ask a specialist in your local auto part store or an auto mechanic, to make sure, that you don’t buy trash. Another important thing is the material. Silicone is a highly hydrophobic material, which is perfect for getting rid of water from the windshield. You can also choose rubber wiper blades, because rubber is a great substitute for silicone. Wiper blades should be efficient in any weather condition, so they should wipe off dirt, snow, water or mud. If you are doing research, you can find two types of wiper blades: traditional frame-style and beam-style. The difference between those two styles lies in their form. The traditional ones have a simple shape, they use a steel superstructure and they are pushed onto the windshield by a number of levers. The beam-styled wiper blades also have a series of levers, but the latest models use a steel beam. Pay attention to the length of the wiper blades too. The length depends on the size of your car, for example if you have a SUV, it probably requires 24-inch blades. If you are wondering which wiper blades are the most reliable, you can read our ranking with the 5 best wiper blades.

5. Wiper Blade - Motium WLJH2616OEM

These wiper blades are reliable and don’t cost much. They were made of natural rubber and robust plastic, and on top of that, the frame was strengthened by galvanized steel. The temperature tolerance is quite remarkable – from +158F to -40F. Motium’s wiper blades are easy to install and they can be used for a long time, because their aerodynamic shape removes debris which is always around. This is a pair of 26” and 16” wiper blades for the windshield, but you can choose other sizes if you need to. There are a lot of combinations, so you will surely find the best size for your car. The design allows the wiper blades to touch the windshield as closely as possible to remove rain drops or dirt and increase the visibility on the road.

4. Wiper Blade - Michelin 3726 RainForce Windshield

If you place importance on durability, you can choose the Michelin RainFore Windshield Wiper Blades. Even though the name of this product points out only rain, those wiper blades can perform during every season. They are resistant to water, snow or ice. The stainless steel flexors avoid rust for a long time and strengthen the overall construction of this item, just like the aerodynamic heavy-duty frame. If you have noticed that your old wiper blade is squeaking, smearing, chattering and streaking, it is high time to replace it with a new one. Michelin guarantees the long-lasting performance of its products, and their durability thanks to the robust frame. Installation is easy, quick, and secure, as long as you follow the instruction. There are also many different sizes available.

3. Wiper Blade - Caterpillar Clarity Windshield

A two-pack of wiper blades is never a bad idea, especially if you live in a rainy climate and you drive a lot. These Caterpillar all-season performance wiper blades are great for any car. There are plenty of sizes and combinations you can choose from. The aerodynamic beam blades eliminate dust, dirt and other debris from the windshield, so you can see the road clearly. The Clarity model is resistant to inclement weather conditions such as heavy rain, snow or even hail. The universal adapters help to install the accessory on the windshield.

2. Wiper Blade - Rain-X 820147 WeatherBeater Windshield

Rain-X is a trusted company which produces only durable products. The WeatherBeater wiper blade is a great item which can be used during any season and weather condition. Only original Rain-X products can wipe off the windshield thoroughly. During a storm it is really hard to see the road clearly, but thanks to robust and trustworthy wiper blades, you can say this problem goodbye. This model was made of rubber, and the shape of the blade is conventional and universal. You can buy a single, 2-pack or combo-pack in many different sizes, always for reasonable price.

1. Wiper Blade - Bosch ICON

The best of the best – Bosch ICON wiper blades. Bosch Automotive ICON wiper blades are the best rated, the most durable and the most trusted accessories that every car needs. If you want to buy a new pair of wiper blades, which offer only the highest quality, you should choose this model. It is resistant to any weather conditions, because it lasts up to 40% longer than other similar premium blades. If you are in the middle of the drive you want to cover and a sudden storm with hail stood in your way, you can turn on the maximum speed of the blades, and they will clarify the visibility perfectly. It is better to rely on a brand with huge experience and millions of sold products, even if it costs a little bit more – your and your family’s safety is the most important.