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The 5 best work shoes

Comfortable shoes are more important than you might realize. Comfort is responsible for work efficiency, so the shoes you are wearing should be neither too loose nor too tight. Comfort is closely related to safety because a worker who wears, for example, shoes that are too loose, can trip and fall, which can lead to a dangerous accident. On the other hand, shoes that are too tight can cause corns on your feet, and instead of focusing on your work, all you will be thinking about is the pain in your feet. Corns develop due to friction and pressure – this feeling is uncomfortable, so you can’t focus on your work, and you only think about the pain. In addition, the work shoes protect the feet from injuries, when a heavy object falls. Such a situation can permanently damage your feet. The shoes should also meet certain standards, meaning that different jobs have different requirements. A doctor wears rather different shoes than an engineer on a construction site. The sole is not meaningless, either. Thanks to a rubber sole, you will not slip on the floor. Depending on the job and work environment, the sole should be thicker or thinner – you should consider whether the work will be done outdoors or indoors. The weather affects the work, so sometimes it is just impossible to work if your shoe isn’t right. There are many types of shoes that are suitable for specific tasks. For example, the classic Crocs are perfect for a restaurant or a doctor’s office. It should also be emphasized that the temperature in the working environment also plays an important role. If you work in a warehouse or cold storage chamber, you need to buy not only warm clothes, but also warm shoes. Working in a warm and stuffy building requires a breathable pair of work shoes. Sports shoes are really ideal because they are not only light, but also super comfortable. However, if you work in a wet environment, for example on a ship or at a swimming pool, you should get water-resistant shoes. If you are looking for a pair of work shoes, you can read our ranking of the 5 best work shoes.

5. Work Shoes - LARNMERN

These shoes are definitely comfortable and present themselves very well. In addition to the black color, you can also choose other variants: black-purple, black-pink and blue-orange. These protective shoes also have many sizes available: from 5 (women) or 4 (men) to 16 (women) and 14 (men) because the shoes are unisex. The steel toe has been reinforced to protect the feet from an accident. The sole is also very comfortable and soft enough to make every step effortless. Safety is the most important thing. That’s why the sole is made of rubber so that you don’t slip on a slippery floor while working.

4. Work Shoes - KEEN Utility

This company not only produces safety shoes, but also other safety products in the professional, sports and leisure sectors. These work shoes pass the test in almost every different work environment, for example in a warehouse, in a restaurant or even outside when working as a geodesist. Thanks to the thick sole and durable toe cap, you can stand on different types of ground and your legs will be kept in a good condition. There are two color variants to choose from: black-lime and black. Before you select the size, you should familiarize yourself with the size chart because each brand offers its own shoe size.

3. Work Shoes - WHITIN

Every worker should wear durable and comfortable protective shoes because they are necessary in an environment where one can easily get injured, especially on a construction site or in a similar job. The sole in this case has a steel plate and a thick steel midsole that protect your feet from damage. In addition, the sole is non-slip. The material is made of air-permeable mesh, so your feet can “breathe”. In the summer, your feet need to be protected anyway, but the weather encourages heavy work, making for a deadly combination for your feet. The toe cap is made of steel, so you can work safely without any problems.

2. Work Shoes - Crocs On The Clock Clog

Who hasn’t heard about Crocs? The Crocs On the Clock Work come in a white and black variant. This is not a product suitable for a construction site or a warehouse. But not everyone works in such jobs. The rubber sole and the synthetic material protect the feet from liquids, such as, for example, sauces or chemical substances. If you work in a laboratory or in a hospital, these Crocs will be perfect for you. Compared to the classic Crocs, these don’t have holes, making them suitable for multiple courts and simply safer for the wearer. The shoe sizes start with 6/4 and end with 13/15, so both women and men can buy these Crocs.

1. Work Shoes - Timberland PRO

Are you looking for a pair of shoes that can actually handle all weather and environmental conditions? Then you should be satisfied with the Timberland PRO safety boots. The material is waterproof, so your feet stay dry no matter the weather. Everything you actually need is here: alloy safety toes, non-slip soles, anti-static and durable material. The Timberland PRO shoes are wonderful, especially when you are working outside. These shoes can also be used while gardening. Working on a wet ground requires a thick sole and a material, which is waterproof. The heel height is 1.25”, which creates another layer of protection. We hope that this ranking will help you choose the best work shoes.