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TOP 5 best BB creams

BB creams have been gaining popularity in Poland for almost a decade. Lighter and less clogging than foundation, they allow you to avoid the mask-like effect. They are perfect for summer when high temperatures make heavy and oily cosmetics melt off your face. They are also a good alternative for women who don’t feel the need to apply full makeup but still want to improve the condition of their skin. Over the years, there have been many BB creams tailored to different skin types and skincare needs. This allows for better selection of the product, avoiding unnecessary disappointments. BB creams used to be mainly found among Korean (Asian) or natural cosmetics manufacturers until recently. In the past 2-3 years, it can be observed that even major brands are focusing on this type of product. This is driven not only by the desire for profit but primarily by meeting women’s needs. Polish women are increasingly reading ingredient lists and using cosmetics that are as closely matched as possible. Below you will find a ranking of BB creams worth checking out.

5. Skin79 Dark Panda BB cream, Korean, perfect for summer

Korean women are experts when it comes to skincare. Their beauty rituals are known worldwide and constantly admired. One of the reasons they have such flawless skin is the use of appropriate cosmetics. Among them is the natural BB cream, which not only moisturizes the skin but also provides the right amount of brightness. Bamboo leaf extract helps to improve skin elasticity, while vitamin B3 nourishes and hydrates. An enormous advantage of this cream is its high sun protection factor – SPF50. This helps protect the skin even when temperatures are very high in the summer. What should you pay attention to before purchasing this cosmetic? Firstly, the proper shade selection. Panda has a light beige shade, and its purpose is to achieve a “glow” effect, which means a subtle luminosity of the skin.

4. Eveline Royal Snail mattifying BB cream - against imperfections, SPF10

Popular and readily available drugstore brands have also met the needs of their consumers by introducing BB creams. Eveline is an affordable and well-known company that offers a mattifying cream with a low SPF. Snail mucin has regenerative properties that will certainly be appreciated by those with oily and problematic skin. The matte effect will prevent you from worrying about shine, while keeping your skin from drying out. Remember to apply additional protective measures during the summer season.

3. Vianek soothing BB cream

Vianek is a Polish company that produces natural cosmetics and has introduced a natural BB cream to its range. The soothing series is designed for those with sensitive skin prone to irritations. The product evens out the skin tone, moisturizes, and above all, has a soothing effect. When applied in a thin layer, it gently corrects imperfections. To achieve higher coverage, a slightly larger amount should be applied. Vianek is a brand that has been very well received by Polish women. The individual series cater to the needs of different skin types. It is worth selecting the right one individually. The relatively low sun protection factor requires additional sun protection if you use the cream during periods of high sun exposure. In the BB cream ranking, Vianek is in 3rd position precisely due to its low SPF.

2. Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream - SPF42 PA+++

Missha is a high-end drugstore brand that is often used by makeup artists. The natural BB creams introduced by the company provide a flawless finish and work perfectly as a substitute for foundation even for more formal occasions. A touch of concealer and a translucent or rice powder will make you shine. Perfect Cover provides high sun protection and deeply moisturizes and firms your skin. It is a solution for women who value high-quality products combined with user comfort. Before making a purchase, make sure that the shade you have chosen matches your complexion. You have a choice of 6 different shades.

1. BB cream for skin with capillary problems - Bioderma sensibio, SPF 30

Dermocosmetics are the most thoroughly tested group of cosmetics, making them the safest to use. That’s why if you have issues with visible blood vessels, reach for Bioderma Sensibio BB cream for both summer and winter. Your skin will not only be moisturized but also achieve the right coverage, allowing you to feel confident even with visible blood vessels. Bioderma offers products for various skin types, so choose accordingly. The SPF 30 filter may be too weak for very fair skin, so remember to use additional sun protection in that case.

The best BB creams are the ones that are most suited to your skin. If you’re wondering which BB cream to choose, first find out your skin type and what exactly you expect from the product. Don’t buy products just because your friend recommends them if you know that you have completely different skincare needs. Natural BB creams combine high quality, but it’s the individual ingredients that determine their key effects. So, make sure to thoroughly check what is included in your cream.