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TOP 5 best electric guitars

The electric guitar is an instrument that has enjoyed constant popularity for decades. The first step for every aspiring enthusiast of this type of music is to purchase an instrument. This matter often brings some trouble and may not be as simple as it initially seemed. There are many diverse companies that produce electric guitars, representing a high level of quality and providing users with excellent sound combined with playing comfort. Before starting the search, it’s worth considering the genre of music the instrument will be used for. Contrary to appearances, electric guitars are suitable not only for rock or metal but also for jazz and broadly defined popular music. A good model should be properly tailored to the individual needs of the future user. It’s worth choosing proven and recommended instruments as they will serve as a kind of satisfaction guarantee. Which models are worth considering? If you’re starting the search for your ideal instrument, make sure to familiarize yourself with the following ranking of electric guitars.

5. Gibson Les Paul Special Tribute Humbucker 5N Natural Walnut Satin Electric Guitar

One of the best electric guitars available on the market, characterized by an affordable price, is the Gibson Les Paul Tribute Humbucker 5N. It is an instrument inspired by the classic Les Paul Special series but with a fresh perspective. The guitar is equipped with humbuckers characteristic of Gibson instruments. Thanks to them, you can achieve a tight, relatively versatile sound. This feature makes the presented model suitable for various genres of music. The body is made of mahogany, while the neck is constructed from maple. Its profile ensures incredible comfort while playing. The overall look is complemented by tuners with elegant, white heads. It is one of the best electric guitars in its price range, so it is definitely worth recommending.

4. Electric Guitar Fender Vintera 60S Stratocaster Modified Pf Olw

Vintera 60S is a new series of guitars under the iconic brand Fender. The model labeled as “modified” features a vintage look and a high level of playability, characteristic of the current era. The body is constructed from alder wood, which, combined with the maple neck, ensures a bright, clear, and transparent tone. The guitar has a scale length of 648 mm and is equipped with 21 medium jumbo frets. All these specifications, along with three pickups and a five-way switch, create an incredibly versatile instrument that performs well in any setting. When analyzing electric guitars, this excellent offering from Fender couldn’t be overlooked in the rankings.

3. Ibanez JEM77P BFP Electric Guitar

The Ibanez JEM77P is an instrument designed by virtuoso Steve Vai. He created it in 1985. It is one of the most well-received guitars from this manufacturer. It continues to be popular and is still purchased by many instrumentalists. The distinguishing features of this model include a double-locking tremolo system and the so-called “monkey grip.” The neck is equipped with reinforcing rods. It is also one of the best guitars from Ibanez in terms of visual appeal. The fretboard features beautifully designed tree of life inlays. Another notable feature is the presence of 24 frets, providing a wide scale for the instrument. The black and blue color scheme definitely sets this guitar apart from others. This model is a popular choice among performers in various genres of popular music.

2. Electric Guitar Ibanez Rg5170B-Bk

Analyzing the market of electric guitars – the ranking couldn’t overlook the Ibanez RG5170B-Bk model mentioned earlier. This instrument belongs to the Prestige line. The manufacturer describes this series as extremely precise, efficient, and playable. This Japanese brand, boasting a long-standing tradition, has equipped the presented model with innovative construction and a timeless design. A major advantage of this electric guitar is the use of pickups and switches produced by the renowned brand Fishman. Visual elegance is added by pearloid inlays and gold hardware. The factory-installed D’Addario strings are also of high quality. This is a professional-class electric guitar that meets the demands of even professional musicians. Additionally, it is characterized by an excellent balance between quality of craftsmanship and price.

1. Duesenberg Starplayer Tv Deluxe Crimson Red Electric Guitar

The winner of today’s ranking of the best electric guitars turned out to be an instrument from the brand Duesenberg. It is the only semi-hollow model in today’s lineup. It will excel in the hands of jazz musicians, but not only them. Its elegance is enhanced by “f”-shaped sound holes. This is a high-quality German instrument. The top plate is made of spruce, while the back is made of flamed maple. The Vario-Tone controls allow users to extract only selected frequencies from the signal, enabling incredibly precise sound customization. The guitar’s fretboard is handcrafted, guaranteeing remarkable playing comfort. The unique design is complemented by the Crimson Red color, pearloid inlays, polyurethane finish, and cream-colored five-layer binding. The presented model unquestionably takes the lead in the ranking of the best electric guitars. It is a top-class instrument highly esteemed in the musical world.