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TOP 5 best PS4 games

When it comes to games on the PS4, it’s like with cars and their attractive models. Everyone wants to have them, but only some go down in history as classics. Examples can be the Peugeot 206 or the Ford Focus. In the world of games, epic series include Pro Evolution Soccer, FIFA, Grand Theft Auto, and NBA 2K. Due to the fact that game prices are obviously much lower than the prices of new cars, many elite titles are within reach of home entertainment enthusiasts with a gamepad. Currently, 4K UHD resolution and higher-end technology televisions have been introduced, resulting in greater computational power for consoles and games. Games on the PS4 have been programmed by developers to dazzle the eyes. Besides the obvious quality of graphics and the presence or absence of fireworks during gameplay, each game has a second pillar called gameplay. The most optimal approach is a balanced distribution of graphic quality and the intangible pleasure of experiencing the gameplay. However, there are titles that have truly elevated both elements, and the best games on the PS4 can boast about it. In this ranking, we will present you with cool games on the PS4, which, starting from the Xbox 360 console to the modern Xbox One X, don’t lose their value.

5. PS4 game GTA V: Premium Edition

Grand Theft Auto 5 is the fifth installment of the famous series by Rockstar Games, where you can embody one of several characters and freely live out your idea of being a criminal without any consequences. Open, gigantic areas, an elaborate storyline reminiscent of a movie with a really impressive cast, great graphics, and gameplay are the characteristics that make GTA V deserving of its place on the fifth position of the list describing the best games on PS4. This action game, with a basic third-person perspective, primarily gives you a sense of freedom. You can do almost anything and go anywhere in it. Since this edition of GTA is already the fifth installment, it’s worth knowing that with each subsequent one, the freedom of possible actions to be carried out increased. This time in Rockstar’s product, you have the ability to switch between different characters, which adds coherence to the storyline. The graphics, as usual, do not disappoint, as the game engine allowed the creators to refine even the smallest details in the textures. The online mode is reliable to this day.

4. PS4 game eFootball PES 2021 Season Update

PES 2021 has put fans and reviewers in a peculiar situation. Their latest game on PS4, apart from squad updates, doesn’t introduce any major changes. However, it’s worth noting that due to this situation, the game’s price is about half of what it usually is, and Konami is making every effort to surprise players with the PES 2022 edition. As you can see, Konami now has twice as much time for the production of the next installment. Regarding the latest PES, it is truly a playable game with great graphics, squad updates, and a few minor enhancements that are not worth sacrificing too much content for. If you enjoyed PES 2020 and you like soccer games on PS4, purchasing eFootball PES 2021 Season Update will make you feel right at home.

3. Fifa 2021 ps4 game

Games released annually for PS4 have become a tradition. FIFA has been coming out every year for over twenty years. What can be found in the box of the product created by EA Sports and meticulously polished each time? First and foremost, it must be said that the story mode should become a thing of the past. We dare to say that it’s a “patch-up job” and despite the increasing number of modes, the storyline is very predictable and almost cliché. The graphics have been slightly improved compared to the previous series, heading has been made more challenging, and the mode has undergone minimal changes. However, the multiplayer mode remains reliable. Cool games on PS4 have the advantage of not getting boring, and FIFA guarantees continuously exciting entertainment.

2. Overwatch Legendary Edition PS4 game

Time-bending, physics-defying action and graphics that mesmerize typical shooting game enthusiasts. The addictive gameplay mechanics from Blizzard can make people late for work, school, or important meetings. The beautiful, vibrant graphics and various game modes that add color to the game are the essence of the joy of owning Overwatch Legendary Edition. If you’re still wondering about the most outstanding aspect of Overwatch, it’s the phenomenal online mode and the fact that the game can truly captivate you.

1. Cyberpunk 2077 game for PS4

The latest game from CD Projekt invites you to futuristic times where more is possible than today. The year 2077 is a time when reality looks completely different. The way reality has been portrayed and the grandeur with which the game was announced deserve attention. An open world, immense character customization options, a storyline written like the works of the best novelists, and vast possibilities in the online mode define Cyberpunk 2077 as a masterpiece and position it as the best game on PS4.