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TOP 5 Garden Swimming Pools for Kids

As temperatures rise, playing in a garden pool is an excellent way to cool off and have fun. Children love to swim, and parents are happy when their little ones enjoy themselves. Currently, there are many different products of this kind available on the market. So how do you choose the best one? Here is our short ranking of the best pools for kids.

5. Garden swimming pool for kids - Intex Rainbow Ring Play Centre

Intex Rainbow Ring Play Centre is a fantastic garden swimming pool for kids. It consists of an inflatable pool equipped with colorful rainbow rings and a slide. The play centre also has a spray arch that sprays cool water and adds to the fun for children. The swimming pool measures 297 cm long, 193 cm wide, and 135 cm high, providing enough space for several children to play together. It can hold up to 206 liters of water. The Intex Rainbow Ring Play Centre is made from durable vinyl material that is sturdy enough to withstand daily use by playful children. Installing the pool takes only minutes thanks to its easy inflation mechanism technology. Parents need not worry as the swimming pool meets all safety requirements. There’s also a drain plug at the bottom of the basin for easy emptying after playtime ends.
Overall, Intex Rainbow Ring Play Centre makes an ideal gift choice during summer months or as equipment in your garden during hot days that will provide pleasure both you family or friends.

4. Garden swimming Pool-Dino

The Dino garden swimming pool is the perfect place for kids to have fun on hot summer days. The pool has a dinosaur design with many colorful inflatable dinosaurs that children can play with and conquer. Overall, the Dino garden swimming pool provides an excellent way for kids to cool down on sunny days and offers an unforgettable adventure experience.

3. A garden swimming pool for children - Intex Jungle Adventure Play

The Intex Jungle Adventure Play is a garden swimming pool designed specifically for children. It has a rectangular shape and measures 257cm x 216cm x 84cm, providing plenty of space to play and splash around. The pool is made of durable vinyl material with a non-slip surface on the bottom to ensure safety during playtime. This garden swimming pool is perfect for hot summer days or outdoor parties, offering hours of fun and adventure in a safe environment.

2. A garden swimming pool for children - Intex Candy Zone

The Intex Candy Zone Garden Swimming Pool for Children is an excellent option for the summer season. Its colorful design features candy-themed decorations that are popular among kids. The pool measures 295 x 191 x 130 cm, providing ample room to splash around and play games in two separate pools – one larger with a capacity of up to 206 liters of water, and one smaller serving as a spray zone with its own air valve for easy inflation/deflation. Inflatable accessories such as lollipops, donut cushions, and chocolate bars can be added to make the experience even more enticing for kids while integrated water sprayers attached to the side walls add excitement by increasing the playing time.

1. A garden swimming pool voor kinderen - Intex See Aquarium

The Intex See Aquarium is a fabulous garden swimming pool for kids and provides plenty of space for multiple children to play simultaneously. Made from sturdy materials, the pool is perfect for hot summer days and will provide hours of fun for both small and big water enthusiasts in their own backyard!