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TOP 5 of the best CC creams

Lightweight makeup finishes are becoming increasingly trendy. Day by day, more and more people are choosing to give up their favorite foundation and search for a lightweight alternative that won’t weigh down their makeup, will look natural, and at the same time provide an ideal appearance to the skin. CC creams are definitely the products that fit this description, with finishes that are both distinct and lightweight. Additionally, they moisturize the skin and provide a fresh look throughout the day. CC creams also serve as a great addition to your makeup bag, as they can be used daily instead of foundation, reserving foundation for special occasions, thereby improving the condition of your skin. With dozens of options available, which CC cream should you choose?

5. CC Cream - Max Factor CC Color Correcting Cream SPF10

One of the cheapest versions of CC cream, which allows the undecided to make a decision on whether they really want to add such a product to their daily makeup routine. Max Factor CC Colour Correcting Cream has a delicate and lightweight formula that will give you a natural makeup effect at an affordable price. This way, you can determine if CC cream is the right substitute for you. Max Factor has been satisfying thousands of customers for many years, so if you try a product from this brand, you will certainly not be disappointed. The additional presence of SPF10 sunscreen in the product will provide you with protection against harmful UV radiation, which our skin is exposed to on a daily basis.

4. CC Cream - Lirene Magic Make Up CC Coloring cream

Lirene, a company that satisfies many users with high-quality skincare products, has expanded its operations by introducing a cosmetic that serves both as a skincare product and a makeup option for those who value a delicate finish without feeling heavy. Lirene Magic Make Up CC Cream perfectly embodies this vision and can meet the needs of many individuals who decide to purchase it. The color finishing of the makeup in the cream, combined with skin-beneficial properties, will provide you with comfort in wearing makeup even throughout the day without worrying about imperfections occurring.

3. CC Cream - Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream SPF15

The Bourjois brand doesn’t lag behind its competitors in the cosmetics market and also caters to the needs of modern individuals. A lightweight finish, skin care, and additional protection are the trio most desired by anyone who wears daily facial makeup. Bourjois is renowned for its high-quality cosmetic products and, in this case, it doesn’t disappoint its customers either. Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream SPF15 is the perfect cosmetic for everyday makeup, and the additional presence of SPF15 sunscreen protects against the harmful effects of radiation we encounter every day. It is often chosen by individuals who require greater protection from UV radiation, as it has a higher SPF content compared to similar products on the market.

2. CC Cream - Mixa Soothing CC Anti-Redness Cream SPF15

Another skincare brand meets the new makeup needs. Similar to its predecessor, it is a more frequently chosen product due to its higher SPF content. Mixa Soothing CC Anti-Redness Cream SPF15 is another product that combines skincare and makeup finishing. It is gentle on the skin and will particularly suit individuals who have trouble finding suitable products due to their very sensitive skin to certain ingredients. It is lightweight, easy to apply, and can be layered without concerns of weighing down the skin.

1. CC Cream - Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging CC Creme SPF10

The clear favorite of this lineup, Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging CC Cream SPF10 combines the makeup element with skincare for the face. However, what makes it more interesting is not just the presence of SPF, as it is already found in the majority of similar products on the cosmetics market. Estee Lauder’s CC cream stands out due to its additional anti-aging properties and remarkable coverage for a product of this kind. It will be an ideal solution for individuals who don’t want to completely give up stronger coverage but also want to enhance the protection of their skin against harmful UV radiation and take care of its condition. Some may have concerns about the price of the product, but it is worth choosing if you want to ensure excellent protection and care by replacing your previous cosmetics with it.