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TOP 5 of the best LG TVs

LG is a company with a well-established position in the market that specializes in the production of electronic devices. They offer a wide range of televisions known for their elegant, modern design and attractive specifications. Users also appreciate them for their low failure rates. Thanks to advanced technological solutions, these televisions display images in very high quality. An exceptional advantage is the proprietary Smart TV system, which enhances the user experience. The brand’s equipment is considered very reliable and offers an excellent balance between quality and price. If you are considering purchasing a new, reliable, and high-performing device, be sure to check out the following ranking of the best LG televisions. Our compilation will undoubtedly help you make the right decision.

5. LG 43UP78003LB TV

The LG 43UP78003LB television is a model that offers an excellent balance between quality and price. It is a meticulously crafted device that is affordable for everyone. This screen mesmerizes with vibrant colors and realistic image reproduction. The visual experience is exceptionally high thanks to the implementation of Filmmaker Mode and HDR technology. The television comes with pre-installed applications such as Netflix and Apple TV, turning it into a multimedia entertainment hub at home. Video game enthusiasts will be pleased with the availability of the Game Optimizer feature, ensuring minimal lag for smooth gameplay. The option to connect the television to Bluetooth speakers is incredibly convenient. The thin screen is surrounded by a very slim frame, making this model a perfect fit for any modern interior. The LG television also enhances the quality of lower-resolution content and upscales it to 4K, ensuring that every displayed image, regardless of the source, looks good and appealing.

4. LG 55NANO863PA TV

If you’re wondering which television to buy, LG is always a good option. It’s worth taking a closer look at the model labeled as 55NANO863PA. The NanoCell display presents images in 4K quality. The colors are incredibly pure, and the color range is very wide. The neat and minimalist design fits perfectly against the wall and elegantly complements any interior. An exceptional advantage is the option to set the television on the Gallery Stand base. The implementation of Dolby HDR technology and the cinema mode allow for watching the latest film productions in excellent and captivating quality. The presence of the Game Optimizer feature makes it a perfect model for video game enthusiasts. It continuously adjusts the screen settings to the currently displayed image.


In third place in the ranking of the best LG televisions, we have the model labeled as OLED55BX3LB. This is a device dedicated to video game enthusiasts. The OLED technology makes it an exceptional device, displaying images in excellent quality thanks to self-lit pixels. The colors are very rich even in extremely bright and dark scenes. The processor, supported by artificial intelligence, enhances the image quality regardless of its source. The ThinQ feature recognizes human voice and allows for easy and intuitive control of all configured devices in the home. With the Magic remote, you can control the device using voice commands in Polish. The Sports Alert option can be very useful for sports fans. It sends notifications before, during, and after matches. So if you’re a sports enthusiast and still unsure about which LG television is right for you, here’s the answer.


Another television dedicated to gamers, but characterized by slightly more advanced components and therefore a higher price, is the OLED55B13LA model. This device is also created using OLED technology. The independent lighting and extinguishing of individual pixels make the displayed image truly realistic and unique. Televisions based on this system boast captivating representation of dark colors. If you’re a video game enthusiast and wondering which LG television to choose, the OLED55B13LA model might be a perfect choice. It supports the latest technological solutions for gamers, including VRR, ALLM, and eARC. The response time delay is practically imperceptible. Dynamic motion on the screen and frequently changing scenes operate amazingly smoothly, making the gameplay very comfortable. The a7 Gen4 AI processor optimizes the displayed content in great detail using advanced learning algorithms.

1. LG 82UN85003LA TV

The undisputed winner of our ranking of the best LG televisions is the model labeled as 82UN85003LA. Its realistic 4K image quality, four times better than standard Full HD, captivates with its realism and rich colors. The slim profile and thin bezel make this television look stylish in any room. The new webOS system allows for fast and intuitive use of applications such as Netflix or YouTube through voice control. One of the great advantages of this device is the ability to connect it to two Bluetooth speakers. The television also features functions dedicated to gaming enthusiasts. The HGiG option allows for the recognition of all necessary parameters and their precise optimization to ensure smooth and high-quality displayed content. The 82UN85003LA television is one of the best models offered by the LG brand. It is meticulously crafted and definitely worth recommending.