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TOP5 Philipps hair dryers

Some hair types should never air dry, which is why their owners need to focus all their attention on finding the right hair dryer. Sometimes using such a device is absolutely necessary – when you have to go to work, school, or anywhere else shortly after washing your hair. In such moments, it is important to reach for a good hair dryer that will allow you to style your hair quickly. The following ranking of Philips hair dryers is an interesting compilation of the most cost-effective options. We invite you to familiarize yourself with it.

5. Hairdryer Philips Series 5000 BHD510/00

The first proposition in the ranking of Philips hair dryers is a model from the popular 5000 Series. It is a well-known collection of hair tools aimed at hairstylists, which stands out on the market due to its excellent quality-to-price ratio. It is definitely a budget-friendly option that doesn’t compromise on practicality. In the package, buyers receive additional attachments – one for traditional styling with a narrow airflow (e.g., for brush styling) and another in the form of a diffuser. Despite belonging to the budget category in the ranking of Philips hair dryers, this model still comes with a complete set of accessories, allowing for full styling in the comfort of your home.

4. Philips BHD274/00 hair dryer

The next hair dryer, which is somewhat reminiscent of its predecessor in terms of design, has been equipped with more generous technical features. Users here have the power of up to 2200 W, which is more than sufficient for domestic use. More experienced individuals in hair care will certainly appreciate the ionization option, which makes the hair noticeably smoother and shinier. Using this hair dryer will work perfectly before a big outing when the effect needs to be perfect. To maintain the hair in an even better condition, it is good to utilize the built-in cool shot option. While working with the hair dryer in this mode may take a bit more time, drying at a lower temperature is less harmful to the hair. Additionally, in the case of the next position in the ranking of Philips hair dryers, a special diffuser for drying curly hair is included in the package.

3. Philips HP8657/00 hair dryer

The third position in this ranking is an exceptional proposition for all those who can’t imagine drying their hair without a special brush. Undoubtedly, this is a wide group of hair dryer users, considering the great effects that this styling method provides. However, it cannot be denied that using two objects simultaneously requires a lot of coordination and can be problematic, especially for beginners. Fortunately, there is a good solution – you will find it in the range of Philips hair dryers. This ranking could not be complete without the brand’s brush hair dryer with a power of 1000W. Interchangeable attachments allow you to independently decide on the type of styling, transforming your home bathroom into a real hair salon. The available ionization function prevents excessive frizz.

2. Philips Pro HPSS920/00 hair dryer

Are you looking for something in a slightly higher price range, while keeping excellent quality in mind? In that case, the model from the modern Philips Pro line is definitely worth your attention. It is the flagship product of this manufacturer, and it enjoys such popularity for a reason. The impressive power of 2300W is very promising in terms of airflow strength. It’s good for a hair dryer to have such technical capabilities, especially for unexpected situations. When the time to leave is approaching inevitably, this hair dryer will handle the biggest challenge with ease.

1. Hairdryer Philips SenseIQ BHD827/00

The last product in the ranking of Philips hair dryers is a high-end device that promises excellent quality. Just like above, it offers the option of ionization and cool airflow to maintain optimal hair condition. Proper use of the hair dryer allows you to retain the moisture of your strands achieved through conscious hair care. An additional convenience for the user is the availability of five digitally programmed drying modes.