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5 best sport watches

Having a smart sport watch is a nice accessory, when you are an active person. You can follow your daily activities, measure your heart rate, check the time or pay at the store. Before you will purchase a sport smartwatch, you should probably think about what kind of sports you do. Are you a runner or maybe you love extreme sports? Another thing is to consider what apps will be useful for you. Sometimes there is no need to buy the newest model on the market, because it usually looks the same and has the same apps you already know. If you are a swimmer, you are probably concerned about waterproofness. Not every smartwatch on the market is truly waterproof, some of them are water resistant. Check the certificate, that the producer should put in the description of the product. Another important feature is the design. It should be as practical as possible. The face shouldn’t be too big, because it may be uncomfortable for you. It should perfectly fit on your wrist in order to make your workout even more effective. You shouldn’t be distracted by a loose band or the angular shape of the face. Let’s focus on what a sport smartwatch can offer. First of all you can monitor things like your pulse, steps, or calories burned, which is great for all sport enthusiasts. Besides that, you can control your sleep quality – those smart devices measure your heart rate and define what kind of sleep phase you are in and how many hours you’ve slept. Even if you are at the gym or you are running, you can always stay tuned – your watch will send you an information about upcoming notifications like messages or incoming calls, so you can quickly answer without stopping your workout. GPS is surely one of the most important options for sportsmen who do off-road sports like running, cycling or even riding a horse. You will always know, where your current position is and you can also measure the distance that you have travelled. If you are interested in buying a new sport watch, below you can read our ranking with the 5 best sport (smart)watches that you can purchase online. 

5. Garmin Forerunner 735XT - Sport watch

Garmin is a leading-edge brand in the field of GPS technology for automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor, and sport activities. Forerunner 735XT is a perfect sport watch for runners or cyclists due to GPS access. The face is round and quite compact, so it fits your wrist. You can stay fully focused on your workout. You can follow all of the measurements like the heart rate or use the step and distance indicator. With the Connect app powered by Garmin you can share your personal achievements, you can use training plans suited for all levels and distances. The app is compatible with your smartphone or with your computer.

4. Garmin vívoactive 3 - Sport watch

This sport watch offers more than just heart rate measurement. There are 15 preloaded sports apps that you can choose from, for example you can go for a bike ride, take a yoga class or hit the golf course. Despite the activity you will choose, vívoactive 3 will always track the details of your chosen activity. There is also a built-in daily fitness and stress tracker. You can get to know, how your body reacts under various circumstances. All of the latest notifications will be followed by your watch, so you won’t miss your wife’s message with the shopping list. Another thing is the Garmin Connect app, which was described in the previous one.

3. Coros PACE 2- Sport watch

One watch and many functions. But it is worth to mention how this device looks like. The design is minimalistic, and there are five color option to choose from: classic white, black, gold, navy, and red. You can also decide, if you prefer a nylon or silicone strap. Both look esthetic and nice, so it is up to you, what kind of strap you will wear. The watch face is big enough to see all of the needed information like the time, measurements, alerts or notifications. You can easily switch between apps thanks to the little button on the right side of the device. Besides that you can customize your watch according to your personal taste. Speaking of customization, it is worth to mention that you can also create or rather customize your own workouts – there are more than 200 pre-loaded exercises, and even more that you can download. Nutrition Alerts will send you a notification and will remind you to refill fluids if you are on a run or at the gym. There are of course many more interesting and fancy settings that you can change and even more options that you can use.

2. POLAR IGNITE - Sport watch

This is a new generation of fitness smartwatches. Advanced wrist-based heart rate sensor, integrated GPS, individual fitness guide and many more options await. Waterproofness is in this case a huge advantage for all swimmers or extreme water sportsmen. There are five available color options: black, white, pink rose, black-copper, and yellow – you can express your true personality. Polar offers a lot of useful functions like the before mentioned integrated GPS, but also smart notifications, calories and step counter, Serene guided breathing exercise, or sleep sensor. You can find all of your achievements and results in the app, which is compatible with all phones. There you can follow all of your training data. The battery can last up to 5 days with continuous heart rate tracking.

1. Fossil Gen 5 - Sport watch

Fossil Gen 5 is a perfect example of wonderful combination of elegance and a sporty look. The beautiful black face with refined details will catch everyone’s attention. There are a few band options. You can choose between silicone and leather bands in black or brown color versions. You can track your daily activities with the best health apps. Beside classic apps like sleep control or heart rate sensor, you can find a reminder about washing your hands in this watch. Fossil cooperates with Google Fit, so you can choose from many classic and more modern activities. You can control the music player or answer upcoming calls without holding your phone. Customize your system settings, pick features you like and enjoy using your new watch. The approximate battery life is up to 24 hours, so you shouldn’t forget about charging it. This watch is waterproof, so you can track your achievements even in the swimming pool.